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Group Members:
Mohamed Nazer,
Grant Burges,
Mark Folkwein,
Taylor Murphy,
Harmeet Singh.
1) A: While exhibiting signs of being obsessive, Yi-Ren’s initial response and desire to be the note taker during the earlier meetings, along with her attention to detail pegs here squarely in the realm of neuroticism. During the latter part of the project, she became easily frustrated at the slow pace of development of the project. On the other hand Ana is sort of the counterbalance to Yi-Ren’s impatient tendencies, her agreeable demeanor is evident from the get-go and throughout all stages of the project. Tyrone was the most open and offered his input on the project from the outset. George is the ultimate negotiator of the group, displaying a level of agreeableness that was enough to keep the group humming along until the initial offering was brought forward.
B: Due to the initial confrontations between Yi-Ren and Tyrone, the group was not able to coalesce early and begin collaborating. Yi-Ren’s impatience and Tyrone’s desire to share before looking to mesh with the group set the tone for most of the initial part of the group’s interactions. Further, George’s peacekeeping might have had a calming effect, but did not enable the group to turn the conflict into collaboration. Moreover, Tyrone seemed to quiet down towards the latter part of the project and close off from his usual open demeanor.
2) Bruce Tuckmans 5 stages of Group Development include: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. At the forming stage the group comes together to understand what the goals and objectives are. At the Storming phase, the group members try to understand their roles and responsibilities for their tasks. The Norming stage is when group members have a defined understanding of that they have to do. The performing stage is when all production is done, and group members see the result of their roles. The final stage of Adjourning is where group members have completed all work, and credit is given to those who deserve it. It is important for team members to understand these stages so they know where their team is during an assigned task.
The first sentence of Part 1 recognizes the group Forming stage by displaying how “During the team’s first several meetings, they got to know one another”. The next few sentences display the Storming Phase as it lists what each member of the Group is working on. The Norming Phase could be recognized in Part 2 when the group “has been functioning harmoniously”. The performing stage is the last paragraph when the team “has created a proposal initiative and are ready for customer feedback. The last sentence could display the Adjourning phase where Jon is not satisfied and disappointed at the lack of creativity. This is where all group members recognize their work, and review what they could have done better to give more appeal to the project.
3): In order to innovate their needs to be a level of openness and ability to work through differing opinions and ideas. Most successful teams are able to do this by turning often conflicting ideas into collaborative efforts. The group was caught up in personality conflicts and spent more time settling their initial impressions of each other’s personal approaches to work. Tyrone, seemed to be used to hitting the ground running initially clashed with Yi-Ren who was more a grounded and realistic type of thinker. Yi-Ren’s marketing experience was not fully exploited, while George and Ana played their parts in attempting to get the group to connect more fully, they were widely limited to those roles instead of being active parts of the creative process.
The group should have spent more time considering the ultimate goals of the project and the audience that they were trying to reach. The key would have been to identify some common goals through, which the group could have achieved a united set of goals and then work on the other collaborative aspects of the project. George should have been appointed project manager since he would have been able to help the member dialogue through the discussions and Ana should have taken a more active role in researching baselines in order to establish a base level and creating the project from the ground up.
4) The 2 threats go Group Effectiveness in our book are: Social Loafing & GroupThink, which are typical problems that groups face. These can both negatively impact a group’s effectiveness. It’s possible that the group experienced Groupthink in Part 1, when Yi Ren and Tyrone disagreed on the timeline. George quickly steered the group away from the heated discussion, so does this mean he get everyone to agree with one persons timeline without evaluating alternatives? There isn’t enough information to draw a conclusion.
The other threat is Social Loafing, this occurs when one or more of the group members put more effort than others into the team. Both Yi Ren and Tyron created work plans to present, this could be due to a lack of trust between the two as they both have already gotten into a heated argument in Part 1. They both created a work plan as they were not sure what the other would come up with & if they would agree to it.

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