Current Trends In Turkey’s Climate Conditions Term Paper

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Published: 2020/09/11

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In the contemporary times, there has been a significant increase in global temperatures. Various natural and human factors have contributed in bringing considerable climatic changes all around the world. Industrial development, agricultural advancement, and progression in transportation system are largely blamed for the production of natural greenhouse gases. In addition, the chlorofluorocarbons and related pollutants also supplement the thermal blanket. For these reasons, it is commonly accepted that the increase in global temperatures and subsequent climate changes are the outcomes of increased masses of greenhouse gases. Climate changes that are observable and apparent include rise in sea levels, melting of sea and land ice, shrinkage of snow covers, increasing oceanic temperatures, strong storms and droughts, and extension of the summer season. Although these changes are affecting the human life everywhere, Turkey is among the many regions where climate changes have adversely impacted the overall environment and resources (Sen). In short, it is anticipated that the climate change in Turkey would be extremely impactful and consequently affect the country’s forests, waters, energy systems, agriculture, and tourism industry.

Turkey has demonstrated a high vulnerability to climate change in the last few decades. As it is located in Mediterranean Europe’s southern belt, the country is faced with and challenged by decreases in precipitation trends and increases in temperature. In particular, Turkey’s climate is now characterized by significant summer temperatures due to prevalent urbanization. This feature is mostly noticeable in Mediterranean cities when the high pressure systems influence the mentioned regions. In addition, the northeastern regions in the country have experienced an increase in precipitation levels. Moreover, there has been a continuous retreat in the location of mountain glaciers (approximately 10m annually). There has also been a shift in peak discharges’ timings. Furthermore, the increasing sea levels and increasing temperatures have given rise to the incidence of natural hazards in the country (Sen 13).

Future Projections Concerning Turkey’s Climate

Considering the mentioned climate changes in Turkey, it is expected that the country will be facing a number of noteworthy consequences in the upcoming times.
First, it is projected that Turkey will experience an increase in temperatures in all its places in all seasons. However, the summers would have more temperature increases as compared to winters.
Second, Turkey’s southern regions will experience decreased precipitation levels. On the other hand, the northeastern parts may experience a slight increase in the precipitation trends.
As far as wind potential is concerned, it may decrease in Turkey’s eastern parts and increase in its regions in the northwest. As expected, the entire country would receive increased solar radiation.
In addition, the rise in sea levels is anticipated to have a remarkable impact on the coastal cities and the low-lying areas.

Water stress is also likely to increase due to persistent changes in the climate patterns.

Turkey’s northeastern regions also face landslide risks due to the expected increase in the trends of precipitation. These increased levels may contribute in the regularity and strength of the landslides.
In addition, it is also expected that the hot spells and droughts in the country would demonstrate more intensity and longevity due to precipitation decrease and temperature increase (Sen 19).

Effects of Climate Changes on Turkey

As mentioned, the geographical location of Turkey makes it a highly vulnerable region to be adversely affected by the global climate changes. It is not an untold secret that Turkey is expected to experience an overall aridity increase due to the changing levels of temperatures and precipitation. The similar trends are also considered to have a severe effect on the country’s water resources in the coming times. The country is expected to experience water scarcity in the future due to increase in temperatures. According to Sen, “If the recent time distribution of population does not change in the future, the per capita water amounts will be quite low in the basins in the western half of Turkey” (Sen 28). Similarly, the climate change is also expected to affect the southern basins due to substantial runoff reduction in these basins. As a consequence, the country may go through the phenomenon of increased “resource appropriation” as the authorities would have to consider the allocation of water and energy resources to the population. Furthermore, the increased temperatures are also projected to profoundly affect the rain-fed agriculture due to increased drought frequency and high aridity levels. This may further decrease the agricultural yields in the future.

Recommendations to Encounter Climate Change and Possible Effects

Turkey must take the following measures for combating against climate changes and subsequent impacts:
The government must continue its mitigation strategies and must always be prepared for the worst-case circumstances. For doing so, it is significant to strategize adaptation plans and policies.
Turkey must plan out the availability and management of its resources to encounter the future problems that may rise. It is the high time for Turkey to demonstrate good governance in order to combat against adverse climatic changes.
The people in Turkey must understand and realize the importance of not wasting water and energy. This must be stopped and people must be given awareness regarding the probable impacts of resource wastage.
There is also need to make adjustments in the infrastructure of cities in the country. This is because Turkey needs to have more recycling plants for utilizing the maximum water for reusing (Sen 29).


In short, Turkey must take all factors related to environment, agriculture, and economy into consideration and implement inventive initiatives and policies at a domestic level for protecting the climate system. It is the high time for Turkey and its people to pursue development and progression that is sustainable.

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