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The world of justice involves a lot of multifarious aspects which form the separate system directed to render justice and avoid miscarriages in the field. The parole system is an important part of the criminal justice giving the possibility for parolees to prove themselves in the right. The role of intermediary between a parolee and the parole board is appointed for a parole officer whose contribution cannot be unappreciated. To understand better the peculiarities of a parole officer profession, one needs to become acquainted with the notion of a parolee, at first. A parolee means recently released, from a prison, criminal offender who is supervised by a parole department in general and by a parole officer in particular.
Above all, the duties of a parole officer are to see to the fulfillment of parole terms by a parolee. This so-called strategy includes several tactical schemes which help a parole officer to discharge his/her obligations effectively. The first step of such specialists is to communicate with parolees and their families in order to make sure of their well-being and to exclude the possibility of the second offence (“Duties and Responsibilities of a Parole Officer”). The control, over those who have already served their sentence, allows to decrease the level of the criminogenic situation in a country and also to set the control over the crime rate. The control, carried out by parole officers, usually, takes two times a month or one time weekly. However, the work of a parole officer never ends only with such attendances. The one more task of the specialists is to write and to submit to a parole board the detailed records about the actual state of parolee’s affairs. For this part of work a parole officer has to possess excellent writing skills and be good at observation.
The terms of a parole can also provide for parole officers the collaboration with parolees, which, among other things, includes such significant issues as job search, guarantee of affordable housing for parolees and attendance of appointed meetings with the latter (“Duties and Responsibilities of a Parole Officer”). Ensuring the successful implementation of the above-mentioned matters, a parole officer, at the same time, creates for a parolee the situation which permits to begin new life with good future trends and without new thoughts to commit crimes.
It is worth to mention here about the working load of parole officers. Such job is thought to be over the norm; it means that a parole officer can be called at any time of day and night, if needed. As a rule, the number of cases, which are taken by parole officers, comes to several tens at the same time.
The whole system, for those who seek how to get a job as a parole officer, is easy enough to gain a full understanding of a process. First of all, an applicant can turn to country, federal or state parole departments. The necessity in parole officers depends on the revision of the sentencing guidelines by states. Such revisions can mean that the bigger number of criminals will be released from prisons on parole (“Duties and Responsibilities of a Parole Officer”). Earnings and salaries of parole officers are up to location and gained experience. Experienced workers are always appreciated more, taking into account their knowledge of all characteristic features which are intrinsic to the occupation. Such people, right along, are the real experts in their chosen fields.
Working conditions for parole officers can vary, but, any moment, they must be ready for dangerous situations. A person, who is called a parole officer, requires patience and cool head in order to react quickly and efficiently in situations which need as fast solutions as possible. Mostly, parole officers work as independent experts, supervising parolees and helping them to adjust to life in the social medium after the imprisonment. Those people, who want to work as parole officers, have also keep in mind that the work is very often stressful enough. Not everyone can stand the fact that officers spend the majority of work hours visiting their parolees. As some parolees can work, then the meetings with them are appointed during weekends or at night. A job of a parole officer, as any other, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Everything depends on the desire to work in the chosen sphere and also on the priorities which everyone determines himself/herself.
The profession of a parole officer also belongs to the sphere of justice. This fact gives to it some peculiarities which should be taken into account by those who think about the possibility to be trained as a parole officer. Today, there exists the tendency which clearly shows the recession of the demand for the profession. Though, in such a way, some officers retire, giving way to young specialists who can introduce new methods while working with parolees. The importance of parole officers in the modern world is rather high than low owing to the index of criminogenic situation.

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