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The digital highlighter is a revolutionary digital pen that works like a new age pen, with more abilities than any other digital / manual pen the world over. This pen offers users effective ways of using their computers, note taking, highlighting and other beneficial applications. Going by the brand name Scantron X2, the pen is produced by a group of students for students. Like the slogans says, ‘cuts study time in half,’ the pen makes study time easy, without a student having to go back and forth to make notes on paper or note-pad. It also provides additional services like word definitions, making it unnecessary to look up words, which may interfere with the flow of information and make the study period unnecessarily long. The digital highlighter’s main target is college students. College students have volumes of study to accomplish; an effective way of managing study time and managing information will go a long way in easing the burden of study. College students range from age17 and above. These age groups of teenage and early adulthood appreciate technology and are more receptive of emerging technology. For this reasons, the digital highlighter, according to projections and market research, will be well received by this group. However, since the pen is diverse in its use, it can be used by anyone, even the older generation. It can make any work that involves reading on the computer easy and note-making more effective. Younger high school students may also benefit from the digital highlighter. The pricing of the highlighter, at 25 USD, is also pocket-friendly and affordable for its target market. This diversity makes the digital highlighter appealing to a diverse group but the focus of its marketing is on college students. The purpose for selling the digital highlighter is to make work easy for students. Proceeds from this will go to support a charitable cause. Proceeds will go towards supporting the African Educational Trust. The campaign mainly uses logos and ethos with a bit of ethos to appeal to the audience; logic focuses on the users experience, ethos focuses on the cause that the proceeds support, and emotional appeal is on the satisfaction the pen provides its users.
On top of the logical appeal, ethical appeal is also vastly utilized in the campaign to provide the audience with an ethical reason for purchasing the highlighter. The ethos lies in the cause that the proceeds from sales will support. The campaign features a highlight of the activities undertaken by the African Educational center, which will be supported by the sale proceeds. The campaign starts by emphasizing that for every highlighter sold, a dollar will go towards the foundation which supports education projects of needy children in Sub-Saharan Africa. The trust sponsors needy children’s education, rehabilitates street children, encourages education of the marginalized and assists in provision of education facilities like libraries. Starting the campaign with this fact awaken the ethical reasoning of the audience making them view the purchase as being for a greater good , while benefiting them in their study. Since every person appreciates ethical good in the society, many would support a cause, making ethics a big selling point.
Finally, the campaign uses pathos to appeal to the emotions of the audience by presenting the highlighter as a funky tool whose purchase will also support the needy. The emotional appeal of the campaign comes by presenting the digital highlighter as being attractive (available in many colors); this will be pleasing to the bit of the audience who appreciate beauty in presentation, for example, the female students. Everyone feel empathy for the needy hence focusing the campaign on charitable causes would arouse the audience’s empathy, leading them to make a purchase for a cause. Furthermore, the choice of the trust to support is also a plus since students identify with education causes; they would want to support a needy child in getting education like they are.
The media used was slide presentations, with different slides focusing on a different aspect of the product. Using this presentation helped direct the audience’s attention on one aspect at a time, instead of presenting all facts at the same time, this would be ineffective. We used Prezi to present campaign in a commercial style, but with a little more detail than normal commercials. The presentation was attractively done in different slides containing the selling points and with the logo, slogan and other marketing statements randomly put on the page. This allowed us to give all the necessary information with it sounding like a lecture, while at the same time maintaining a catchy presentation through the use of short slogans. This attractive display with separated facts on different slides ensured that the audience attention is maintained.
The campaign was very successful as many people made inquiries on the product and were interested in ordering. Many other students requested for a trial to see how the highlighter works. There were also many ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ on social media where we sent links to out presentation. The campaign could have been made better had we included images of the actual product and photos of how it works to give the audience an actual picture of how it works. Based on the current concerns about the environment and going green, the campaign should have highlighted the highlighter’s environmental safety; this would have added to our pathos and ethos appeal.

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