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An IT infrastructure consists of cables that connect to various end points via network switches. These infrastructures may go beyond a simple Local Area Network which merely consists of network switches to a Wide Area Network consisting of routers, in order to route packets to other destinations through the border router via the public network infrastructure. An infrastructure supports a computer network, which is defined as a distributed system where computers are connected (Joseph 1).

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The network diagram shows various endpoints that are connected by single mode fiber optic cables each connecting several administrative units to a central data center acting as a central point where network data terminates, and data exchanges occur. A data center is used to house applications in hardware compartments independently from a computing facility (Barroso, Clidras and Holzle 2). The various units connect to the data center via single mode fiber optic cables that facilitate faster data transmission from the branch houses to the data center where information exchange occurs.

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The diagram consists of eight major housing units that house Cisco 2960 series edge switches that are connected to various ports. The seven major housing units are further connected to the central canteen and the recreational building, being connected to the data center.
The other substations, including the security gate are also connected to the central canteen, into the Cisco 2960 series edge switch that helps in connecting the network. The central canteen is also connected by a single mode fiber optic cable that transmits data to the data center. On the other hand, there is another Cisco 2960 series model at the security entrance that connects the IP camera to the central canteen via a single mode fiber optic cable.

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The diagram is heavily supported by single mode fiber optic cables with part of the infrastructure from the bachelor house to the recreation block, canteen block and the laundry block using UTP cables. The fiber is terminated at the switches, connecting to the different buildings including the IT room and the data center.

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The main connecting medium is the fiber optic cable. The cables run from building to building, with each terminating at the Cisco 2960 edge switches, which then distribute network to different sections via the network ports. At the center is a termination point of all cables where all points are terminated at the central connection connecting the area to the data center.
Each single building is connected to a single mode fiber link, except for the single and double blocks as well as the canteen that connect each other using a CAT6 UTP cable. The central point is a switching area with two fiber cables connecting to the data center.

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The diagram shows connections made using CAT 6 UTP, single mode fiber cables and a Wide Area Network point to point connection. In the Wide Area Network link connections, the Units are connected to the single point, enabled by a PSTN 2911 series router configured at each end of the connecting links.
The other connections that link the B.house, recreation block, canteen block, laundry block, accommodation and accommodation 2 blocks, are via CAT 6 UTP cables, with the exception of both the accommodations houses that are linked to the IT room via single mode fiber optic cables. At each block, there is a connection via UTP cables as well as other points of connection that are linked to network ports that connect computers to a central point in the IT room.

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The diagram consists of large network distribution with Cisco 2960 series edge switches each connecting various points via the existing data points. There are six UTP connections that connect to the Cisco 2960 series edge switches to various network outlets. At locations G and F, there are four Cisco 2960 series edge switches, which are connected to using CAT 6 UTP cables, and on the other hand connect to the mainstream data conduits via the single mode fiber optic cable. Closely located, are eighteen distribution points with two Cisco 2960 series edge switches each with data points. The Cisco 2960 series edge switches connect to the main intermediate distribution point using the single mode fiber optic cable. The intermediate distribution center is networked using one Cisco 2960 series switch and two Cisco 3750 series switch, which gives points for connecting the networks from locations E, D, F, G and the other 18 distribution areas. The fiber optic cables are connected together with distribution junctions at various locations where hand holes are sunk in order to protect the cables.

The poultry main office houses the MDF switching board, which controls and helps in routing calls to other administrative units.

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The main data communication medium is the single mode fiber optic cable. The twenty other units connect to the main fiber medium through data points that are wired to the Cisco 2960 series edge switches, located at each location. Each location houses a network cabinet that is used to secure the switches. The Cisco 2960 series edge switches are then connected to a central location with 120 points through a single-mode fiber optic cable. Towards the entry points, are IP camera's, connected to a the Cisco 2960 series port, which connects to a fiber cable that routes real-times images as captured to the central location. The central location is the main point that houses data ports that assist in effective management.

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This consists of the main powerhouse, internet termination point for the service provider and other four plants. The office network is connected to a Cisco 2911 series border router that connects the internal network to the outside network. Between the office network, and the automation Ethernet network is an Intel firewall, with a firewall defined as an appliance that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic based on some pre-configured network traffic rules ("Firewall").
At the powerhouse, there is the termination point for mains electricity which supplies power in the whole farm, and also a standby 200 KVA Cat generator that supplies power in the farm in instances of power interruption.

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