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Changing our thinking to counter the effects of technology

Jacques Ellul posits man exists in a world of technology. He describes technology as artificial, self determining and autonomous. This technology is like nature. Thus, it does not depend on human beings to be self-determinative. This means that no human intervention can stand in the way of technology since it grow is a causal process. Jacques observes that technology is developed through gathering of means that have primacy over ends. All social phenomenons in the world are associated to the effects of technology. Technology has influenced every aspect of human life include politics, economy and culture. For example, politics is determined from its relationship to technology. While politics formed a larger social whole in the past, the present world has led to a converse of this scenario. Thus, we can change our thinking by focusing on the past conceptualization of politics rather than depend on technology to determine our political orientation and practices.
Jacques observed that technology has led to various technical problems. These problems include disorders and social disequilibrium. Technology has influenced the ideas, beliefs and judgments of man in the present world. In this regard, man can counter the effects of technology by inventing the means that can help in mastering his techniques. This would ensure that human beings have control and over his techniques and subordinate them. Subordinating them will make him have choices and ends that are premised on sociological presuppositions.
Various technical values dominate the mind of the modern man. His goals are achieved through techniques. Jacques adds that due to the influence of technology, human beings no longer have a traditional state of mind regarding judgment and choice. In this regard, human beings should need to undergo through a change of mindset to accommodate the initial state of freedom that characterized his mind. With such an initial state of mind, the modern man can exercise freedom in respect of judgment and choice.
Technology is responsible for overcrowding in urban centers, air pollution and unsustainable development. These inconveniences can be solved by evolution of technology. In this regard, it takes technology to eliminate the dangerous effects of technology. Man’s thinking should be fixed on finding various means through which solutions to the problems of technology can be solved. Many techniques are required to serve human survival.
The growth of techniques threatens human morals. Places around the world with high technology experience moral decadence compared to places with limited technology. This is an indication that human beings submit to the effects of technology. In this regard, the technological society has contributed to erosion of values and morals. To counter this effect of technology, human beings must rethink their value system and determine how it can be renewed to conform to the inevitable rise in technological order around the world.

Ways my generation might overcome the ideas the Huesemann stated

The issues expressed in this section include the problems that technical progress posses. The rise in technology leads to a corresponding rise in associated problems. The advancement in technology leads to a general belief that it would create nothing except technical problems. Thus, human beings conceive technology from a problematic worldview. Overcoming this challenge involves undertaking various technical initiatives that can prescribe solutions to the challenge.
The younger generation can overcome the ideas presented by understanding the greatest sociological problem that was faced in the 19th century. It is the problem about the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The current generation is in the process of solving the problem though with little success. The problem of the proletarian should not be taken lightly because even though it started as a social problem, it has since become a technological problem. In this regard, understanding the problem by the younger generation can help overcome a problem that started with the generations before it.
Another idea is hinged on the notion that everything relies on the way technology is employed. It follows that ma uses technology to achieve the ultimate good. An example is the use of technology to initiate peace processes at the expense of war. This implies that technology exhibits a two perspectives. There is the bad aspect of technology and the good aspect of it. The younger generation can consider a problem and choose technological solution that yields the ultimate good.

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