Good Business Plan About The Bible Truth Vs. Social Popularity: The Popularity Of Women Pastoring In The Church

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Bible Truth Vs. Popularity: The Controversy of Women Pastoring in Church

The Bible truth is that women should not speak in church. Rather, they should stay and listen in silence, and in case of any enquiries, wait until they return home to ask the husband. According to the Bible, the woman is forbidden by God to be leader over the man. That is interpreted as the lack of divine authority of the woman to teach in a Church or assume the roles of leadership in the church whereby they exercise authority over the man. The essay discussed the controversy that exists on whether women should be leaders in church. According to the popular culture, women are equal to men in all fields of operation and leadership. The issues of the equality in the existence of men and women arose upon the introduction of feminism in the 1963.

Thesis: women are required to be submissive and not hold any pastorate position in the church.

The economical and physical abuse problems that women used to go through because of their inferiority to the men caused the uproar of the feminists that stood in rejection of anything feminine. The protection of women from abuse is right and ethical. However, the issue of equality was taken a step too far and now even the church embraces the idea that the woman is equal to the man whereas the Bible clearly states that they are not. However, the popular culture goes contrary to the Christian requirement that states that women should not lead men in church. The church and the secular culture have integrated to the extent that none can be differentiated from the other. Pastor Driscoll faces verbal abuse because of speaking the truth about the issue of women and church leadership. It causes the ministry to be called a cult.
Any person that preaches the truth as it is concerning the subordinate and submissive role of women is considered to be a sexist or religion fanatic. Whereas most of the deeds and words of Driscoll are not upright, the uproar that the truth causes among the women in and out of church makes it clear about how far the Christians have drifted from the truth of the Bible.
The Bible states that the woman is the one that was created after man, out of man, and for man, and not the other way round. The argument that Paul was sexist in writing is misinformed and against the commandments of God for it is written, “These words are from God and whoever disregards those disregards the commandments of God.”
God requires the woman to live in silence and full submission to the husband as she is to the Lord. The books of 1st Corinthians chapter fourteen verses thirty four to thirty sis explain the role of the woman in the marriage, and the behavior that is expected of her when in church. The Bible states the requirement for the woman to stay silent in the church. It also states that in case of enquiries, the questions should be asked upon returning home whereby the husband should explain to the wife in depth. In addition to that, the requirement of women to be meek and quiet is emphasized in the book of 1st Peter, chapter three verses one and two. The verse encourages the women to win their non-Christian husbands over to God by their deeds, not their words.
It is not by chance that all the twelve apostles of Jesus-the ones that he sent out to evangelize and spread the gospel-are men. The twelve apostles of Jesus were all men. From the beginning, God created man and made him ruler over the woman. The act of the woman exercising authority over the man in any way is not acceptable.
The Bible recognizes authority from the time of creation until the coming of Christ. Christ speaks in reverence of His Father-God-according to Genesis. The respect of authority is not only imposed onto human beings and marriage alone. All men are asked to show reverence to God. During His earthly ministry, Jesus showed the reverence and respect he had for God. The prayer made at the garden of Gethsemane shows that the impeding crucifixion scared him. However, Jesus had to go through it despite the rush of fear from within, the recognition of a superior authority was the reason he did not attempt to escape the situation. The basic idea here is that a father remains superior to the entire family.
Since the beginning, the woman was created for man. As the Bible Says, “And God saw that man was lonely, and He created women to keep him company and be his helper.” From the beginning, the subordinate position of the woman was made clear. However, most people argue that the issue of woman’s reference as subordinate is introduced after she lures the man into sin in the Garden of Eden. However, the Bible states that, “it is the woman, and not the man, that was deceived.” But that does not mean that God considers her to be subordinate for falling prey of the snake’s lies. The Bible states that the inheritance of both men and women shall be equal. However, during the earthly mission, human beings are supposed to respect authority as it is set by the law. In the book of first Samuel chapter eight, the Israelites asked to be given an earthly king. God had been their king all along but the Israelites’ absorption of the culture around, they wanted to look like the nations around them. Since God respects authority, He did not tell them to disregard the earthly king. Instead, they were required to give unto Caesar what belonged to Caesar.
The words that Paul gave regarding the position of women pertaining to leadership were inspired by the Holy Spirit. For it is written that all that is in the Bible is God’s word through man. The common argument that most Christians settle for is the influence of the Jewish culture on the writers of the scriptures. The book of 2nd Timothy chapter three and verse sixteen is clear on the inspiration of the Bible by the Holy Spirit. Besides, the writers always stated it whenever they were speaking their thoughts to distinguish them from what they were inspired to say or write. Paul says that women should be submissive and silent according to God. That is different from the phrases that Paul speaks his mind. The Bible also stated that in the last days, people shall refuse to take in the truth and love those that tell them what they want to hear. The act of women speaking in church is disgraceful and unacceptable before the eyes of God as depicted in this discussion.
However, the popular culture is made up of people that do not recognize authority of any kind. Children do not obey their parents and they even insult them. To make it worse, the government protects them from any form of spanking regarding it as the abuse of the rights of the child. The same way the feminists have created the mentality that the women have equal or even more authority over the man. As a result of the lack of proper understanding of the Bible and the basis of the truth, the women take up the role of the men in the church and even to the point of displacing them as the head of the house. The gospel and the provisions that it sets are compromised today because of the popular culture that seems to have “infected” everybody, including the church. Upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the additional laws that came with the declaration, most institutions reformed their rules and their way of operation. The problem lay in the act of the church to try and reform the law and the scripture as well. That includes issues such as gay rights and the legalization of gay marriages. The refusal of a church leader to officiate a wedding between homosexuals is viewed as discrimination and such a leader loses popularity and respect from the majority of the population. Many people are not ready to handle the critic that comes with brutal honesty. Instead, they conform to the ways of the popular culture to become acceptable to the larger population. These are the reasons that have led to the women taking leadership positions in the church and even performing pastorate duties.
The Bible caters for the rights of women whereby the man is required to love the wife and treat her as he would his own body. A true Christian is not one that mistreats the wife. Thus, the issue of submission is in no way oppressive to the true Christians that follow the commandments of God. As with the leadership of the church and pastorate duties, it is particularly wrong for the woman to assume this job and the men to take a back seat..


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