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1. Most of the students can’t write professionally, when business men says that students write poorly it means that although they can give long reports and proposals but it lacks of writing it in a formal manner. Students in their university life do not experience writing anything formally, and when they start their practical work they are not able to write formally or professionally (The Independent, 2006).
When the businessman says that students write poorly, they are 100% correct, as they are not up to the mark. Students do not consider such subjects during their studies but this had a great effect in their professional life. In business, the employees have to write formal reports and have to give presentations to their supervisors in order to make their proposal accept. Students have not experienced anything like this in their studies.
2. A good writing generally refers to the content, the content that is written should be proper and as per the requirements. Good writing should contain all the basic requirements of English composition. Writing should be finalized after proof reading and adding references to their content in order to make their arguments solid and logical. All the grammatical mistakes should be eliminated and punctuation should be marked. These elements help the reader to understand what message the reader wanted to say. All these factors are combined to make the writing professional and effective (NBC News, 2006).
It is very important for the students to have good writing skills as in practical career; one must have effective communication skills through which they can make their thing understand. Writing is the best way to communicate with the supervisors as well as the sub ordinates. In business studies, it is very essential for the students to get presentation and writing skills. These skills do not help them in their practical life but also in their professional lives (Silverman, 2009).
3. I think that I possess average communication abilities; neither too weak not too strong. I feel that sometimes I hesitate to give presentation in front of public but remain confident when I am giving presentation to my known fellows. Honestly speaking, I believe that my writing skills are also at middle level. I do not consider myself as the one who can write anytime about anything. I need much of the time before writing for critically thinking about the topic and then brainstorming in detail to organize the haphazard ideas. All these factors are essential for me to write the content professionally.
Just for an example, once I got the opportunity to give a formal presentation during a seminar in my high school. In that seminar, I started in an uncertain way but as soon as I realized that there is nothing much special in giving the presentation then I was having a great command over my content. Afterwards, I had given it in a persuasive manner; all the listeners applauded and this had given me much confidence while giving presentations in future.

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