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The notion of immigrants taking the local jobs has become a current and pertinent issue across US. As such, immigrants from countries such as Mexico have been accepting the reduced pay for blue collar jobs with implausible effects on the economy. Thus, this paper will follow the Kolb learning process towards an analysis of the immigrant labor issues in US.

I am a staunch believer in the concept of labor and effective remuneration in US for a mutually beneficial outcome. As such, US prides as one of the best paying nations across the globe in regards to human resource remuneration and treatment. As a growing and vibrant nation, the labor market is divided into the white collar and blue collar sector. Hence, the notion of increasing immigrants has become an aspect of concern across US. Furthermore, the immigrants have resulted into a highly competitive blue collar labor market. What I am concerned about is the emerging rivalry in the layout such, through the increase in immigrant labor, the blue collar jobs have become highly competitive with the large firms opting to settle for the cheaper immigrant labor. From an individual perspective, organizations settling for the cheaper immigrant labor have become highly impactful on the US market with the prospect of unemployment evident. Despite the question on the need for regulating immigration, the more fundamental question has been on the impact of immigrants on the economic environment. Admittedly, the immigrants have led to a more competitive labor market for the blue collar jobs. An individual perspective is that the evident increase in immigrants poses a direct impact on the labor market. Companies are taking advantage of the cheaper labor with irreversible repercussions on the job security of individuals.
As such, the prospect of individuals like me seeking extra income from blue collar jobs has become highly daunting due to the implausible remuneration and preference. Getting employment in factors for jobs such as packaging and so forth is difficult. The difficulty in obtaining jobs is an aspect of concern from an individual perspective mainly due to the preferential treatment among the large organizations.

Stage 2: reflective observation

Questioning the impact of immigrants on the economic environment of US has been a highly imperative topic of evaluation. As such, Economic growth and expansion strategies are subjects of concern to the several human resource departments across the various companies across the world. Admittedly, clear comprehension and analysis of the international economic disparities are crucial to the maintenance of competitive edge and sustaining growth. As such, the recent decades have witnesses aggressive and renewal of interests into research into the main economic drivers across the global economies. Accordingly, the steadfast and stable information access into the economic drivers in different areas of the world has enabled multinational countries to rake in huge profits through diverse strategies. Additionally, through understanding of the economic drivers, companies have sustained growth in various foreign economies. Hence, some of the economic drivers that have necessitated growth to multinational corporations have been globalization, foreign trade policies, physical and human capital. Companies have been taking advantage of the globalization and ease towards mobility of labor to enjoy the cheap labor costs. Thus, from an individual perspective as an immigrant, the bargaining power as an individual is highly minimal. Bargaining in regards to the salaries to be paid is highly minimal due to the evident illegality of the individuals in regards to working and living in US. As an immigrant I would find it highly daunting to complain pertaining to the salaries evident. The manager or the employer can easily report my illegality. The evident advantage that the employer has over the employee or the immigrant is mandated by the government to repot. The evident advantage that the employer has over me is a main reason why I can take a low wage or work within an implausible work environment. Thus, from the individual perspective as an immigrant, it is highly hard or daunting to enjoy plausible remuneration.

Stage 3: abstract conceptualization

The research undertaken by the New York Times that focuses on the analysis of impact of immigrants on the US labor market. As such, the journalist provides an individual evaluation of the US labor market and how immigrants have been impacting on the remuneration levels. In accordance to the author, it is evident that the increase in immigrants has resulted into a highly implausible remuneration of employees in the blue collar sector. The highly physical jobs such as packaging, farm jobs and so forth have been given to the immigrants resulting into diverse repercussions. The research undertaken by the University of Chicago reveals that as the supply of immigrants goes up, the prices for labor are bound to diminish. However the author affirms that despite the reduction in remuneration wages and salaries, it is imperative to acknowledge that immigrants have a plausible impact on the prices of goods and services. The cost of production reduces significantly for the various companies thus plausible profitability and revenue yield. Furthermore, the concept of indirect impact of the immigrants has been examined in an in-depth mandate; the evident immigrants contribute to the economic growth of the US economy in diverse manners. Accordingly, through the immigrants, there has been income spending on purchase of foods and services, rent payment and so forth. The spending by the immigrants has had a significant impact on the economy with the diverse individuals stating that the findings by university of Chicago and the new York times author emphasize that the immigrants, despite their impact on the economy are impacting on the labor market and significant approaches need to be undertaken.

Stage 4: active experimentation

Human capital is a force that has been driving the expansionary strategy in US. Specifically, the developing economies, characteristic of low education levels, poor communication infrastructure and access to banking services have been a positive force towards the growth of immigration into developed economies for effective and highly viable economy to live and work in. Through the comprehension of the human capital in regions such as Africa and India, companies have introduced services and policies to meet the market demands. Majority of the policies implemented by the diverse multinationals or companies in US have been highly negative. As such, the diverse companies in US have been implementing are not within an effective remuneration of the diverse immigrants in US. Thus, the diverse approaches towards ensign plausible remuneration and eradication of the notion that immigrants are stealing local employment opportunities include:

Improving the work environment

Work attitudes have a crucial influence on the productivity and innovativeness of any company. As such the leadership and the employees are particularly motivated by their social values in enhancing productivity and innovation in the company. Accordingly workers and employees who are motivated by their core values continuously strive towards improvement of services. As such, the human resource managers should introduce strategy aimed at supporting and appreciating the employees. Admittedly the culture in US across the gender, race and religion should be flexible in terms of employment and compensation of the employees globally and locally.

Flexible and regulation centric work environment

Human resource management entails the creation of a business working environment whereby the employees enjoy flexibility in working hours, location and formidable utilization of resources. As such, the working environment should promote dynamism in communication and flow of ideas and freedom in individual operation and ensure plausible performance. Additionally, US have invested into proper policies in their operational mandate that organizations should conform. There are numerous legislative bodies that are focused towards ensuring an enabling environment prevails. Thus, the legislative bodies should increase their initiatives towards mitigating implausible remuneration.


Immigrants undercutting and impacting the labor market within a negative mandate has become an issue of concern in US. Through immigrants, implausible remuneration and evident impact on the labor market is an issue of concern. However, through companies conforming to the regulatory stipulations and the government undertaking stringent actions, mitigation of poor remuneration is bound to prevail.

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