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Effective leadership entails building a collective mission, set of values, and vision that help individuals focus on their capabilities and produce their best. As a result, for one to be an efficient and a great leader, he/she ought to be extremely clear about his/her mission, set of values, and vision. In addition, one should concentrate on the key areas, which will have the greatest impact on turning his/her goals and vision into reality. I have had a chance of working with a number of great and efficient leaders, and from them, I learned a lot with regards to leadership effectiveness. Nevertheless, I have worked with some bad leaders the worst being a particular manager who did not even have a clue of what being an effective leader entails. For this reason, this paper describes the reasons that made my past boss the worst leader ever.
I worked with my past manager for quite some time and observed some traits that made me conclude that he was the worst leader ever. As I strive to expand my leadership capabilities, I will always try my best to avoid emulating his traits. For one, the manager was in most cases hesitant to make crucial decisions when the circumstances in the organization required him to do so. He did not make any effort to gather the information that could help him make informed decisions. An effective leader makes informed decisions after gathering the necessary information from the employees. However, my past boss did not respect us and, as a result, he did not seek our opinions when things became worse in the organizations. For this reason, this prevented him from making tough calls promptly when the circumstances demanded.
In addition, the manager lacked confidence in almost everything and did not learn from his mistakes. The manager even discouraged us in accomplishing what we had set in our minds. An effective leader should have confidence in himself and even his subordinates. For this reason, his lack of confidence made him an ineffective leader because even we the employees lacked it. Lack of confidence made him make mistakes that he even did not accept. He had a behavior of blaming us whenever things went wrong. His behavior of holding the employees account rather than himself whenever he made mistakes also made him an ineffective leader.
The other reason that made my past manager an ineffective leader was his lack of emotional intelligence. The manager failed to build relationships with us since he did not encourage open communication within the organization. He was ever busy and gloomy, and we all feared talking to him. He lacked the ability of communicating effectively across the organization. Thus, we were incapable of achieving our set goals because of his lack of emotional intelligence. Effective leaders encourage communication and build healthy relationships that facilitate the achievement of objectives. Thus, the absence of emotional intelligence in my former boss made him an unsuccessful leader.
Additionally, the manager failed to clarify his leadership vision. He did not have a clear vision of the organization and, as a result, the organization was unable to achieve any goal. He did not believe in us. He failed because of lack of clarity in his leadership vision. An effective leader aligns the organization with an achievable and clear vision hence the manager’s lack of clarity in leadership vision made him an unsuccessful leader.
Lastly, the manager’s behavior of disrespecting us showed that he lacked integrity. He was not fair and honest in his leadership. In addition, he was not candid and forthright and, as a result, he failed to establish respect, peer-based behavior, and trust within the organization. Thus, the manager was an ineffective leader since his lack of integrity did not facilitate the creation of an environment, which could stimulate extraordinary performance among us.

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