Good Example Of Moral Values And Human Action Essay

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Personal Statement

This paper will discuss morality and ethics. The paper will be consisted of razor sharp analysis of three articles by different academic writers and the key ideas of all three papers have been incorporated into this paper because of their likeness to each other besides slight differences. The articles are Prophetic Epideict Rhetoric: Poetic Education beyond Good and Evil by Jim Garrioson, Moral Reasoning and MORAL PERCEPTION THROUGH AESTHETICS by Kathleen Knight Abowitz.


Chapter Moral Reasoning
This chapter talks about ethics and says that ethics is not an exclusive subject to deal with but it is connected with morality and morality is about one’s life. The paper vividly demonstrates what morality and ethics are and says that morality and ethics are the perceptions of good and evil as well as right and wrong. We can distinguish between morality and moral value; morality is about moral values, principles and theories, but ethics is the philosophical examination of morality. Normative ethics, applied ethics and descriptive ethics are the major types of ethics. The paper has also briefly but convincingly discussed the complex relationship between religion and ethic.

Response 2

Prophetic Epideict rhetoric: poetic education beyond good and evil by Jim Garrioson.
Moral education is prevalent in every field. To praise or to blame one is common practice of any instructor. The writer suggests praising the thoughts and feelings that are not traditional instead of condemning them. In a way, this article is a comparison between the classical ethics and the modern ethics in the context of academic teaching. The classical ethics was practical, and the modern ethics is abstract, is present in the form of theories.
The writer has used the philosophy of Dewey in order to support his argument. In Dewey’s philosophy ethic and aesthetics both are inseparable. The writer has also dealt with the relationship between aesthetic and science. Science is a form of art which itself is used in other art works as assistance.
Dewey’s division of ethics into three parts, good, duty and virtue, seems to elaborate the three deep rooted traditions in the West besides telling how these are different from the traditional perception of good and evil. The writer has used the article of Dewey in order to emphasis upon the reflective aspects of the ethics which is concerned about why one hires ancestral values or abut reason rather than traditional aspect of ethic which is much concerned about how to hand down the ancestral values. The reflective ethics questions the traditional ethics and encourages all those habits that the traditional ethics discourages. In fact, the reflective morality does not care much about virtue and evil.

Response 3

ENGAGING IMAGINATIONS IN EDUCATIONAL ETHICS by Kathleen Knight Abowitz also discusses aesthetics, educational ethics, moral imagination, moral perception and pragmatism. The article is divided into four parts under different titles to demonstrate the key concepts. The titles include Seeing and Feeling the Moral Experience, Educators Experiencing The Aesthetic And Aesthetic Experience, Moral Perception, and Moral Imagination as well as Moral Perception And Discernment As Transactive Qualities.
The painting, Hey, Let’s Have Some Red Man/The Arraignment by Philip Morsberger is an excellent example showing how aesthetic is highly related to morality. The painting depicts some white men with deep smiles on their faces, who are murderer of three civil rights activists. This painting is an aesthetic object containing provocative moral experience.
The paper also discusses the relationship between morality and aesthetic and has declared that morality and aesthetic both are analogous. The article further highlights how aesthetic can be very important tool in the way of teaching, and it can also be helpful in understanding and imagining how morality can be practiced in a particular situation. The practical usage of the aesthetic experience would be very helpful in a moral situation to involve students in critical thinking, constructive explorations and imaginative searches. Besides, it also will be very useful to use the aesthetic experience to enhance the moral thinking of the students.
The writer is right when saying that life of a person is greatly shaped by his society, as well as his culture, and, for this reason, the aesthetic sense of a person develops through culture and society. In addition, a society also instills moral values into its members and, for this reason; the practical usage of the aesthetic experiences will also be beneficial for the instructors. It will help to share their comprehension and mind regarding moral situations. The two important elements namely moral understanding and imagination are essential in decision-making. The moral perception and moral imagination are the potentials that are one uses to understand moral experience as well as moral the experiences related to moral lives.
Morality is about moral values and ethics is about the examination of these values. Morality is socially constructed, and if someone goes against the socially constructed values, the society treats him very unfriendly and, for this reason, to practice reflective ethics is difficult.

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