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Should same sex marriage be legal?

The world’s culture and tradition has been evolving for the past centuries. The tradition of each and everyone around the world is much diversified. The Asians eat a lot of rice while the Americans usually eat wheat as their staple food. In the case of marriage traditions, it is a standard that a man is for a woman. However as the human civilization grows, the population forms its own Law and constitution.
In this paper, the proponent will evaluate the stand of Senator John Cornyn (2004). It is basically an argument on why would Americans defend the real meaning of Marriage. However the main question of this essay is that “Should Same Sex Marriage be Legal?”. The arguments will be based on the presented amendment by the Senator as well as the evaluation of the points it have.
The main problem stated in the paper is that the courts in autonomous states of the US are changing the laws about marriage. The senator is presenting his view on how to negate the issue of making Same Sex Marriage legal.

Should Same Sex Marriage be Legal?

In regards to the paper presented, the most persuasive point it has is that the Constitution is not discriminating anybody. The senator presented that Marriage is not about being discriminated but it is all about the welfare of children. Children are considered the hope of a nation. However, activists strike this argument as something that violates the Bill of Human rights.
In my own opinion, the point is strong but the way it was defended is too weak. It has only stated people of many churches and organizations that believe in the traditional meaning of marriage. The senator could argue that the constitution was made by the people that are existent at that time. Additionally, he could also say that the traditions of marriage are inherent to the creation of the constitution. Otherwise, the way the point was defended was just basing on somebody. The activist can counter the point if the point is not followed by a supporting fact.
It is also known that the activist that wants same sex marriage to be legal are those who see the constitution as a discriminatory law. However, the point of saying that the actual value of marriage is procreation and it was inherent for everybody to bear child for the future of the nation. Thus, it has not discriminated anyone instead it has showed a clear point on what’s the real purpose of marriage. As of today there are 37 States that have legalize gay marriage.
All other points are quite weak. This is in regards to the counter argument of the pro same sex marriage party.


In conclusion, the power of the legislation has been divided through the states. It was also stated in the paper that many state courts have filed counter bills for the constitution regarding the true meaning of marriage. I am quite not persuaded by the paper; however the point on labeling the constitution as discrimination by the activist is very good. The constitution was made of the people, by the people and for the people of the States. The clear distinction between these issues is that the activists are focusing on the Bill of Human Rights; as to where they are claiming that they have the right to marriage. Over-all the paper needs supporting arguments that are tangible and does not rely on citing various people.


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