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What it means to be moral consists of always doing the right thing when the situation calls for it, an example of this is when a person has a chance to lie to someone important to them about something and they choose to tell the truth. Being moral means that a person always exercises the right ethical behavior when it comes to a situation that challenges them to go the other way, an example of this is when an elderly lady drops her pocketbook with hundreds of dollars in it and the person happens to see that pocketbook then returns it to her despite the fact that the person could have just clearly took the pocketbook. It can be argued that being moral solely depends on what people are brought up to believe that is right or wrong, a person’s belief system can be a dividing factor between what a person believes is right or wrong. For example, one person may consider the moral decision to apologize for accidentally running over a friend’s hand while helping them work on their car. Immoral is when a person does every dishonest thing in the book despite the common sense they have to not do it, an example of this is when a child continues to lie to their parents over and over again because it is easier than telling the truth. Doing bad things like telling lies, stealing, murdering and acting disorderly to get things illegally or cause problems for everyone or someone. As far as what’s moral and immoral, who says so; we do. We say what is right and wrong, moral and immoral because these are things that people, no matter how they were raised, should know. If a person throws a brick at an ex-partner’s house out of anger and spite then later acknowledge that it was an immoral thing to do because they were angry, people are capable of knowing that they did something wrong. If a person takes a bullet in the arm for a loved one, that can be acknowledged as moral because they did the right thing especially if that loved one is already on the brink of death such as dying from a terminal disease. It can be argued that karma has a big hat to throw into this ring as well so to speak.
I do indeed believe that there is a spiritual realm to which all things non-physical is attributed, there is no absolute realm called Heaven that awaits those upon death but there is a spiritual realm where people are able to find their own kind of peace after life on earth has ended. There is no actual emotional, physical and intellectual realm; all of these are in the mind of the person that believes they exist. The realm that I attribute the most importance to is the spiritual because people have a right to have a peaceful afterlife when they die and the spiritual realm should be in place for just that purpose, I put so much belief in the spiritual realm because I believe that it is an actual place where people actually find their way or where they are supposed to go next after spending a little bit of time there. There is no Heaven as I previously stated because it would be a place where only some people got to spend their eternity if they did everything they were supposed to, the spiritual realm grades people on their sense of self as well as a repose for a time until they were ready to leave again. A person can be moral and not believe in God because I always believed that a person does not need an external voice, let alone one that does not exist, telling them what to do as well as how to live. The concept of God does not dictate how a person perceives right and wrong, a person is perfectly capable of being moral without the so-called guiding hand of “God”. Some people believe that acknowledging the concept of God will ensure that they get into heaven or whatever they are being raised to believe, they also believe that “God” tells them when something is right and when it is wrong; man is not capable of making such a deduction. Anyone can be moral without the hand of “God” to guide them because most people have the good fortune of being taught such things from their parents and grandparents, the older generation was born with the values as well as a sense of right and wrong. The concept of God exists for one reason only that is to remind people of how things were managed back during the days of old and that alone.
Being a rationalist is ideal in the world we live in because there are people that we care about that needs to be considered in certain times, an example of this is when a person has extra money to spend and they are asking everyone where they want to go to spend it instead of the person with the money making the decision for them. This is another example of being morally just because of the fact that thinking of people around you means you’re capable of thinking about the larger picture or those in it, it is not easy to always do the right thing or be rational enough to do the right thing because there are times when just doing something and caring not about the outcome is good enough to get a person through the day. Another example of this is not letting your emotions flare up to the point where they cause problems for you later on, an example of this is when you’re being accused of talking about someone who you would not give the time of day despite their accusations. Being a communitarian is one of the best way to live morally because it is something that not a lot of people believe in, caring about yourself is one thing but caring about the community to take active steps in it to make things better for it is the very definition of moral. Thinking of others is a guaranteed way in the regard that people will think about you when the time comes, it is all due to karma. For example, a child finds a 10 dollar bill on the ground and decides that instead of spending it, the child gives the money to one of the parents. In my opinion, thinking of others is a surefire way that you will get the same treatment from someone else later on because living morally right will guarantee that you will always have good luck and have good things happen to you. It is foolhardy to believe that everything is being influenced by some higher heavenly power that is making all of the calls and blessing people when just the opposite is true. My belief is that a person gains blessings by thinking of others and being a rationalist which can be argued practically brands a person humanitarian status, most rationalists are this.
Morality is completely objective because I believe that everyone was born with the concept of following their heart which guides them to their beliefs, an example of this is when a person lives by the moral code to help everyone in need no matter who they are whether it is an elderly lady that no one likes or a family member. There are some people who objectively live by the moral code that they look out for no one but themselves because it is easier than looking out for other people which, they believe, can be a headache and stressful. Morality is completely objective because people get to choose how they live morally, the object of my morality is to live right and help those I can when I am able, never tell a lie about anything, always do the right thing even if it means that it could hurt someone in the end or you; doing the right thing is what guides my morality. I avoid the dogmatism and absolutism by not abusing my sense of morality which is very easy to do when you’re living right and someone else is too but not quite right, keeping your eyes on your own moral compass is a big part of living right. Can morality be subjective, sure it can and the reason why is because people have their own ideas about what is moral and what is not. Each person’s reasons are subjective to them alone which means that a person can say that they are doing the right thing because it interests them alone and not doing it for anyone else’s benefit. To them, living by their own moral code alone is more than enough reason for them to live; they do it to satisfy themselves and no one else. People cannot expect other people to be moral or to live the life because no matter what, it is not possible for everyone to live morally or live right. It is something that people have to be taught, it is not expected of everyone because people are raised and brought up differently. The idea that “morals are the driving force behind people’s lives is absolute” was documented (Nash, 2002, p.82). I avoid the over-indulgence of the perpetual black holes of moral relativism by always keeping in mind how much is too much when it comes to living right.
I feel all moral actions and standards should be universal because there are way too many people who are getting killed or dying for no apparent reason, never mind the fact that some people were not raised to think or act morally. Everyone should be held to the same moral standard because it just seems like only a few people are not aware of the fact that the way they act is everything but moral, people being held to a moral standard might make the world a better place in the aspect that people will not feel as compelled to do bad things that often or at all. For example, if people were brought up in a loving household and taught that it is wrong to beat up people or bully them for things then they might not be as willing and able to do it because they were raised with morals as well as taught that right is right and wrong is wrong. Another example is when a person is being bullied and someone steps in to defends them, that “someone” is the epitome of morals because they are doing the right thing by stepping in and helping someone who cannot help themselves or afraid to help themselves. All moral standards should be universal because there are still people in the world who are living lives of anger, greed, hatred and irresponsibility; people who are looking for their next big score or their next victim because of some inadequacy they have to deal with. It can be argued that everyone is held to a universal moral standard, it is called karma. As I previously mentioned, everyone has a piper to pay if they do something wrong or when they do something right. Ironically, people usually expect good things to happen to them when they do good things but it could be days even months before they “see” that reward. The way I see it, if a person does good things then they will get good things in return, a person’s moral code is the reason why they are so deserving of their karmic reward because they are doing what they have been taught to do which is do the right thing. Holding everyone to the same moral code and standard is ideal because it would force people to do the right thing when they do not want to, again, the world would be a better place.
It can be argued that men and women approach moral dilemmas differently in theory, but I do not think so. The reason why is because if it came down to it, both parties would rather lie about something or beat around the bush instead of telling the truth out of fear of hurting that person’s feelings or getting on that person’s bad side. For example, two women visit a local Walmart to try on dress shoes and one of the women have a foot that is a little bigger than a size five. So, the woman with the size 8 foot is yelling at the shoe salesman about not knowing what he is doing and the slender woman defends her friend out of fear of the fact that if she agrees with the shoe salesman then she will have earned her friend’s wrath. The issue here is denial, the slender woman is telling her big friend that she is still slender and beautiful instead of telling her the truth about herself. Both groups have a habit of trying to approach truthful matters of the heart in this fashion and in the end, they cause more problems than they solve. Women do take more of a caring ethic on some things, they are born empathizers which drives people to take full advantage of them because of their sensibility. Men base ethic on principle because it is the law of the land, it is how they were raised and how they were treated. For example, some men in the world believe that getting revenge is not based on proving a point or even to make the other guy suffer, it is based on principle that if a person slights you then you do the same to them in return. Ethically, a man believes that he has every right to repay a person based on a good or bad deed because it is the law. Principle and caring ethic is not based on gender neutral impulse because some men and women could switch those roles at any time. For example, a woman gets robbed by a man three times her size and letting it go would be in the woman’s best interest but letting it go goes against her principles. So, she gets even with the guy no matter what the cost and the end result is that he fully pays for what he did to her; it is more about inner peace. No one wants to be walked all over, and principle-driven revenge is just.


Nash, R. (2002). Second Language: Moral Character. In Real World Ethics (2nd ed., Vol. 1, pp. 82-83). Amsterdam Avenue: Teachers College Press.

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