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Increasing Age Diversity in the Workplace

Age diversity has become a significant element in today’s workplaces. The performance of people in different age significantly varies in a working environment. In today’s workplaces, there are various incidences of discrimination due to age differences.
In most cases, as the population in a work environment ages, employees work performances reduces due to their incapability to adapt to the new changes in the work environment. Due to technological advancement, it is necessary for organizations to keep updating their systems of operation to meet the market demands. In such a scenario, older employees find it challenging to adapt and consequently their performance is reduced.
Sometimes age diversity is very challenging to managers especially the human resource department. Managers find themselves in the dilemma of discriminating their aged employees. Managers are expected o ensure that the organization is effectively operated including the employees. This means that if some employees are not performing according to the expectation of the organization, the manager has the authority to dismiss the employee.
Primarily, organizational development is expected to be the most profound challenge of increasing age diversity in workplaces. Currently, every organization is transforming its ways operation to ensure that they have a competitive advantage. Technological advancements including online advertisement, online shopping among others are giving organizations no alternative.
Nevertheless, an organization can cope with the differences related to age discrimination in workplaces. One of the most efficient ways to pact with age diversity in workplaces is by providing continuous empowerment programs to its employee. The management is required to provide frequent training, workshops as well as seminars to ensure that their employees are updated with the current organizational trends.
Organizations need to set sound regulatory policies to eliminate age discrimination. This will guarantee that employees are equally reasonably treated irrespective of their age. By the formulation of age diversity policies, employees will fear the implication of going against these policies and as a result fairness has been established.

Leadership from an Introvert’s Perspective

Realization of one’s personality is crucial in leadership. Recognition enables an individual effectively to handle every situation that arises irrespective of the situation's demand. As an introvert, I ensure that I form a partnership with extroverts to ensure that public issues are managed. In addition, as an introvert I am required to listen to advice from the followers.
When a case involves public speaking or presentation, extroverts make more effective leaders than introverts. Extraverts are more efficient due to their different abilities including amusing the audiences, gesturing during presentation among others as compared to introverts.
On the other hand, introverts have unique abilities which make their leadership more effective in some situations compared to those of extroverts. For instance, introverts leaders take advices from their followers and as a result they lead their groups more effectively.
One of the core challenges that are faced by introverts is public relation. Introverts are required to use various techniques to ensure that they can effectively lead. For instance, As an introvert leader, one is required to value humor, make themselves heard among others during presentation or any public relation

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Currently, every organization needs to have a social media presence. Although social media is associated with some few drawbacks, the drawbacks are not sufficient to make organization avoid social media. Social media provide a platform for receiving feedback for from customers, communication among other benefits.
Social media sites have various features including chatting capabilities including, promotion pages, groups, Economic forums among others. Fundamentally, some features like promotional pages are more relevant to an organization. Nevertheless, it is very challenging to control negative information from social media sites. Therefore, organizations need to be extremely careful in managing the content of social media platform. Additionally, the company may risk losing valuable intellect information.
Some social media sources are useful in making crucial decisions in an organization. Most organization use information from LinkedIn and discussion from Facebook to make critical decisions by discovering emerging issues and trends in the world.
Social media has significantly grown over years. Fundamentally; the future direction of social media is significantly promising. In fact, with the current rate of emerging technologies, every organization is expected to have a social media platform in the near future.

Computerized Decision Making

In most organization, decision-making is a very sensitive process. For this reason, most organizations use computerized decision making due to the various advantages associated with computerized decision-making. Some of these advantages include mass, compilation decision-making, computers avoid emotional decision making among others. Additionally, computers are better than human being due to their consistencies of accuracy.
There are various weaknesses that are associated with using computers as a decision tool. For instance, computers do not add any creativity to the already programmed system despite the fact that they are fast and reliable. Computers are also likely to have problems that people are not likely to have to include examining whether an individual decision is making sense or not among others.
Nevertheless, computer decision-making cannot effectively take ethical issues into account. Ethical guidelines guide some choices. In a scenario where moral decisions have to be made, it may not be prudent to use a computer. The roles of human decision makers in creating ethical choices include integrity, impact consideration, legalities among other roles.
There are various advantages to disconnect entirely from the wired world when possible. Some of these advantages include better and timely decision-making. Additionally an individual can able to remain focused to process information.

Is It Okay to Cry at Work?

Emotions are inevitable in almost every aspect of human life. Nevertheless, there is a limit to the level at the level at which emotions need to be expressed especially in workplaces. Organizations need to implement some policies to control the degree of emotions that is expressed in workplaces. There are various factors that make organizations handle emotion issues in an ineffective way. These factors include fear, anger among others.
In most cases, covering emotions in workplaces is better compared to expressing them. Some emotions like anger can cause more harm to an individual and also an organization. For instance, individuals may lose their job by failing to control their anger in workplaces.
Most organization does not have policies that are put to control emotions. In some of the organizations that I have worked with, it is very common to find bosses yelling at their juniors for failing to handle a certain task or handling a certain task inappropriately. Although, emotions can be used to control the employees, it is not an efficient way of managing an organization. In most cases, employees are demoralized in such a way that even their performance is affected.
Laura’s company need to take steps to ensure that emotional issues are adequately dealt with to avoid demoralizing other employees. In most scenarios, emotions are articulated by seniors to express dissatisfaction. Emotion related policies will ensure that employees know their rights.

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