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Business Negotiations in a Cross-Cultural Context

Introducing the Scenario
Organization, a place that deems extremely important for the economic expansion of a country, as it has the ability to create jobs for the individuals and bring foreign reserves towards the treasury of the country. There are two important types of organizations are there known as domestic organizations and multinational organizations (Bannon & Mattock, 2003). Management which basically considers four important elements for their operations including Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Controlling is also important to maintain a smooth environment within the premises of the company for their workers. Considering the fact that cross cultural environment exists in almost every multinational organization, therefore special consideration of managing their workability and emotions is required (Bannon & Mattock, 2003).
Though the methodologies to execute effectiveness for the company are similar to each other, however there is change found within the management of employees, because the behavior of management towards the employees of domestic organizations are totally different than that of the behavior of multinational organizations (Kinloch, 2014). Cross Culture environment usually found in the multinational organizations in which people belong to different mindset, race, color and demographics gather in a place where in their strive hard to excel their entity. In this connection, one can say that Business Negotiations in a Cross Cultural Context or environment is relatively different than that of negotiating an entity wherein cross cultural does not exist.

Discussion & Analysis

Theoretically, cross culture is a vital issue found in the international business as the success of the international trade that depends upon the smooth interaction with the employees that usually belong to different culture and traditions (Stringer & Cassiday, 2009). It is very important for an organization to maintain a strong level of communication with their every member; otherwise it will increase the level of anarchy within the company. There are numerous theories presented in the context of Cross Culture, just to strengthen the organizations in their objective and managing their workforce in an executive manner. Most of the negotiations that initiated in a cross cultural environment involve the level of interaction and satisfaction of the employees belongs to different mindset and demographics. Some of the important negotiations found in a cross cultural context are as follows

Managing the level of Satisfaction
Enhancing the level of Communication
Negotiation in managing the workplace diversity
As described in the aforementioned discussion that when an organization form they have people which are neither belong to same country nor having the same language, but still they have one thing planted in their mind which is to give their hundred percent effort to make the organization eminent within the industry.
When employees are committed and dedicated towards their duties and different executions, they required to have something in the return from their organizations, which is to treat them equally. Management of Workplace Diversity is the name of managing the employees belongs to different educational level, gender, religion, traditions and many more in an organized and powerful manner (Stringer & Cassiday, 2009). Let the employees being informed that no one is superior from the other on the basis of race, color or anything, the only thing that can differentiate among their designation, position and value within the company is their professional attitude and hard working. Multinational organizations like Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Unilever, GSK and others always try to manage the level of diversity within their workplace in order to manage their employees as well as operations successfully for a long span of time (Bannon & Mattock, 2003).
The negotiation that commiserates with the management of diversity starts from negotiating with the employees that usually belong to different cultures and traditions. Give them confidence that they are no alone, and the doors of sharing and communicating problems always open for them. Apprise them that every single employee of the company will be treated equally. During such negotiations, the employees may ask about the penalty or punishment for the individual found guilty in promoting the racism within the organization. Organizations that exemplify above have transformed them to become large organizations from their behavior with their employees, as they completely eradicated every type of discrimination from their operations.

Negotiation in managing the level of Satisfaction

Satisfied employees are comparatively sounder and effective as compared to unsatisfied employees. Therefore, it is a duty of the organizations and especially of the management officials to take good care of the satisfaction level of the employees of the company to make them an asset for the company. Satisfaction level has two different windows, known as intrinsic satisfaction and extrinsic satisfaction. The level of intrinsic satisfaction will be completed with the help of intrinsic motivational factors that include positive feedbacks, appreciations and applauses (Bannon & Mattock, 2003). On the contrary, the things that includes in the extrinsic motivational factor to underpin the extrinsic satisfaction level are perks, bonuses and compensation.
Negotiation in terms of intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction levels are extremely important for an organization operating exclusively in the context of cross culture, because these are the only aspects through which they can sustain in this competitive environment. Before pressurizing the employees regarding delegation of authority to them, let them speak regarding their interest and inclinations regarding the work. It will certainly have a positive effect over the level of satisfaction of them. Apart from that, distributing the employees within teams or groups is one of the most effective strategies that used specifically by the organizations to increase the level of satisfaction within their premises. Cross Culture environment have people of different mindset, and it is always productive and active for the companies to apply two different minds and scenarios over the application of a single thing. There are lots of organizations in the world which are actually executing their operations in the cross culture environment but unable to manage the level of satisfaction of their employees (Stringer & Cassiday, 2009). The main reason behind this stance is their inefficiency to understand the requirement of the employees along with understanding their needs.

Negotiation in Enhancing the level of Communication

One of the basic issues found in the cross culture organizations explicitly is to negotiate in terms of having high communication. Communication has now emerged as a basic need for the organizations, especially for those organizations which have employees related to different mindset and demographics. During the negotiation in terms of enhancing the communication, management officials of an organization are likely to furnish their intentions from the employees and inform them that there are no communication barrier between them and the management. It is advised to the management of organization having cross culture context to apply the Management Bi Objective (MBO) approach within their premises as it is an important strategy from which an organization can include their employees to participate in the decision making stance of the company. It has emerged as one of the most important and powerful strategies used by the organizations having employees from different demographics and mindset in order to execute their effectiveness and make them effective for their future. Organizations should welcome the innovation, regardless with the fact that who is innovating for the company, as this is the only way from which they can overcome over the problems of discrimination and enhance the level of communication as well as satisfaction.

Conclusion Remarks

Negotiation in business is a tough ask, and when it comes to negotiating in a cross culture environment or context, then the level of strictness and toughness will increase heavily. It is required in this analysis to promote the cross cultural environment of an organization by introducing different negotiations that may associated with different stances of the company. There are three different level of negotiations have been introduced in this assignment, and every negotiation level has a direct connection with the level of satisfaction of the employees.


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