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Anthropology is an essential discipline that molds individuals to be useful in the society, more so on matters concerning the Association of NGO’s and the local communities. Anthropologists’ assists NGO’s by providing them with required knowledge of the targeted community for implementation and riding program. They aid in bringing understanding between the NGO’s officials and the community members by translating the languages use. Due to all these efforts the local communities end up benefiting from the relief aid from NGOs. Anthropologists have cultural knowledge of many communities, and they assist NGO officials in understanding their ways of living. There is also a situation whereby anthropology ends up criticizing economic development by providing some weaknesses associated with it. Thus, aids the NGOs in knowing the best areas or communities to invest in or take help to, and initiate their programs accordingly.A). Anthropologies role in assisting aid Anthropologists are politically neutral, and this factor enables them intervene between NGO’s and members of a particular community more so during times of war. Many non-governmental organizations provide support to communities during wars because property in these circumstances is destroyed, and people lack food stuffs. In a case like these anthropologists assists the NGO’s. Trust is all what is needed to be built between the local communities and the NGO’s attendants because some societies are hostile, and they can end up attacking them. Anthropological knowledge on migration assists NGO’s in formulation of their independent policies regarding movement of communities.B. Anthropologies role in cultural translation to development agencies Translation of culture is an aspect that is studied in cultural anthropology. It is a situation whereby an anthropologist acts as a medium between two parties. It usually occurs in a case whereby impossibility in implementing a particular activity is evident. Cultural translation does not limit itself to languages alone but it focuses on all aspects which are associated with the society. It involves expression of different ways of thinking in the community. It can be associated with civilization process through which understanding different context is made possible. Anthropology’s knowledge on cultural translation enables development organizations understand various aspects in many communities especially their target ones. It allows them to be able to relate to the local people well. Hence, there will be no resistance to development projects by the communities more so the hostile ones. For example, the anthropologists provided a program to the US military which enabled them understand cultures of different societies.C. Anthropologies role in criticizing development aid a).Development anthropology is a branch of anthropology that deals with matters of development in the society. It applies criticism to development aid provided by well-wishers and volunteers as it regards allocation of funds that they offer to be used in establishment of various projects and unfair distribution of those projects. They bring about criticism in order to get a clear explanation on why economic power is not well distributed in order to ensure the lower class benefits from it b). Many development projects are targeted to fundamental social institutions for example schools. But the problem which arises from this is that those targeted schools are established in urban areas. Children in the rural places do not have enough schools while some projects are still in continuity in the urban centers. It has led to increased illiteracy level in local areas. It shows how economic power is unfairly distributed. Anthropologists do not see the importance of foreign aid to non-western based states as a normal person can. They argue that western communities have hidden agenda to influence African culture which is impropriate according to them. They argue that most of the Western countries are still attached to African nations which they colonized. They state that the idea of exploitation has never ended, and it continues up to the date. Anthropologists state of development is evident when the aid is given the aid receivers should manage it themselves and should not be dictated what to do by the respective institutions.Conclusion Anthropology is a discipline that has impacted positively on the development by facilitating important knowledge. It has enhanced economic development through NGO’s by intervening to provide some culturally based knowledge which must be followed before any project is established. Cultural anthropology provides some effective assistance to NGO’s by explaining to its officials on different ways of living of many communities which are targets of their development projects. In general anthropology has enabled understanding between NGO’s and the people of many local community in which it is willing to help. Anthropologists intervene between the NGO’s officials in terms of translating their language to the local people in order to bring about understanding and build trust between the two parties because some people can be hostile. Anthropology has experienced changes for example, introduction of development anthropology which is based on development related matters. It has enhanced economic growth in many countries, and supported many individuals in enhancing their projects or businesses in the targeted communities.

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