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Chapter-3: Summary

Thinking Strategically about HRM
Klinger, Nalbandian and Liorens discussed very broadly about the strategic thinking relate to the Human Resources Management (HRM) (Klingner, Nalbandian, and Llorens, 2010).
Civil Service System is the first concept that specifically included in this particular study. As per the summary of this content, civil service system is about to exchanging of professionals among different governmental based organizations with each other to complete a certain project. The assumption that underlies in the Civil Service System is that finding an experience person from the government sector is more worthwhile as compared to finding a less experienced professional. The study already mentioned it several times that traditional civil service assumptions are somewhat irresponsive for the public oriented organizations. It is also assume that the duties and responsibilities among the civil services remain like the same for a long span of time.
The study also highlights numerous challenges specifically associated with the civil service system (CSS). One of the greatest challenges associated with the same relates to contemporary work and organizations, as CSS are not subject to change or not adaptable to change like other organizations, hence they will have numerous amounts of problems and issues within their core functionality and operations. The concept of working in teams is rarely found in CSS that emerged as one of the major issues in its implementation. The study also highlighted the issues pertain to the demographic trends as the problem of scarcity of labor underlies in this particular context. Demographic trend is manifesting that it is essential for the organizations to attain the significance only with the best, which is rarely found in the CSS. The study also reveals that there is a problem with the management and governing body of the company, which is somewhat weaker in traditional CSS as compared to 21st century organizations. All of these challenges that highlighted in the traditional CSS have strong consequences over the 21st century public services as it has a direct and major impact over the financial position of the companies. 21st Century public service system has more emphasized on the performance and results as compared to CSS, as they usually hire and promote challenges according to their workability and capability of completing tasks (Klingner, Nalbandian, and Llorens, 2010).
One of the best things that highlighted in this overall reading is the contemporary model of Human Resources (HR) that links the challenges with the core value creation of the company. The model has three different stages usually referred as Mission, Planning Considerations and Functionality. The model found that proper planning and its consideration is extremely effective and essential for the sake of an organization, as it is the only thing that pushes the organizations towards the zenith. Before move on to the crux of functionality and operations, it is more than important for the organizations, especially CSS to plan the things accordingly, and execution should be there that commiserates with the planning. After reading out the entire study, we become able to identify different recommendations to improve the public sector HRM, and four of them are as follows
Hiring should be based on pure merit rather than on any suggestions. The discussion analyzed that hiring as per the merit is extremely essential and effective for the sake of an entity and those organizations that have a positive attitude towards hiring the talent through merit are comparatively sounder and effective as compared to other organization.
Motivational factors are extremely important for the sake of an organization as far as increasing the level of satisfaction among the employees in a positive manner. Motivations can be increased through two different factors known as intrinsic motivational factor and extrinsic motivational factors. The discussion underpinned that the company should introduce new and powerful motivational factors for their employees to make them effective and satisfied.
Performance appraisal is an important aspect that associated with an organization, and it equally applicable in the public organizations as well as the employees working in these organizations are also subject to increase their effectiveness through strong and powerful appraisal system that can increase the amount of motivation in them. Therefore, public organizations should have a strong and powerful performance appraisal and management system
The study emphasizes a lot on having high amount of communication among the departmental levels of the organizations. It is suggested in the text for the companies to have high communication factor should be implement within the company that can increase the level of satisfaction among the employees
The concept of workforce planning is very important to strengthen the functions and operations of HRM in the public sector, as discussed in the study, as it strengthen the functionality of the entities and direct their performance to achieve effectiveness within their operations. Indicators such as innovation and positive initiatives from the employees are very important and effective for strengthen the HRM based functions and systems, and management of an organizations always try to strengthen these functions to have a long run positivity and sheer efficacy in their operations (Klingner, Nalbandian, and Llorens, 2010). The study also reveals about the strategic human resource management information system that exclusive used to enhance the level of communication, as powerful information management system is effective to have powerful decisions for the sake of the entity particularly.

Chapter-4: Summary

The HR Role in Policy, Budget, Performance Management and Program Evaluation
The study of this particular discussion is extremely crucial to analyze the role of Human Resources (HR) function is to enhance the level of effectiveness within an organization. The Role of Human Resources in terms of making and executing policies to manage budget and performance of the company is very important, and it is usually used to enhance the financial as well as strategic well being of an organization. The study of this analysis tried to identify that HR department is also effective and effective like the other departments found in an organization (Klingner, Nalbandian, and Llorens, 2010).
The study relates its effectiveness for making of policy for budgeting and performance management. Policy Making is extremely important to have a powerful operation of this particular department and its functionality. Policy making is an alternative name of planning and execution, and the planning that relates to strengthen the organization is equally valuable to make budgets for the company. Making budget is essential for taking powerful decisions by the company. A budget is basically a sort of assumption on which the entire productivity of an organization depends upon. Proper planning can help the HR department to make and present such a budget from which they can allocate cost for an entire period of year. One of the basic problems that highlighted in the aforementioned discussion related to public agencies is their ineffectiveness in terms of managing the performance of their employees. The performance management stances within the Public Organizations are not effective as compared to 21st century organizations because the levels of performance management indicators are on a lower scale. The synthesis of this particular study reveals that proper planning is also important for the HR department of a public listed company to manage the performance of their employees through powerful performance appraisal methods, in which they are required to apply and implement a strong performance appraisal system through which the productivity as well as the level of satisfaction among the employees can be increased. All of such policies are effective for the management of the public agencies as far as managing the performance of their employees is concerned.
This particular study highlights that there are numerous professionals found in the Human Resources Management (HRM) department of an organization, and every professionals worth for them. HR Head is the highest position that found valuable in the HR department of an organization, while there is a position which is also important known as HR manager. HR manager will be in direct linkage with the HR head through documentation and report writing. A HR manager is responsible for managing the entire operations of the HR department. The role of the HR manager is extremely important as they makes and execute powerful strategies and policies that can be used to strengthen the entire function of the companies. The managerial role pertains to the Human Resources department is important for both public listed and 21st century organization, as it has the tendency to enhance the level of productivity of the organization with positive attitude. HR manager is also reasonable for making the policies relates to performance appraisal with keeping a strong eye over the performance of the employees of a company. The entire process of Human Resources is very complex, and the working of the HR managers can empower them to give their hundred percent to support the effectiveness of the company with positive mindset and attitude (Klingner, Nalbandian, and Llorens, 2010).
The study also revealed that the performance that relates specifically to the employees of the company is known as the performance of organization and the entire productivity of an organization depends upon the same. There are certain problems and difficulties are there that associated with the organizational based performance in managing the functions of contemporary HR of public listed companies, and one of the major problems that highlighted in the study is hiring without merit. Apart from that there is yet another important problem that associated with these functions which is increasing conflict among the employee’s and management functions particularly. These are some of the major issues due to which the stances of privatization and contractions have been increased within the companies. There is a need to overcome on these issues as soon as possible for the greater quality of effectiveness within the organizational level. The synthesis of this study is more towards the enhancing the organizational functions by making and executing strong and powerful strategies that can enhance the entire productivity of the companies with perfection. Data driven performance management is an alternative of monitoring of performance management, and it is very important to enhance the role of HR management to enhance the productivity of the organizations, especially for the Public organizations. All the data related to the functionality of employees is very important for their effectiveness and to manage the entire operations with zeal. All the issues of the company will decrease substantially and effectively with the help of taking powerful strategies.

Personal Commentary

I am very fond to learn new things and applying different models that associated with the organizational effectiveness and productivity. Apart from that, I am also very fond to manage the employees of an organization through effectiveness. There are two different studies which have been analyzed in this particular analytical section.
The discussion underlies in the synthesis of the 4th chapter was all about enlightening the effectiveness of policy in terms of making fruitful budgets for the company, along with making of powerful performance management systems. The discussion diverts the attention towards the HR manager’s role to support the process. I have found from the entire discussion that a HR manager is the person who manages the entire functions and operations of the HR department that exclusively used to strengthen the employee’s managerial functions and capabilities. After reading out the entire analytical view and the aforementioned discussion, I have found that likewise other departments, HR department is also very important for an entity, and an organization cannot ignore the operations and functionality of their HR department from any angle. The discussion pointed out the effectiveness of powerful and continuous monitoring of the employees to check out their regular operations and functionality. I really want to mention a strong statement here for the HR managers which are to bring intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors towards the organizations, as these factors are important for their long term effectiveness and sustainability, because it has a direct linkage with the level of satisfaction of the employees.


Klingner, D.E, Nalbandian, J., and Llorens, J. (2010). Public Personnel Management: Contexts and Strategies (6th Edition). New York: Longman/Pearson

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