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Identification of a real organization facing a CSR challenge and that has been reported in the English- language press.

Many companies are driven by profit-oriented objectives. Unfortunately, their managements do not realize that the main drive in a company should be a commitment in addressing the social problems facing them. Corporate Social Responsibility is how the activities of any organization or business affect the interests of the stakeholders (Mumford, Antes, Caughron and Friedrich 133). The company, East African Breweries Limited, being a major economic driver in the East African region needs to focus on progress, and also on the hurdles that have recently been on the rise.

Identification of the CSR challenge facing the Organization.

Alcoholism has seen an increase in the East African region. In Kenya, the vice has reached critical levels. Currently, the East African Breweries Limited is faced with the corporate social responsibility challenge of ethical practices. For instance, activists in the country constantly put pressure on the company as a whole by appealing to the government to tighten the alcohol regulation laws. The company would record losses if the government withheld the business license as a result of the legislation passed against the brewing business.

Explanation of the CSR challenge facing the Organization.

Underage drinking has been attributed as the main cause of increased alcoholism in the country (Ronnenberg 56). Most of the under-age drinkers are dependent on their parents. On reaching their independent age, they can hardly afford the expensive liquor produced by the legalized brewers such as East African Breweries Limited. As such, they end up taking cheap illicit liquor whose production is not up to standard. An addiction to alcohol, however, is attributed to the main producer. The producer is allegedly accused of not being able to put in check the sale of the alcoholic products to underage drinkers.

Analysing how the CRS challenge comes about.

The company is trapped in recall ability. The recent dramatic events of increased illicit liquor brewing have put East African Breweries Limited at the center of criticism. In periods of a criticism crises, a subordinate staff should be in place to pass on a defense statement that is required at that point in time (Key Note 92). A distinction between the illicit brewers should be made vivid to those that are against the company’s products. At all cost, the staff should focus on the objective of legitimizing the brewing business. As such, investments should be directed to social activities such as sponsoring needy students, sports, and the music industry.
Alcoholism cripples the economic and social development in the country due to reduced productivity of the consumers. We should, therefore, come up with strategies that will create an impact in the immediate environment such as partnering with environmentalists in the fight against global warming and increasing the forest cover in the country. We have to conform to the environmental requirements in our production industries. Participating in such partnerships will increase the beneficiaries who will, in times of criticism, stand in our defense. On the other hand, exposing the legality of our products such as the alcohol contents and also standing for the Constitutional rights to do business will give us a better standing (Mumford 123).

How understanding of decision- making models help the organization to respond to CRS challenges.

Since the company is operating under a spotlight, educating the public on the effects of alcoholism and the goodness of our products will dissociate the alcoholism vice from the company. The company should finally launch a campaign against illicit brewers who tarnish the company’s image.

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