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In the today’s world, many people have adopted the use of electricity and magnetism in the different field of the daily lives. However, the advancement in the technology has also contributed to the growth in the application of the magnets and electricity in the transportation sector. For this reason, many physicians should conduct adequate research to help in the development of the transport sector. Additionally, they would also help to reduce the air pollution that comes from the emission of the gases from the fuels that the cars use. Consequently, the adoption of the electricity and magnetism in the transport sector would make transportation easier and faster.
Nonetheless, transport has adopted the use of electricity in the transportation means. For instance, the scientists developed the use of the electric trains that used the electric power for movement. In addition, the electric trains were faster as compared to the rest, which used the fuels (Jamasb, Nuttall & Pollitt, 2006). Therefore, it made it possible for the movement of people and goods from one place to another. As a result, it served as a relief to many farmers because they could transport their farm produce to the markets in time, thereby avoiding perishability that led to financial losses. The use of the electric trains also helped to ease the congestion on the roads because it proved the reliability of the trains.
On the other hand, the scientists have incorporated the electricity into the transport sector through the use of the ultra-capacitors. The electric cars use the ultra-capacitors on behalf of the batteries. Therefore, they lead to the efficacy of the transportation system because, in most cases, the batteries tend to disappoint the drivers when the car stops. For this reason, the ultra-capacitors can easily recharge themselves without necessarily having to outsource for another power source for recharging (Jamasb, Nuttall & Pollitt, 2006). The development of the ultra-capacitors could also help in the reduction of the carjacking and robbing, which mostly occurs when a car breaks down. Additionally, their lighter weight acts as an added advantage to the cars because they also move faster thereby saving much time, which is used in more productive areas to help in the improvement of the living standards. Nonetheless, most car manufacturers should adopt the use of the ultra-capacitors because they store more energy as compared to the car batteries that use the acid.
Nevertheless, many countries also adopted the use of the electricity to light up the streets. As a result, it led to a reduction in the number of accidents that occur due to the invisibility. The street lights use electricity in the transmission of the light. Therefore, electricity has enabled, especially many urban centers to conduct their businesses any time because due to the elimination of the transport challenge where many drivers fear driving in the dark. It also reduced the high rates of carjacking because thieves also fear that the law enforcers would clearly identify the in the lights (Jamasb, Nuttall & Pollitt, 2006). Therefore, the lighting in many streets contributes to the economic growth of the economy. Therefore, it eliminates the movement restrictions that discourage the businessmen from undertaking their daily activities with the fear of getting to the preferred destinations.
However, electricity also enabled the use of the traffic lights that direct the drivers on when to move on or when to stop. As a result, it has helped bring sanity on our roads because the security lights direct the drivers on their behavior when on the roads. Therefore, it has led to a reduction in the number of road accidents that occur due to collisions at roundabouts or major highways. As a result, the traffic lights have led to a reduction in the government expenditures arising from paying the traffic police, who control the movement of the vehicles. In addition, they have reduced the number of the corruption cases that arise from bribes given to the police by the traffic rules offenders. Therefore, electricity has enabled all this, because of the application in the traffic lights.
Nonetheless, people could also use electricity in the vehicles because it provides a variety of choices from where the consumers could choose. As a result, it does not limit the consumers of the specific sources thereby making it more effective as opposed to the vehicles that use the fuel. Therefore, people could source electricity from; wind, water, sun, and fossils. Therefore, the sources make it easily available at cheaper prices due to the competition emanating from the many electricity sources (Jamasb, Nuttall & Pollitt, 2006). As a result, electricity helps to reduce overreliance on oil importation from the countries that do not produce the oils and fuels. Consequently, it leads to an upsurge in a country’s economic growth due to a reduction in the imports.
Consequently, the use of electricity in the communications sector has helped in the improvement of the road safety. It is because many people easily communicate in case of emergencies leading a quicker response to most of the accident casualties. Therefore, the first aiders save many lives resulting from the accidents. However, without the use of the electric communication, tile lapse could occur resulting in more casualties due to the amount of time consumed when communicating through other means. It also made it easy for the relevant authorities to monitor the roads at different places.
In addition, scientists have developed some magnetic powered vehicles with the help of the different designs, for instance, the Spiral Wankel Magnetic Motor. The cars also use the magnets to ease transportation due to the speed associated with it. As a result, it makes transportation effective because it does not pollute the environment hence user and environment-friendly. Additionally, people also associated it with greater speeds thereby saving a lot of time that the fuel vehicles consume due to the slow speed.
Therefore, with the use of the magnetic fields, scientists have used the knowledge to drift up the trucks on the trains thereby propelling it forward. Additionally, it makes the transportation cheaper because it does not involve many expenses. Alternatively, it provides alternative transportation means thereby reducing the congestion on the roads. People should note that congestion and the traffic on the roads delays a country’s development due to the underutilization of the resources (Kenyon, 2008). Nonetheless, when the physicians merge both the electricity and the magnets, they enable the vehicles to move faster. On the other hand, they do not pollute the environment thus a decline in the destruction of the ozone layer that leads to the skin cancer disease.
However, the cars use different magnets to help put the cars in motion. Nonetheless, the physicians well applied the knowledge of the like poles repel each other, and unlike poles attract each other. Therefore, it helped arrange the magnets in a way that they attract each other to trigger the motion. However, the magnets commonly used include; the support magnet and the guidance magnet thereby creating an electromagnetic field. Additionally, the use of the magnets evolved in the development of the MAGLEV trains that incorporate the use of the magnets in the movement.
Nevertheless, the magnets are also used in compasses, which most drivers use to find the location of the different places that one could not trace well. For this reason, magnets have made transportation easy because it becomes very hard for one to lose track of the direction with the help of a compass. In addition, the accident support services could reach the casualties with ease with the help of a compass (Kenyon, 2008). Therefore, compasses used in the transport sector have made the movement of goods to diverse places. It has also increased the urge in people to explore more due to the availability of the compasses hat use the magnets in the location of he places.
Conversely, the scientists have also used the horns in making of the car horns. The car horns are essential because the drivers could use them to convey a message to the fellow drivers, the passengers or the pedestrians thereby eradicating chances of accidents. The sounds of the car horn spring from the vibration brought about by the magnets. Therefore, when a driver presses the horn button, an iron bar conveys the message with the help of the electromagnets thereby making the noise (Kenyon, 2008). The uses of horns have improved the transport system due to the efficacy and warning of an impending danger. As a result, the roads experience fewer casualties because most people tend to move away from a moving vehicle with the sound of a horn thereby evading the danger.
Alternatively, the vehicles could also combine the use of the electricity and the magnets thereby making them more reliable in terms of the effectiveness and the speed. As a result, the incorporation of both the electricity and the magnets compliment the transport sector because they make transportation easier. They could also help in the reduction of the transportation costs due to the availability of the materials required and the time that people save when travelling. As a result, it improves the people’s living standards because people could indulge in many different generating activities on a single day due to time-saving in the transport sector.
On the other hand, people could also develop and adopt the magnetic slot cars to aid transportation. As a result, the elevation of the cars with the help of the magnets helps to increase the drivers’ visibility. Additionally, it makes it possible for the vehicles to maneuver through town thereby increasing the transport accessibility (Kenyon, 2008). However, the incorporation of a new magnetic alloy aided in strengthening the magnets, which the heat from the electric cars could easily weaken. Therefore, the alloy magnet increased the durability of the services provided in the transport sector thereby making them reliable.
In summation, different countries should adopt the use of electricity and magnets in the transport sector due to the advantages associated with it. For instance, people should embrace it because it has more effect on the air pollution thereby minimizes many diseases brought about by contamination in the air. Additionally, they also help to propel a country’s growth forward because people use less time when travelling. Therefore, the governments and the relevant bodies should employ some resources in the transport sectors to help in the implementation of the uses of the electricity and the magnets in the roads.


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