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Description of Poems

In this poem, the poet tries to explain the events that unfolded and his inability to find a viable solution to these challenges. The theme of desperation can better describe the situation the persona is in. From the first line of the first stanza, the poet starts describing how the dawn was, ‘a arse-arching dawn.’ He goes on to describe the wind shift, the dark sky, strange light, all of which best suit August.
Throughout the poem, the poet uses a number of poetic devices that are crucial. He constantly uses similes to give a comparison between two things that are different. In line two of the first stanza, the poet notes ’damn wind shift sudden as a woman mind’. He uses this to explain the sudden change and shift of the wind. In the third line of the first stanza, he goes further to note, ‘the slow swell start cresting like some mountain range with snow on the top’. The two lines make a direct comparison between different things to explain their magnitude and intensity. He uses several other figures of speech throughout the poem.
The poem employs a rhyme scheme that is indefinite. As a matter of fact, there is no consistency in rhyme, meaning the lines of the poem end in different sounds. This fails to give the poem the important pattern used to memorize the poem and make it more enjoyable. His tonal variation, however, compensates for this.
Unlike most poems, this poem lacks conflicts and dramatic actions. There is no proper development of the plot and the arguments, and everything seems to be stemming out of nothing. This makes the poem to be unpredictable (Burns, 1992). In simple terms, this poem captures the feelings o the reader.

After the storm

The theme of Derik Walcott’s ‘After the Storm’ is the universe and the solar system. Most of the sentences in the stanzas address bodies of the solar system such as stars, planets, and the sky, among many more others.
Apart from the poet, the poem says a lot to the readers, hence its importance. In a nutshell, the poem educates the readers of some of the components of the solar system. Mars and Venus are some of the planets that people ought to understand.
The poem has a number of conflicts that are relevant to humanity. The poet admits that his first friend was the sea, who has however turned to be the last friend. In a clear manner, the poet is reminiscing of a tricky past that he would like to forget. He uses the stars as an option when he loses concentration trying reading. This is essential to as it teaches people on how to behave when faced with difficulties. A clear lesson to be learnt from the poem is that people should not give up whenever they are faced with challenges. An alternative method would be to channel the challenges to a different platform and then address them. The poet, for instance, studies the stars whenever the memories overcome him.
The poet solves the conflict in an amicable manner. The major challenge is that he cannot concentrate on whatever he is doing. He cannot talk; he cannot work and cannot read under the lantern. He takes a break from these to study the sky and stars, receiving the necessary comfort.
The manner that the poet arrives at the conclusions is rather fascinating. In the initial sentences, he explains how challenges come in a continuous manner. One problem leads to the other. However, at last, he gives a way through which people should divert their challenges.

The sea is the history

This poem addresses the theme of ‘mystery’ in that it addresses events that nobody understands how they came to pass. In the first stanza, the persona is inquisitive as to where the monuments and battles of the martyrs are. At times, the author introduces the theme of suffering. He gives a vivid description on the events that took place, the heaving oil, the chaos that were heavy, packed cries and eventually, the moaning.
The poem takes a free verse version. The poet has not restricted himself to most of the poetic devices. The poem seems to lack a conflict, and as such, a reasonable solution to the events. The situation described in the poem gives the reader a feeling that the events are taking place in a sea. There exists a plot which is built through simple ideas. For instance, the poet starts by asking the availability of things such as monuments and battles, then goes on to explain the events that had taken place early on.


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