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Brand identity is the term used by the brand managements in order to categorize the brand and products. Brand identity evaluates the recognition manner among the customer. A brand identity is developed on the basis of facts which an organization wants its customers to perceive. Therefore, the brand identity has to be constructed very wisely as it becomes the representation of a brand. The brand identity and brand image which is the result of customer perception regarding the brand, go hand in hand. In order to form a good brand image among the customers, the brand identity must be communicated adequately and profoundly. Subsequently, the customer is well-known about the brand features (Nandan, 2005).
Relationship exists between the customer and the brand, customer and the product, and the customer and the organization. This relationship is an important factor which let the customer develop a better perspective (McAlexander et al., 2002). The brand is identified by the logo, shape, color,, etc.. and Google has maintained the logo and selected the color which is eye catching. Furthermore, Google has not subtyped its name for its products such as YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail. It is quite important to brand the products with a difference in its name in order to gain the value of the product in the customers’ minds. Moreover, the logo, color is not change with time in case of Google. Therefore, the identity has been prevailed in the minds of the customer. If the logo gets changed, it causes confusion for the customer and the brand loses its value among the customer. Maintaining the characteristics of the brand can enable the brand qualities to be communicated and transferred to the customers, and the organization can regulate the customer perceptions.
Google has made its brand identity by using the necessary branding rules with extensive creativity. The brand identity of searching is on top of the people since people now-a-days use the term ‘Google it’ for any inquiry about searching something.
In addition to these, the storytelling through an advertisement is an efficient mean of communicating the message from an organization regarding the brand to the customers. This storytelling ability of a brand can help in the creation of a better brand image as the visual brand identity can be accepted by the customers with more efficacies. Google has developed its story for branding its products with a keen knowledge of controlling the customer mind. The customer can relate to the story telling and can be convinced by the message given. Analyzing Google brand identity in terms of storytelling and messaging is quite unique. Google has been the most used search engine along with the fame of its other products. Google has developed its brand identity among the customers very well. The storytelling brand identity utilizes the media for promotion of its advertisements. The story in these advertisements is designed to capture the customers’ attention and convey a message to the customers. This message is related to any characteristics pertaining to Google or its products. The message of reunion prevails in one of the storytelling devised by Google in which a granddaughter searches his grandfather’s friend by using the search characteristic of Google. The story revolves around the search of granddaughter in which the granddaughter finds the person through the minor details provided by her grandfather in a conversation. This displays the capability of Google to extract out the search related to the minor details gives the customer an outlook that anything can be searched out from this search engine. Google has designed some other commercials to communicate the benefit of chrome cast to all age groups and different interest of people. The storytelling attribute of Google makes the brand image in a customer’s mind very clear by describing the advantage of using chrome cast. The story illustrated the facts that via using chrome cast, a different view of stuff can be enjoyed which an individual wants to watch. From a kid who wants to enjoy the favorite cartoon which are available online only to the sports lovers who want to rejoice their favorite scenes and want to catch them again. The story described in the advertisement includes the interest of persons in sports who visits another Google product which is YouTube in order to search their favorite scenes. Hence, by using chrome cast those scenes can be enjoyed on big screens. Moreover, the ad included the promotion of YouTube as well. Subsequently, the message was communicated to the customers to entertaining them with the big screen fun by connecting their iPad and its searches regarding the videos with their large screened TV.
Furthermore, the storytelling of the Google encloses the extensive advantages of Google App. various commercials are devised which provides a picture to the customer about inquiring anything and anywhere from the Google App. The questions can be the weather related, location or pertaining to minor things such as learning to train the pets. The benefits of Google App are better understood through the storytelling characteristics of Google, which provides the efficacy of this product. Subsequently, Google conveys the message of being able to grant any kind of knowledge to the customers through the handy devices by installing one of its products.
Google promotes the search engine by portraying a story comprising of searches made all over the year 2014. Such a story depicts the interest of people in carrying out the searches using the same search engine. Moreover, the story is made attentive and attractive by comparing and contrasting the searches. For instance, it displayed that hope was searched more than fear and science over fiction. The interesting way, of developing the story, would drive people to watch it and spread it. Since, people never spread anything on the demand of media to spread. In fact, people spread the material which they find interesting and unique (Jenkins et al., 2013). Therefore, constructing the story and messages as per the interest of people aids its spread consequently, the brand identity is expanded, and Google and its products become known. Google has become the fast searching tool since, anything can be looked upon within two seconds. In this way, Google has developed its hold over the internet. Moreover, in order to spread out its hold over web users and the internet, Google has overtaken Android and YouTube. With its products and inventions, Google is becoming bigger and bigger and maintaining and elevating its command over the internet (Carr, 2011).
Besides, the media related promotion of Google brand identity, storytelling is observed through the logo on the web. Google has established a norm of presenting the international events and happenings through a short story expressed in the logo on the Web. The short story is either a video or an image which demonstrates the event in an amazing form. Furthermore, Google also grants this variety of storytelling specifically to the countries that are; the country events or occasions are highlighted on the logo when the site is accessed from that particular country.
In conclusion, Google has expanded its horizon of branding and is able to set a brand identity which can draw it more customers. It has primarily built its brand by telling stories of how people are using Google Apps effectively, or how Google is making their life better. Furthermore, the doodles on the homepage on different occasions and events help communicate the “fun” side of Google through its logo.

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