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There are several social forces that shape life and the society. That is why people living in different generations have a different view of their immediate society. In this context, Reiner’s view of Germany is completely the opposite of his mother’s view. The difference is clearly in place due to the life experiences of the two family members. Reiner’s mother experience seeks for the cohesion and reunification of the Germany society as a result of the war in the time of the Holocaust. However, Reiner does not see the importance of such measures mainly because of employment frustrations whereby he is replaced by immigrants at the workplace. For this reason, the issue of racism and social segregation is viewed in two dimensions by Reiner and his mother as from the consequences of employment and war respectively.

The difference of views

On the other hand, Reiner has grown frustrated due to his employment experiences. Reiner’s view of the nationalism and the Germany society is driven about by the frustrations of immigrants. As a young German, Reiner feels that he has the space and superiority over immigrants in the country. This view extends to the workplace whereby, Reiner expects to have an upper hand in terms of getting job opportunities only because he is native German. However, Mustafa, the Turkish immigrant is preferred to take a senior position leaving Reiner very frustrated. This action installs a lot of hatred and racial discriminative mind for Reiner as he argues that Germany is not a land of immigrants but for the natives. The government policy advocating for reunification and social healing is a disgrace to the German people.
The different view social life between Reiner and his mother is no different to any other situation in a social context. For example, if I had grown up during the Holocaust period, the war experiences would have shaped me to value equableness regardless of circumstances. My social life would tend to priories peace, cohesion, and social integration. The fear of society collapse as the situation when Jews lost their lives during the Holocaust would not let me preach negative attributes. There is no way that I would think of campaigning of racial discrimination with a clear mind that its consequence is adverse. Therefore, I would have the ideal characters of building a society as a better place for human life.
However, if I had grown up during the time of Jim Crow segregation, it is evident that my view of life would be similar as Reiner’s. The social factors associated with racism would overwhelm my thinking to build up a hatred mind. Such factors include lack of equal opportunities, less effort to nationalism, patriotism and social class orientations. Evidently, the Jim Crow era was the worst society full of discrimination and abuse. Very little chance, if any, that members of such a society become rational. The view that people from other areas and races have more rights deteriorates the efforts put on cohesion. Therefore, all society members would not shy away from being tied to the reality of the social characteristics of ethnicity and hatred.
The choices of my life would have been determined by the immediate environment. For instance, as discussed above, it would have been easy for me to advocate for a peaceful society had I had the experiences of the Holocaust, just as Reiner’s mother. I would view every aspect of life in a positive way to nurture social integration and diversity. However, the direction of my choice would be towards enmity and antagonism had I had the experiences of social segregation society.


In conclusion, the social factors that have had a major impact on my life are the positive attributes of nationality, patriotism, and a cultural diverse society. Living in an integrated society is the major force to shaping my life in such a manner. A peaceful, integrated society is achieved through the ideal aspects where equitable resource allocation and equal opportunities are nurtured. Such a society recognizes everyone as important hence making them feel valued and being appreciated. Contrarily, it might be completely the opposite when talking about the social life of my parents and grandparents. This is simply because their social forces at their time are different that of today’s social forces.

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