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Leadership at Green Thumb Nursery 3
Leadership and management skills 4
Conflict management 4
Decision making process in conflict management 5
Performance management 6
Human resource management 8
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An organizational success depends heavily on effective leadership and management of human resources. The actual use of policies and strategies towards management of an organization result into profitable outcomes. Thus, from the evaluation of Green Thumb Nursery, it is obvious that the company has been dealing with different issues of management that require transformation. The use of successful leadership, conflict management, performance evaluation and human resource management are some of the issues that require evaluation. Thus, this paper will examine Green Thumb Nursery as per the case question through laying forth the various strategies towards change in operations.
Leadership at Green Thumb Nursery
Leadership is a highly complex and involving function within the organization that is highly reliant on various skills and competencies towards increased profitability. Thus, from the examination of Green Thumb Nursery, and other organizations are reliant on a leader. A leader should show inborn skills and attributes in regards to the running of the organization. Various theories construed towards definition of a leader and the approaches to running of employees that can be used (Guit & Sijde, 2009). A leader can display transactional, transformational, democratic approach that can be incorporated. On the other hand, management denotes clearly laid out principles and practices that an individual can include towards successful outcomes within the business. As such, management is learnt in regards to skills and ability (Guit & Sijde, 2009). Thus, in regards to management, the various principles or practices that denote the operational side of a manager include organizing, directing, controlling and staffing. Furthermore, a leader plays a critical role towards the success of the organization. Hence, from the analysis of Green Thumb Nursery, the leader is pivotal towards ensuring finely tuned performance and coordination of efforts towards profitability and revenue yield.
Leadership and management skills
Thus, from the analysis of Green Thumb Nursery, it is important that the management and leadership uses various skills in ensuring successful analysis of the crisis at hand. Therefore, from the analysis of the organization, the various skills and attributes that the leader or manager should possess include:
Communication skills: communication is important within the organizational performance structure. Communication is having skills within the oral and written mandate. A leader should be well versed in communicating within the oral and written aspect to ensure that the employees understand the organizational culture, goals, objectives and performance standards. A leader that displays professionalism in the communication fact is bound to ensure performance based employees that know the organizational operations.
Motivational skills: the motivation ability of a leader is highly key towards the success of any organization. Motivational skills denote the aspect that the leader can encourage and uplift employee belief, hope, trust and other facets towards success of the organization. A leader that shows reasonable motivational skills is bound to cultivate highly performance focused employees’ thus high returns and profitability (Guit & Sijde, 2009).
Conflict management
Conflicts at Green Thumb Nursery have become an issue of concern that the organization needs to evaluate and handle in a fast manner (Foti & Hauenstein, 2007). As such, from the analysis of the organization, it is significant that the company implements effective process towards management of conflicts. The business environment of Green Thumb Nursery is facing different situations that may impact on business operations.
Decision making process in conflict management
In handling the conflicts at work among the different employees, implementing strict and understandable procedures in handling the work place issues is important. Thus, an effective procedure that an organization should instill when dealing with a given work situations pertaining to conflicts include;
Act promptly: it is vital that a situation of organizational magnitude is attended to within a timely manner. Through effective and rapid analysis, the directives towards performance analysis and examination are dictated.
Schedule meeting with the individuals involved: scheduling of meetings among the different parties should prevail within a neutral location.
Nonpartisan listening: nonpartisan evaluation of the situation at hand should prevail. Through neutrality in handling the issue at hand, proper steps will be made on the step forward.
Focus on the issue at hand: it is vital that the issue at hand is examined effectively. As opposed to cross examination of the parties involved, the problematic aspect should be analyzed effectively.
Employee welfare across Green Thumb Nursery was a major problem that required the incorporation of diverse sector players to ensure a proper path is laid out for the employees and service givers to enjoy worthwhile work place and remuneration. The significant conflicts evidenced called for a more definite process towards handling the conflicts that were ensuing from the employees at Green Thumb Nursery. Thus, Green Thumb Nursery should instill a fact finding mission directed towards handling the conflicts emanating between the customers and their employees. The fact finding mission at Green Thumb Nursery should be based on diverse procedures that were effective since;
Meeting were held between the conflicting members
Timely evaluation of the conflicts were evidenced with significant avoidance of boycotts and strikes being witnessed
An ethical charter of operation was used by the employers
Performance management
Performance management at Green Thumb Nursery is mandatory towards ensuring higher revenues and profitable outcomes. Thus, from the analysis of Green Thumb Nursery, there is evident reduction in performance as Lauren has observed. Therefore, to increase the level of performance, the organization should implement involvement of employees. Involvement of employees within the daily running of performance in the organization emanates from use of different methods. Thus, the diverse way that can be used to gain employee participation and involvement in the decision making include;
Information sharing: dynamism and transparency in operations originate from proper structures within the organization. As such, an organization should ensure information is relayed to the different departments of the organization. Through an open information sharing approach, increased performance and decision making will be resulting from the different levels of performance.
Commitment to quality: quality in performance, decision making and products and services delivered to the society. An organization that is committed to quality makes extensive investment into quality within the different spheres of operation. Quality in decision making, employees and performance leads to proper performance originating from an inclusion approach by the organization (Foti & Hauenstein 2007). Commitment to quality is increased by an inclusive mandate to sustain the objectives of the organization.
Development of the individual: development of an employee is key. Use of career development, mentoring programs, coaching and conferencing is important. Through the use of the aforesaid approaches, an organization develops employees who are aligned to the organizational cultural structure. As such, the development of employees leads to competent employees who can be focused towards the decision making prospects of the organizations.
Financial participation: financial participation is an approach directed towards involving employees in the budgeting process of the organization. As such, financial participation is based on an all-inclusive mandate of employees towards the financial projections of the organization. The budgeting process within the organization should be wholly directed with major emphasis on including employees within the financial planning. Accordingly, the prospect of financial inclusion plays a significant role towards the performance of the organization and employees.
Human resource management
The unitary approach, in reference to diverse organisations dictates that an employer forms a professional leader who is construed towards harmonizing the needs of the employees to those of the business. The focus in reference to Hertzberg (2008) is based on an inclusivity mandate which is directed towards the long term benefits for the both parties with the prospect that no employee can sustain or guarantee a job within a permanent or long term mandate within the economic sphere. The success of the unitary approach is based on the uncertainties in the economic environment whereby the prospects of downsizing coupled with restructuring are ever evident. Hence, it has become mandatory that organizations invest on an effective communication process with an individual as opposed to pluralistic approach. The extent to which the application of the unitary frame prevails is dependent on the sophistication of the work force organizational size coupled with the propensity for change. On the other hand the pluralistic approach is based on the generation of effective structures. The pluralistic approach is based on the presumption that conflicts between the management and the staff are always prevalent and inescapable. Hence, there is need for the generation of structured mechanisms geared towards solving the diverse conflicts within an orderly manner. The pluralistic frame is emphasized on collective bargaining through the use of adversarial unions within the workplace where stability is sought through compromise. Furthermore, employee centric human resource management has been developing significantly to meet the globalization prospect and internationalization of business activities. Furthermore, the changing business environment in regards to the political, social, economic and technological circles have led to a more unified trade unionism across the globe. Hence, changes in human resource management should affect employee relations in Green Thumb Nursery in the following manner;
Employee consultation:
It is noteworthy that organizations across the landscaping industry have been inculcating an employee consultation environment in which employers can effectively manage change. As such, consultations have been deemed as effective ways of handling reforms among organizations (Hertzberg, 2008). Through consultations, different perspectives are generated and a way forward evidenced.
Increased investment into communication
Communication has been seen by majority of organizations as an effective tool towards sustaining proper employee relations. Admittedly, the ever growing power of employee, in regards to legal aspects has led to the development of strong and confident trade unions that can effectively air out employee grievances (Hertzberg, 2008). Hence, communication has been within an internal and external manner. Through effective communication of the measures taken in ensuring proper employee relations, companies have sustained a more communication sensitive approach.
Ethical performance approach among businesses in US
An ethical approach in performance has become a proper path towards handling the backlash and strikes that may result from the employees in their performance. An ethical approach among businesses in US should comprise maintaining sensitivity to employee welfare and generating an enabling environment in which employees can perform effectively (Hertzberg 2008). Through sustaining an enabling environment that is ethically based, employees in US have become accustomed to a more welfare sensitive organization.
Improved research among sector players regarding international trends in employee welfare
Research is important for companies to sustain current data regarding trade unions and the legislations that may impede on their operations. Accordingly, across US, research and data mining has become an option among businesses to sustain up to date policy and steps towards inculcating the policy.
Skill development
Skill development is essential towards sustaining cutthroat employees who can perform effectively. Through employees that are skilled, human resource sustains competent employees that comprehend their performance mandate effectively.
Business operations rely heavily on proper management. As a result, from the evaluation of Green Thumb Nursery, it is clear that it should implement the above approaches towards successful changes in performance. Admittedly, the organization faces consumer complaints, ineffective inventory management and so forth. Thus, handling the evident issues of concern requires the implementation of sound human resource management, conflict handling, performance management and proper leadership.
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