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Plot summary in relation to the environment
Peter Evans manages legal affairs relating to his boss’ environmental engagement in an environmental organization known as National Environment Resource Fund (NERF). George, a millionaire philanthropist, works hard to create a conserved aspect of the environment. Peter Evans works for him to see his dream become real. After NERF’s director Nicholas Drake embezzles funds from the organization, the relationship between Drake and Morton becomes worse. He does not trust the director since he embezzles his donation to the organization. Morton has an encounter with John Kenner and Samjong Thapa, international law enforcement agents concerning Environmental Liberation Front (EFL). EFL wants to cause an environmental disaster in the country to garner funds for its operations.
The group wants to carry out their actions through creating a natural disaster. They also have an urge to convince people about the peril effects created by global warming. The disaster should occur during the launch of NERF environmental conference. The group eliminates anyone who comes in their way through assassination by octopus venom that causes paralysis. Morton suspects Drake as an informer of the group. He thinks that Morton does it to solicit funds from environmental investors.
After their encounter, they decide to travel to the Solomon’s Islands to stop the activities of EFL. The group plans to set a mega-sized tsunami which tends to hit the California coastline. Their visit concedes with Drake’s international conference on the impact of global warming. In the Island, they encounter man-eating tribesmen and cannibalistic crocodiles. The crocodiles feed on Drake’s spy Ted Bradley. Morton resurfaces to rescue the team at their desperate moment. Morton fakes his death to prevent him from spying on his trail. The group meets with the EFL, and they fight to prevent the occurrence of the calamity. The fight results into Evans killing one of the group’s terrorists.
The group’s remaining members die from their Tsunami sabotaged by Kenner and his team. Afterwards the trio (Evans, Jones and Morton) fly back to Los Angeles. Later, Evans works with Morton on his new anonymous organization which acts as an environmental activist and business firm. He does that with the hope of Evans inheriting his new firm and continues with his dream of the environment.

Environmental discussion of the novel

The book uses facts and speculation on data derived from the environmental sector. It also uses innovation on technology as an approach to describe his content. The books look at the debate on global warming. Through the two appendices and personal documentation of a bibliography, Crichton gives factual examples of the content. The book details an account of extremists towards the environment. The following issues concerning the environment in the book; from the book, individuals have found out that science information concerning global warming has inconclusive and speculative nature.
He claims that the northern hemisphere suffers huge amounts of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide in the region lacks a heating effect as people assume on the negative impacts of carbon dioxide. Instead, the carbon dioxide in the area causes a cooling effect on the environment. It opposes the notion that carbon dioxide increases the rate of global warming. The world comprises of several factors apart from carbon dioxide which affect the climate of places. Some of the relevant factors include sulphates, solar radiation and volcanic aerosols. The factors also have a cooling impact on the environment.
The factors and the expectations of climatic change depend entirely on the factors. The various global climate change results from the factors closely related to the factors. Internal variability may also act as an approach behind the discrepancy on climatic change. Northern America and others environmental factors relate to the above factors. Current data lacks enough data to prove that increase in carbon dioxide affects temperatures at an increasing rate.
Through data from major weather stations, the recordings show the long-term cooling aspect of weather in the regions. An example comes from Punta Arena in South America with Gistemp weather station that shows a cooling trend through its wall data. The data has its beginning tracing back to 1960s. Through the phenomenon, the data opposes the issue of global warming in the area. Global refers to the aspect of temperatures in the atmospheric area on earth. It fails to mean that global warming affects the atmospheric temperatures of the whole world at the same time. High temperatures vary on the nature of the environment and the size of the region. In Cruz Aeropuerto, the results show an opposite trend of the global warming aspect. The temperatures rise with time. The results show an amalgamating effect of the occurrence. Through the data, one may identify the true nature of the global warming phenomenon.
The individuals gave their results through spectrum approaches. Scenario B showed realistic results which offered a difference that Mount Pinatubo would erupt in 1991 and not 1995 as they assumed. The results relative to the findings came close to 0.11 degrees Celsius. The results had close evidence on the nature of climate change through global warming. Later, Hansen showed results from Scenario B since it had a close relation to his testimony.

Own opinion of how the movement is shaping American politics and policy

Climatic change does not have static characteristics in terms of how they appear on a daily basis. Climate also varies from one region to another. Therefore, global warming would occur differently depending on the nature of the social activities based in the specified areas. Europe and America have a high rate of industrialization. It means that the industries release a huge amount of gases to the atmosphere on an hourly rate. The rate of carbon dioxide in the areas would increase each year since the inception of the industrial revolution in the 16th century. Nevertheless, the countries experience cooling effect during winter and other rainy seasons. The weather patterns in Europe do not match with aspect of global warming stated from the novel.
Africa and South Asia consists of areas that have arid and semi-arid characteristics and yet it lacks enough industries to increase the level of carbon dioxide. America, today through climatic data, has come up with ways through which they conserve their environment. The country also tries to come up with energy renewable sources to enhance environmental conservation initiatives. The government partners with other countries to establish policies that promote environmental enhancements through conferences.
Global warning depicts itself as a serious issue since it affects both economic and social activities of individuals in the world. The climatic and weather stations should give facts on the nature of any given weather changes.
Through factual data, individuals may come up with ways to prepare on how to handle the calamities. They also come up with approaches to ensure that they conserve their environment. Weather has a relation to the functioning of the environment. Therefore, conserving the environment improves the aspect of weather in any given area. Individual areas with trees have microclimate which has cooling effects compared to other areas without trees. Climate should not create a state of panic. Rather, it should create a cautious effect for individuals to make the world a better place.

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