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Dear Instructor,

Prepared and submitted for your consideration is a recommendation report to for improve customer service at Comcast.
The first recommendation is to guarantee the timely delivery of orders for customers. When customers make orders, they expect that Comcast will deliver the products needed at the exact time promised. In line with the JIT philosophy, Comcast needs to harmonize its supply chain to meet customer demands within the specified timeframe.
The second recommendation is to ensure that items offered to customers are of high quality since customer satisfaction is inextricably linked to the amount utility that they derive when consuming the products. Many customers want to pay much attention to ensuring that the prices charged for Comcast’s package offerings truly reflect the value of service that customers derive from them.
The third recommendation is to maintain a constant of supply of services. Apart from fulfilling customer orders within the stipulated time, customers also expect Comcast will meet unanticipated demand when and if necessary. It means that Comcast will need to increase its capacity so that it can take advantage of unforeseen demand.
Fourth, Comcast will need to invest more funds in data security so that internet users can feel more protected while using the company’s servers. In a market where personal privacy is key, the company will have to increase its expenditure on research and development to develop novel ways of dealing with data privacy concerns among its customers; both current and potential.

The information used in this report was obtained from internet sources including journal articles, business posts, and scholarly reports.

Thank you for sparing some time to go through this report. The information contained in the report will be helpful in boosting quality service delivery at Comcast.

Executive Summary

Comcast is the leading entertainment, communication and information provider in the United States with its market share standing at 24 million cable customers. Comcast is ranked third largest company in the global economy with $31 billion annual revenue. However, not all is well with the nation’s is largest cable provider in its customer service due to numerous clients complaints received over the last 12 months (Diddlebock, 2008). Comcast’s poor customer service can be termed as detrimental to its performance. Technologies adopted should enhance the efficiency of the company in responding to its customers’ complaints. Citing from the past years as a reference point of such poor relation in the customers has prompted serious concerns of the strategic plan the company should employee to foster its customers’ complainant response team. Due to persistent a and the tarnished image of Comcast’s customers service the company is envisioning to triple its customer care teams as a strategic plan to solve the company's poor customer service issue. Survey after survey has been conducted with extensive and intensive reports on Comcast’s customer service and has been ranked as one of the worst in customer services. The paper indents to give persuasive recommendations on how Comcast can improve its customer’s service provision for its sustainability in the market. Comcast’s Vice President articulates the company is intention to use automation assets to channel more efficiently customers’ complaints by streamlining social media (Marcinzyk, 2010). The company intends to triple its social media team in the efforts of expanding Comcast customer complaints department in order to keep up with its growing consumer complaints.


Comcast Corporation was established in 1963 by its co-founder Robert J. Ralph with his business associates Julian Brodsky, Brian L. Robert, and Daniel Aaron. Comcast is the United States, based on entertainment, communication and information through the use of mass media (Diddlebock, 2008). It is one of the largest broadcasting companies in the United States with a market cable share estimates of $ 31 billion revenue making it as an economic hub in America. Primarily Comcast has both residential and commercial clients in the 40 states of the United States. The company’s headquarters is in Philadelphia. Initially, Comcast has experienced reputation in its customer service department with of 10,000 customer complaining about mistreatment at the hands of Comcast customer care teams (Diddlebock, 2008). Such huge number of complaints set the road map for Comcast to improve its marketing plan. Comcast unveiled its strategy to attempt and fix the problem through tripling its workforce to handle adequately or address the high number of customer complaints via the social media.
Comcast's Clients’ Complaints Department, according to its executives will reduce the current issue of customer complaints through addressing the complaints promptly. The number of the social team employees is to be increased from its current 20 team members to 60 social team members. The team will be charged to address the customers' complaints adequately in the long run of the business. Comcast intends to use social platforms such as Twitter and other social media to receive customers’ complaints and address or solve the issues rapidly.


Comcast is a global company that has ventured extensively in mass media and cable technology. However, it performed poorly in a recent survey ranking companies in terms of customer service delivery. The company has specialized primarily Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal (Diddlebock, 2008). Comcast Cable is the largest cable company dealing with the high-speed internet, videos o demand, and currently it’s has ventured into residential phone provider under the XFINITY brand. UBCUniversal is a component of Comcast which deals specifically with the mass media venture in sports, entertainment, and news. The cable networks division specializes in television production and station groups operations, universal pictures, the NBC, the NBC, resorts and universal parks.
Comcast enjoys a large market share in the United States. It serves its markets from various the geographical locations in the country. For instance, the change of, VPN in Michigan has prompted to numerous customer complaints of the internet failure. It departs differ in terms of demand and operations such that cable department’s demand is not the same as compared to its ISP department that has a relatively high demand. Recently there are over 10,000 customers who allegedly been mistreated with the company’s customer service professional. Due to the large numbers of the reported case the organization has be ranked as poorest in customer service in the United States. Based that Comcast is the leading cable corporation in the nation and the apparent plan of the CEO to purchase the Time Warner Cable, a number of issues arise with its customer treatment. The paper, therefore, sought to seek the current trends of the company and make recommendations on the company’s future strategy to enhance better customer service.


This report seeks to address the customers’ service improvement to enhance Comcast Corporation in addressing its customer’s complaints. The paper will adequately discuss the strategic plan for the company executives of hiring more social media workforce in the intention of better service delivery. Other proposed strategies such the as the use of automated assets or devices will also be outlined and their effectiveness. The partnership of CISCO in the efforts of improving its customer service will be effectively discussed. The paper will give possible recommendations that Comcast should take into consideration for implementation to improve customer service in its operations.
The paper will use the anecdotal evidence produced in the recent past to seek an effective remedy to protect its clients. As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reviews Comcast’s proposed $40 million Timer Warner cable’s merger, strategic plans should be implemented to address customer complaints (Comcast’s shoddy customer service, n.d.). In any market-oriented company customers are important the most important part of such organization. With 24 million subscribers and if FCC approves the Timer Warner cable’s Comcast merger with its 15 million subscribers Comcast need more than recruiting the social media team. The paper indents to provide a framework of enhancing better service delivery in a timely manner as a strategy for reducing customers’ complaints. The fact of the matter is, if Comcast enhances customer satisfaction, the one million complaints received daily will considerably reduce gradually. Thus, there will be no need of adding its social media team as the customers will be happy with the corporation’s services in the United States. Therefore, the study will effectively articulate recommendations and strategies that if implemented Comcast customers’ complaints will drastically reduce and, thus, improve its customer service.


Citing with Tom Karinshak’s remarks “with a bigger team, the company will be in a position to support customer on more platforms and respond faster to their complaints.” Karinshak who is the VP of Comcast customer services talks after the company unveiled its strategy to fix the poor customer service. The practicality of the strategy does not promise that Comcast will increase customers’ efficiency by just adding 40 more ‘social care specialist.’ However, better strategies such as the use of new toolkits with its new ‘Grand Slam’ software and perhaps more dictated teams from the technical teams to social teams will increase customer service of Comcast. As the customers tends to be dissatisfied, the use of ‘symbol’ device that will effectively provide technicians with scheduled to meet customer needs with the help of Grand Slam software (Migration migraines, 2002).


The paper assumed that Comcast’s customer service personnel is professional, and the poor responses reported is due to pressure from multiple clients complaints. Receiving over one million in a day by only 20 customer care specialists can be challenging and cumbersome in resolving effectively all such customer issues. The paper also assumed that the technical team was not critical in delivering their duties and customers need adequately due to large geographical area of over 40 states in the United States. Based on the columnist John Kass on the employees’ dismissal and ways firms can manage its clients service professionals were taken to credible (Diddlebock, 2008).


Increasing the customers service specialists would not easy or solve the customers’ issues that Comcast is facing. Better service strategies should be implemented and sort to increase the customers’ service delivery rather than tripling the workforce. This report proposes that Comcast should take the following actions in order to enhance its customer service delivery:


The customer service delivery system of Comcast has immense room for improvement. A poor understanding and prediction of customer demand patterns can help in that regard. The service delivery system is inefficient, ineffective, and rather slow as demonstrated by the frequent cases of complaints by customers. Implementing the above-discussed suggestions can help to increase the efficiency of customer service significantly and subsequently generate more profits.
Source: Comcast Reports 4th Quarter and Year End 2014 Results (NASDAQ:CMCSA) in the Migration migraines (2002).
For the financial year ended December 31, 2014, customer relationships at Comcast rose by about 67 percent from 215000 in 2013 to 358000. Net losses for the video customers segment reduced to $ 194000 from $ 263000 reported the previous year. The high-speed internet customers’ category remained stable, recording only a marginal decrease of $ 19000 from the $ 1296000 realized in 2013. Voice customer additions remained positive although they declined significantly from $768000 to $ 470000. For yet another successive year, Comcast reported poor performance in the single product customers’ segment although it managed to reduce net losses from $ 593000 in 2013 to $ 343000 in 2014. In the same way, the performance of the triple product customers’ segment was unsatisfactory; reduced in profitability from $774000 in 2013 to $ 492000 in 2014. Overall, customer relationships of Comcast increased from 215000 in 2013 to 358000 in 2014.

Data Analysis

Figure 1: Billable Customer Revenue in $ ‘000’
Figure 1 above illustrates the proportion of billable customer revenues for the years ended December 31, 2013 and December 31, 2014. It reveals that revenues realized in 2014 improved as compared to 2013.


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