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Undeniably, human beings are the most difficult creatures to not only understand, but also define. They have been defined in many ways using different criteria. Some of the definitions are complex and are beyond human beings understanding, while other definitions are just as simple as being human. However, a more elaborate way to study human beings have been identified to be through the human being himself. It is very difficult to put across a definite definition of “human being”. Some of the already existing definitions have been in one way or the other ridiculed or criticized by different groups of people. The majority of the people that question the various definitions of man are the philosophers who have related questions as the specific reasons of the existence of human beings, as well as their destination. As a result, there have been massive development in the study of human beings and the reasons behind their existence (FRANKL 2006).
Human beings are called human beings because of their uniqueness in the sense that they do not operate like the rest of the animals. They are in fact the most difficult and interesting group of living things in the world. Since time immemorial, researches have been carried out by psychiatrists and philosophers on human being despite the fact that they have failed to understand themselves as human beings (BOURBON 2004). Nevertheless, a proper definition that has been brought forward by the scientists, defines human beings as being the most powerful and knowledgeable creatures that in charge of the rest of the created things on the planet.
Being human is a term used to refer to the innermost part of people that makes them different from the other animals. Being human is evidently signified by the way that people have the ability to love and care for each other, as well as their surroundings. Human beings have a soul that drives them towards being loving and caring. They have a unique way of expressing their feelings towards other human beings, as well as, their environment (SMITH 2003)
With reference to idealism, being human has been defined based on the principle of spirituality. Philosophers argue that human beings have a spirit inside them and that they are sometimes referred to as spiritual beings. The spirit inside them drives them to be who they are. The spirit that exists inside human beings makes them social creatures that have unity states that man is a portion of the unity amongst them; hence they form different human races. This therefore means that human beings are made of the body, the human mind, as well as, the spirit (COCKBURN, D 2011).
Human beings can also be defined by their actions on the planet. The human deeds are usually linked to the way the person is. If a person is used to doing good deed to other people, they become commonly referred to as good people. This definition is based on their deeds and in most cases, such people are also well treated and other people also do good things towards them. Additionally, the language that a human being uses to communicate is also in most cases been used to define human beings. There are different languages in the world, which are spoken by many different people (COECKELBERGH 2013).
The language that people speaks defines them. Different human beings have acquired different titles according to their language. Human beings are considered to be equal in the eyes of the most high creature; who is God. However, God put them in different races that have also been used to define human beings. Some people are white in color, while others are black. These colors are used to differentiate between the black people and the white people. These two groups of human beings are found in different regions (SMITH 2010).
The different definitions of human beings have impacted on the way human beings treated themselves and other human beings around them. For instance, some human beings see themselves as being more superior than the others. Many people have always looked at the white people as the most powerful and superior human beings in the world. People look up to them and would anything to be associated with them (SOULEN 2006). The white people also consider themselves to be more superior than the black people. This belief has made them to be treated mightily than the other people. In most cases, it does not matter where the person comes from or what they do, but as long as they are white in color, they are respected in the society. The black people on the other hand, are looked down upon. They are not respected despite where they come from of what they do. As a matter of acts, the Black people re considered to be crude, inferior and uncivilized.
In conclusion,it is evident that human beings are the most difficult human beings to define and understand. The term being human has been defined using different criteria. All in all it is used to refer to the most superior and knowledgeable creature who has the ability to love and care. The different ways used to define human beings have also contributed to the way in which they are treated.

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