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Introductory Remarks

Employees are very important for an organization in terms of enhancing the economic belongings and strategic values without satisfying all of the effectiveness and needs. Employees are very effective for the sake of a company, and the management should play their role in order to manage their effectiveness accordingly. The entire brainchild of an organization lies with their effectiveness in the market. It is essential for an entity to stay in an industry for a certain time period accordingly, because productivity is important for them.
Motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations are the motivational forces that used to increase amount of their employees and to increase their level of satisfaction. It is found and observed that satisfied employees are comparatively sounder and dedicated as compared to the unsatisfied employees. This is the main thing that induces a corporation to accelerate the pace of satisfaction and motivation of their employees with positive mindset. Managing a team of professional under a formal team is explicitly powerful for a corpration. The requirement of this assignment also surrounds towards interviewing with one of the mentors accordingly regarding their strategies to manage the effectiveness of the team.

Analysis & Findings

The mentor which consider for this assignment pertains to the Sales Department. Sales Department is the department which has a direct connection with the customers of the company and promotes leadership to manage the entire sales and distribution strategy of a corporation with a perfect mindset. There are number of professionals that specifically found in Disc to maintain a perfect team. The names of the team members are as follows


In order to make a perfect motivational plan, the mentor of the company should apply the below mentioned stances
Increase their Motivation and Satisfaction
Motivation is the driving force that has the ability to increase the entire function of the motivation for the people working in the company which will be using for their long term success and satisfaction. Intrinsic motivation is the types of motivation in which the managers are suppose to enhance the level of satisfaction of their employees through appreciations, positive feedbacks and applauses. As a mentor, it is essential to motivate the team members with positive feedbacks and appreciations. Appreciates them, their working and devotion for the company to become powerful in the future will be an essential strategy that should be used by corporation. Extrinsic motivation on the other hand is a type of motivation in which the employees are required to have perks, bonuses and competitive salaries to satisfy their needs. It needs to be a type of motivation that has a direct association with the acceleration of an entity. The mentor is advised is to paddling up the satisfaction element of team members through the extrinsic rewards. Compelling the team members to give their cent percent efforts for the execution of task is the most important behavior of a mentor, and they can initiate the same by offering high amount of extrinsic rewards.
It is advised to the mentor to set the compensation according to the designation, education and work experience of the professional. Apart from that, the department should start commission based perks and bonuses to those individuals who are giving their hundred percent efforts and dedication to perform their duties in a best possible manner. By analyzing this strategy, the entity not only enhances the core level of confidence and satisfaction of the workforce, but also improves the performance of the companies in a perfect manner. It will be very effective for the company to manage their team of professionals with the help of these particular motivational skills.

Strengthen the Performance Evaluation Function

Monitoring of performance valuation and performance appraisal is powerful for a company to gain competitiveness in an industry, as it is one of those initiations through which an organization can monitor the performance of their employees in a perfect manner. The companies should have transparency in their performance appraisal method and performance evaluation function. Through the utilization of this strategy, the mentor can analyze the performance of their team member and try their level best to increase the level of their attentiveness. The performance evaluation technique and function of the company is extremely powerful and focused, and the mentor should apply it on their function. The mentor should not promote any type of favoritism within the premises of their team management merely to have lots of satisfaction in the future.

Increasing the level of Communication

Communication is the most productive and effective strategy that use by an organization to increase their effectiveness in the market. Communication is also important to enhance the level of functionality and effectiveness in the departmental levels as well. The companies which have a positive well being towards enhancing the level of communication are comparatively interactive and worthwhile comparing with the organizations which do not have any sufficient space available for their communication.
In this scenario, mentor has ladder the level of communication between their key employees and the immediate management of the entity. It is required the company implement the approach of management bi objectives (MBO) on their functionality and operations to manage their effectiveness in the market. Through the MBO approach, the company gives a chance to their key employees to give their valuable decision for the decision making stance to increase their level of satisfaction. MBO approach makes the employees of the company able to furnish their problems and issues to the immediate management to make sufficient rooms for their effectiveness. If the mentor applied the same approach on its scenario, then it will be very effective for them to enhance their functionality in a positive manner. Increasing the level of intermingling and interaction found as a perfect strategy that used by the organizations in order to maintain a perfect tradeoff among employees and management, and it is also used to increase the workability of the team management of the company. Hence, the mentor can used and apply the relevance of the same on the company.


Managing the employees and their objectives is the most important function underlie within the operations of an organization, in fact every organization is in the core favor of increasing effectiveness in a positive manner. Motivation is the main driving force that used to accelerate the pace of their motivation appropriately. A perfect motivational plan is made to complete in this analysis, and it is found that from this motivational plan, the company maintain significance in their momentum of sales generation and employee’s management stance.

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