Good Essay On Nationalism And Racial Superiority

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Nationalism and racial superiority are somehow related to each other. There are various examples wherein nationalism and racial superiority supported each other. The Coalition of nationalism and racial superiority created some very horrifying situations in various nations. The blend of nationalism and racial superiority is believed to be behind the emergence of Adolph Hitler in Germany and his atrocities in different parts of the world. Incidents like Nanking rape by Japanese in china are also due to a feeling of racial superiority. This paper proposes to discuss how nationalism led to theories of racial superiority.
Racial superiority can be interpreted as one of binding agents. It connects likeminded people of similar race and it may unite the whole nation. Racial superiority may convert into nationalism and it may cause both benefits and harms to people of that nation. If people are united to achieve common goals that benefit the society or the whole nation, it may do wonder but when people start manipulating racial superiority and nationalism for their silly interests, it may cause incidents that affect the humanity (LLC).
Racial superiority and nationalism are often manipulated by clever people. Racial superiority is an effort of some clever people to unite like-minded people on the pretext of race. There are a number of examples where people have executed their hidden agendas after mobilizing people in name of racial superiority and nationalism. The emergence ofHitler in Germany is an example of how racial superiority is used to achieve goals by mixing the same with nationalism.
Darwin’s theory of evolution advocates in favor of superior races. Darwin suggests that people, who are of superior race, possess some characteristics and they can survive even in adverse situation. Hitler adopted this theory and manipulated in his favor.Adolph Hitler used to believe that racial superiority can be achieved by altering and modifying human gene. He believed that if better crops and animals can be produced then human genes also can be altered in order to produce better human race.
Hitler was a firm believer in the theory of Darwin and designed his administrative policies accordingly. Hitler propagated that Nazis belong to superior race while Jews are people of mixed blood. Hitler also believed that Jewsare inferior people who do not deserve to live with Aryan race. Hitler wanted to abolish inferior races and intended to promote people of pure blood and superior races. Hitler used to believe “that a higher race would always conquer a lower race” (Yahya, p. 66).Murdering of Jews at mass scale was a way of achieving his goal of establishing superiority of race.
Racial superiority did not influence the Adolph Hitler only but it also affected the Japanese. Japanese were also influenced by their racial superiority and their conduct suggests that they used to consider others as subhuman. One difference between Hitler’s and Japanese understanding of racial superiority was that Hitler was biased towards Jews on the basis of their impurity while Japanese were not biased against any specific race. Japanese were very advanced in terms of innovation, industry, farming, as well as culture, tradition and various other areas. In such a situation, they developed an idea that they are the best and anyone who is not Japanese is of inferior race.
When Japanese attacked Chinese during 1937-38, they raped and massacred millions of Japanese women and men. Japanese were very powerful in that time and Chinese could not resist their atrocities. When today such incidents are analyzed, it becomes clear that Japanese were highly influenced with their racial superiority and they committed such horrible atrocities just because they considered Chinese women and men as inferior. Japanese never accepted incidents of rape and killings ever but their conduct was certainly influenced by their understanding of racial superiority (Roberts).
Examples of Jews massacre by Hitler and the Nanking rape by Japanese show that racial superiority and nationalism were interpreted in negative ways. However there are a number of examples that suggest how race and nationalism may unite people and bring positive changes in the society. A number of nations got freedom when they collectively fought in name of nationalism and racial superiority. It is sure that racial superiority and nationalism are two ideas that unite people, but at the same time it should be ensured that they are not manipulated. If they are manipulated they can do irreparable damage to the humanity.
After observing the relation of racial superiority and nationalism and various related aspects of the subject, the paper concludes that racial superiority and nationalism are related with each other. They support each other and manipulated accordingly. There are a number of incidents where people manipulated these ideas to achieve their goals. It cannot be certainly said that racial superiority and nationalism are always negative but when these are manipulated by people, they can create some highly adverse impact.

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