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Standard Life Group (Headquartered at Edinburgh, Scotland) is a global investment based FTSE100 company which is involved in such sectors as: Corporate pension, Investment management, benefits transactions and other joint ventures. It is currently flaunting a shareholder base of 1.3 million spread over 50 countries all over the world. Employees from diverse backgrounds and cultural heritage are a part of this respected company. It encompasses workers from Canada, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland, and mainland china. With approximately 8500 employees, standard life is a fast growing venture with potential and capability to structure economies. The company’s motto is to provide an efficient service out of the hand-picked employees. It retained all its former workers just before initiating a new and modified concept of recruiting and development. It has invested in Oracle Human Capital Management institutions as a follow up to its initial goals ('Human Resource Management'). Its main motive is to prioritize strategic business ideas and thus implementing cost effective solutions. The company also paved the way for a new recruitment and development software named Oracle cloud-based talent management to exemplify the next generation of employees from every possible region all over the globe. The annual savings of the company are a staggering 5.2 million per annum due to its rate of investment percentage being 32% along a span of five years. It has invested in Oracle HR solutions which develops the company’s HR scenario and strategizes it to entrust its employees according to the long term goals and specific needs of the business. Standard Life Group has mainly decided to invest in new technology as the edge technology would certainly help to improve the working capability of the employees and it will also bring out possibly the best from the people of the corporation. Using a new technology like Oracle Talent Management Cloud will definitely add much more than the present at the management prospective. A certain strategy to grow the company for future prospective is taken under consideration and by enforcing the Oracle Talent Management Cloud solution as the core talent and using it in the performance management sector will definitely help for the cause of the company to get the maximum output.
Important Employee notification: Standard Life group is privileged to unveil its new HR development and Training oriented software ‘Oracle HR solutions’ which promises an advanced employee-employer relationship management program. It is a skillful endeavor which will improve the employee’s vision towards an efficient working image, ruling out the problematic portions of work-based environment and replacing it with a modified and performance based solution (Mathis and Jackson). The HR scenario of the company is set to get a rigorous makeover which will promote a long-lasting bond between its business and workers. Consumer Satisfaction being the top priority, Oracle has been designed as simple yet revolutionary software facilitating a smooth user interface which will be a boon to the company. The positive feedbacks would be taken as an incentive and the negative feedbacks would be solved right-away with a productive assessment based program. The current HR faculty will benefit hugely from this technology thus creating the next generation of smart employees with further developed skill set and know-how. This software is on a trial run (beta testing) so as to provide a taste of the upcoming HR revolution. Every individual will be treated as an essential part of the company’s goals, keeping in mind the aims and mottos of the company. We say ‘Keep up the inter-action’ as our software’s byword thus motivating the employees and emphasizing the ultimate aim of the program. With experienced elder employees and the young generation fresher’s we are on the verge of creating a firm that will be accustomed and ready to face the future market.
As the HR manager I have laid down an efficient and worker friendly training plan to get the employees used to the new software (Milani). This Training Plan is hassle free and will take an only a small span of time to prepare the workers for using the software effortlessly.

Training Plan:

Log in to Oracle HR solutions present on the respective desktops.
Fill up all the needed information along with the preferences you would like to work with.
Let Oracle process the information and provide if any other relevant information needed.
Oracle will create a personalized account for every employee logged in to the system.
With personalized accounts, every employee could access required fields of information. Thus helping every employee grow smarter at their own speed.
Oracle prepares the employees to achieve their maximum potential. Developed employees ensure the growth of the company, and to discover new possibilities.
Oracle is under beta testing at Standard Life group, and so far it has proven to be helpful software. But as every other new technology this would improve with the feedbacks of the users. As soon as the beta testing is done it’ll be clear that if or if not this software is reliable, and what more add-ons could be included in the first alpha version. Oracle is mainly concentrated at the improvement and development of Standard Life group’s employees. Oracle isn’t a labyrinthine software, it’s quite user –friendly and plain. Although there are possibilities of elder employees not being able to maneuver through this technology (Mondy, Noe and Gowan). This would mean the company might have to choose between the experienced and the next generation. Both experience and youth are essential to the company; this might cause a difficult situation. Additionally for the performance prospective a new type of technology will certainly take a minimum time to be accustomed with all the employees. For smooth run of the technology the organization has to give its employees a time to cope with the technology. Besides, the maintenance of the software will be a very vital prospective. The corporation has to make sure that security related to the system can be maintained in a proper way.
Standard Life group is a well reputed company especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. So, the employees are always encouraged to interact more with customers and provide them with a satisfactory experience and to be trustworthy to them. The company has introduced Oracle to try and enhance the efficiency of their employees. So, in order to motivate the employees one has to first create awareness between the employees. Every employee should be encouraged to use oracle, and thereafter should be given free time to improve themselves. The employees using Oracle and developing should be given incentives and new workers should be trained to be accustomed to this technology. This will inspire the employees to exceed and will allow them to reach their maximum capacity. The employees improving faster should be promoted thus creating the effect of healthy competitiveness among the workers, which would result as a moral boost to all of them. Additionally the new user friendly technology will definitely make the procedure easy to the employee about the need of the customers. That will certainly add new dimensions to the relationship sector with the customers ('Software Product Management'). In this way the working load of the employees will certainly cut off to some extent and the motivation of doing work in a user friendly software will add a definite advantage to the employees. By understanding the newer technology employees will improve their performance and that will certainly help for the company’s progress as well.

Provider: CAPTERRA - Performance Appraisal Software: People-Goal

A known cloud based employee-performance management service which enhances Performance Management with respect to customer business and thus maintaining a balanced workload creating a highly efficient return for the trust put upon it. The solution facilitates an owner to reach their individual business objective along with the company’s long term target.Strengths:

A free trial period ensuring a review before long term usage.

They provide web support services around-the-clock.
Founded in 2013 this software is never low on innovating add-ons and benefits.
You can track the history of previous appraisals.
The feedback is instant and boasts 360 degree flexibility.Benefits:
The Company’s goals and objectives are always on the priority list.
It provides Peer appraisals thus evaluating the whole firm as whole by interdependence.
Reduces Time needed to complete the work at hand.Weaknesses:
There is no compensation management which puts the firm at a considerable undermined risk.
Overall it is actually an amazing software but it is slow in reassessing the targets based on firm history.A thorough review of this software provides us with an overview that it is a compatible tool in such a tech-savvy and competitive environment with software’s galore to choose from.

Provider: Software Advice - Human resources software: Ascentis

Ascentis is cost reducing, complete human capital management (HCM) suit. This is software is known for its ability to enhance productivity. Ascentis comes with a variety of integrated features. This helps users to have an enriched and simple user-friendly experience. It is also make the life of the user easier as it saves important time for the user. Additionally the guidelines provided by the software are also very easy to follow for the users.


It is very user friendly. It guides users through the whole process via step by step operation management. Making the work near perfect every time.
All reports are automatically done by this software. Manual reporting is hardly necessary.

It’s very useful and efficient software, always positive feedbacks.

Customer support is always active and present at the time of need.
Always innovating and evolving, this software is getting famous among the other software’s equivalent to it.
It has a bit of an outdated look.
Although regularly updated, the software still contains some glitches.
The reporting and setting up process is a bit complicated at first.
The software’s adaptability is low in comparison to others.
It has slow response time.The ease of use of this software attracts companies all over. The quality assurance is commendable and there are no design flaws thus making it convenient and usable with an iPad as well as PC’s. There are no recommended reviews for such a near perfected product delivery and a qualitative assessment guarantees the product’s genuine features. Overall the comparison between these two products puts us in a judging position but it’s hard to reach a decision such a cut-throat competitive atmosphere booming with the best software applications available in the recent market.. Thus this software provides an overall boost to the company’s HR faculty optimizing the provided tools to satisfy the consumers. Such software’s are a boon to the company which bridges the gap between the consumers and the company. The efficiency rates of the workers are considerably improved by such software’s which modify the working experience and provide a satisfactory result. If the market was devoid of these software’s it would drastically affect the company’s time management ratio and complicate the expected results. Thus it is highly recommended to customize a company’s toolkit with such worker-friendly software’s ('Software Project Management'). Conclusively this type of technically sound software can add new dimensions for a company’s working capabilities by saving money and time both. This type of efficient software also helps to grow a corporation by enforcing added advantages to its employees and that will bring out the best working efficiency from the workers of the corporation. Hopefully in future the company will invest in more and more this type of technology for the well being of the corporation.


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