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Introductory Scenario

No matter what the type of organization will be, but the stance of diversity is found in almost every company of the world (Borelli & Lenzerini, 2012). Organizations or Enterprises have been divided into two different forms small medium sized organizations and large organizations. Small Business usually referred to those businesses which are smaller in size as well as in Capital, while large organizations are the one which have comparatively higher capital (Borelli & Lenzerini, 2012).
Increasing the residual claims and economic profit is the most important aspects that associated with every type of businesses, as businesses always strive hard for this accomplishment. The existence of employees and their productivity are very significant for the long run existence of the company, however this particular activity is very difficult to manage. Increasing the motivational factor and broaden the vision of the companies for giving satisfying behavior to the employees are some important elements for the entities but they are not the only one that can satisfy the wants and needs of the employees (De Bono, Jones & Heijden, 2011).
Managing Workplace Diversity is one of the most important things that associated with the productivity of an organization, and it is more towards the small business particularly. There can be numerous types of diversity is there, however not all type of diversity is advised to implement on the organizational level. Cultural Diversity is yet another important kind of diversity used by the small businesses to manage their operational functions (De Bono, Jones & Heijden, 2011).
The main objective of this assignment revolves around the applicability of the cultural diversity and the recommendations to overcome on these issues and problems from a company. It is required to analyze the core role of cultural diversity within the small business organizations. The assignment will look over workplace diversity first and its importance and then move towards the cultural diversity and strategies to overcome on this issues from the workplaces completely.

Analysis & Findings

A workplace is usually defined as a place which has a big open heart and it will try to accumulate and bind every person working in it with efficacy. It is the duty of an organization to manage the level of their employees accordingly to have a significant position in the market. Apart from providing the products or services to the end users and increasing the economic benefits, one of the most important mantras associated with an organization is to maintain a strong tradeoff among their employees (De Bono, Jones & Heijden, 2011).
Having employees with different mindset and level of communication is a common thing, however their management is more than necessary, and the phenomenon that used for the same aspect of managing the employees is referred as Managing Employees. Having differences in educational level, mindset and the nature, the issue of diversity increases, however the managerial skills that needed to overcome on the diversity issue is known as Diversity Management (Diller, 1999).
There can be numerous examples of the word Diversity, and among them there is a name of Cultural Diversity is one of them. Before going in the further details in exploring the cultural diversity and its role, it is mandatory to have a proper discussion on workplace diversity and its core importance.

Why Diversity in the Workplace important to Employees?

With the continuous changing the global environment and shifting the demographic behaviors, the essence of workplace diversity inches a bit closer for the businesses to show their commitments to embrace positive change and differences. Employees always try to win both tangible and intangible benefits from their workings, and for that purpose they like to perform in the same way as required by their organizations to do so. In reaction, they want their employers to respect them and give their best to satisfy their needs (Diller, 1999).
Workplace diversity is the name of eradicating the level of discrimination among the organizational level. It is like a gangrene that found almost in every organization of the world, however proper identification and powerful strategies can overcome on these issues accordingly. Through the workplace diversity, both the employees and employers come over the same page, which is very significant for an employee. The question still raises that why workplace diversity is essential for the employees, and the answers are defined under the headings simultaneously (Diller, 1999).

For Gaining Mutual Respect

Employees usually work in an organization or in the teams, therefore the level of communication, commitments and trust among them should be on a higher level. Workplace diversity is the most powerful phenomenon that specifically used to increase the level of mutual respect among the employees of an enterprise (Diller, 1999). Management of Diversity ultimately induces the employees to increase their mutual relationship with each other to increase the level of mutual respect among them.

For Managing Conflicts

Conflicts are some common things that found almost in every organization. These conflicts sometimes found among the employees, and some time it found between the management and the employees. In order to gain maximum satisfaction and gain from the working of an organization, it is more than essential for the entities to manage the level of conflicts among the employees and the management. There can be numerous ways that can be opt and implemented on the same analytical concepts accordingly for managing the level of conflicts (Diller, 1999).
Workplace diversity or diversity management is an important viewpoint or method from which the conflicts among the employees can be decreased completely with the passage of time. By having low conflicts among the employees and the management the level of efficacy and efficiency within the workplace will certainly increase considerably.

For Reputing the Business

After the current economic hardship, the thoughts of the organizations are totally change, as they are now moving towards the cost efficiency and business management factor. Increasing and maintaining the business reputation is extremely essential for a corporation as it is the only thing due to which the company can position for a long span of time in the market (Diller & Moule, 2005). One of the best factors that associated with workplace diversity is that it promotes the reputation of the business through positivity and powerful attitude. Organizations which are able to diversify their workplaces are sounder and effective as compared to those organizations which have no inclinations related to the same.

Increased the Exposure

A diverse workplace gives more credit and opportunity to an employee to grow in the market as compared to any other type of organization, therefore promoting the diversity culture within an organization would certainly create an effective difference among the companies, and will try to maximize their productivity accordingly in the given market. It can be same as the small businesses or the large business, as exposure is necessary for both of them regardless with their size (Diller & Moule, 2005).

Cultural Diversity: An Explanation

Cultural Diversity is the quality of having diverse or different culture under a same roof. It is opposed to monoculture in which the employees belong to same culture. Some of the authors have identified the cultural diversity as having different cultures in an organization irrespective of the fact of any other differences (Diller & Moule, 2005).
Culture plays an important role in the life of an employee, because it represents their belongings. The culture and tradition of every other country is different from the other, and entities are required to understand this situation while hiring the employees belongs to different mindsets and cultural differences. Managing the cultural different is to eradicate all the level of discrimination and squabbles that may arise within an enterprise in having people of different cultures (Diller & Moule, 2005). Likewise the aforementioned definition, any managerial activity that used specifically to overcome all the cultural based diversity is known as Cultural Diversity Management, in which every employee regardless of the fact that it belongs to any cultural will be treated accordingly and equally. In the current scenario, this particular diversity behavior is extremely important for the corporations to managed and minimize, as it is directionally proportional with the strategic position of the company in the industry (Syed & Özbilgin, 2010).
Most of times, cultural diversity founds in the large and multinational organizations in which number of employees work together, however there are certain cases in which small businesses also faced the issue of Cultural diversity. Therefore, it is said that the role of cultural diversity is associated with an organization irrespective of their size and revenue recognition capability.

The role of cultural diversity in small business

Cultural Diversity in the workplace is a fact of life for most of the individuals around the world. Most of the large organizations have already come with powerful and tactful strategies to make sure that they comfort ability for their employees in their working environment, however the stance of the small business in terms of making and implementing such policies is still blurring. Most probably these companies are small enough that they are not in the favor of utilizing the basic rule of thumb of the diversity and its management. Other than this statement, small businesses usually operate with limited resources and small business models that don’t permit them to increase the level of importance of diversifying the organization in terms of culture. The level of complexity within the large organization is very low, and the management has no inclination to make their services complex that is why they don’t want to plunge in the problems of cultural diversity (Diller & Moule, 2005).
Regardless with the sizes of the organization, a workplace should have an open and warm heart through which they can absorb the culture of every individual working in the company. There are numerous authors who found that the level of importance of cultural diversity is as important for the small companies as it is important for the big companies of the world. It not only increasing the level of satisfaction in the employees of the company, but it also works wonderfully well in improving and directing their core performance (Diller & Moule, 2005).
Small businesses usually operate with limited amount of funds and capital; therefore they cannot afford to have any problem in their smooth functions that is why they always try to make all the employees on a single platform. Due to the size, the difficulty level of the managers would decrease resultantly, if they really wish to interact each and every personnel of the company. Likewise the large organization, employee’s relations and their management is also important for small businesses and organizations, and they are also entitled to make team powerful teams for the significance of the market. There are two important types of teams found in the small businesses known as formal teams and informal teams. Formal Teams are the one that made exclusively by the company, while informal teams are the one which have been made automatically to support a specific cause.
In order to maintain high level of efficiency in the formal team and their management, it is important for the small businesses to completely overcome the issues of cultural diversity from their organizations. Some of the major methods that can be used by the companies to increase the level of motivation among them by decreasing the cultural diversity factor are as follows
There is a need to increase the level of communication among the employees and the management to eradicate all of these problems. Let the employees furnish their issues and problems while working in a team, and then the management should play their role to overcome on these issues completely. In the small business, doing this particular activity is not a difficult asks, and business are required to have the same aspect accordingly in the market (Diller & Moule, 2005).
There is another important recommendation is there that can be used by the small businesses to overcome on these issue which is arranging orientation classes in which the strict rule of the company towards the cultural diversity factor should be informed to the employees completely. No employee is required to breach the concept of and law of discrimination of the culture while working in the company. Inform the employees that they are here for an objective which is similar for every tom, dick and harry working with the company. Operating in this way will certainly makes the small businesses in the queue of large organizations, and also gives a chance to them to flourish their earnings and exposure in the markets as well.


It is observed from critical analysis that only those organizations are able to make a difference in a society or industry which is able to maintain strong tradeoff as far as increasing the level of communication with their employees. Workplace diversity is an important method and type or organizational productivity that used by the organizations to increase the level of efficacy while retaining in a new market.
The relationship of the management and the management is very important; therefore the management should perform and initiate such tasks from which they can promote the level of consummation among their employees. Cultural Diversity which has been analyzed throughout this assignment is an important type of diversity management that used by the companies to maintain their culture accordingly in the market. From this whole assignment, the information found is that cultural diversity is essential for small businesses as well, and its role cannot be ignored in any type of organization.


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