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2015 Cannibal Tours to Papua New Guinea
The 2015 Cannibal Tours to Papua New Guinea are a month away. The tours attract numerous eco-tourists from America, Britain, and Australian. The preparations for the tours are into gear at the moment. The tours present rare opportunities for the tourists to sample the amazing cultures of the people of Papua New Guinea. Have you ever experienced the life of people who live around the Sepik River Area? Have you ever seen the wonderful and amazing handicrafts they produce? What about their bewildering sacred ceremonies? The Sepik River life? What a wonderful opportunity to see mankind in an earlier stage of development! Welcome everyone!
Papua New Guinea is a country with immense diversity. It is comprised of people who belong to many tribes. Essentially, this country is a melting pot of cultures. The people of Papua New Guinea take a lot of pride in their cultures. The exploration of the cultures of these people, in this beautiful part of the world, is the focus of the 2015 Cannibal Tours of Papua New Guinea. The cultures will surprise you, some will frighten you, and others will awaken your imagination. Do you want to get a sneak peek into the cultures of Papua New Guinea tribes? Come sample them, come enjoy the long-held traditions, come and get either excited or surprised!
Ritual makeup is a common phenomenon of some Papua New Guinea tribes. The people get involved in ritual face painting as a way of preserving their culture. Ritual painting is amazing, the epitome of cultural preservation. Some tourists would not mind taking a stab at it. Others will confirm their involvement in this. The ritual painting has widespread meanings. It is something that has been passed down generations. Moreover, it is a not common day event. It takes place during special events, both when people are in happy and somber moods. A funeral cannot pass with the magnificent ritual painting. It signifies the promotion to glory of one member of the tribes. Missing out on the 2015 Carnival Tours is essentially missing a golden chance to get a glimpse into the colorful ritual painting and other multicultural offerings. You will be amazed at the procedure followed in ritual painting.
Cannibalism replaced into commerce. How is this even possible? The people of Papua New Guinea are the only ones well placed to offer profound explanations about this. Cannibalism was real among the tribes of Papua New Guinea. In houses where cannibalism was practiced only posts remain. It will perfectly freeze this grotesque phenomenon into a still photo. Languages will be learned as the explanation about cannibalism is given. The transition from cannibalism into commerce is amazing. The tourists will get a chance to delve deeper and realize the factors that necessitated the sudden change of cultural. The up-close interaction with people, Sepik River Area will help the tourists to unravel what motivated the ancient cannibalism. It goes without saying that the 2015 Cannibal Tours to New Guinea will lead to self-discovery for the tourists and the locals. What an amazing chance to get a glimpse into cannibalism practice.
With a luxury cruise ship, the tourists will get to enjoy the offerings of Sepik River. The waters of Sepik River are believed to have a healing effect. The majority from the villages that border the river get their water supply here. Further overlooking the river valley, there are beautiful green hills. The beauty that this locality espouses is amazing. The villages spread out from the river. The claim that the Sepik River’s water has healing effects remains nothing but unsubstantiated information. The best explanations can only be offered by the people who stay here. Some tourists may be fascinated and wish to experience the claimed healing effects. Creating friendships with the locals while on tour is a sure way of unraveling the explanation behind this believes. The Papua New Guinea people are a friendly lot, who welcome visitors from all parts of the world. Therefore, 2015 Cannibal Tours to New Guinea are bound a huge success for any American, Australian, and British tourist who get on board just in time.
Artifacts, artifacts, artifacts! The people of New Guinea have immense talents at carving beautiful wood carvings and making amazing masks. They are great artists who use their hands and tools to produce works of art that are a marvel. Any tour to New Guinea should lead you to amassing many artifacts because works of art of such calibre are not to be found anywhere else. Wood carvings of wild animals and natural phenomena will be on display. Moreover, the people produce drawings that are a reflection of the beauty inherent in most parts of this country. While on 2015 Cannibal Tour, the tourists will get a chance to sample some of the artifacts and beautiful drawings. These works of art awaken the creativity in us and challenge us even more. With a few dollars, the tourists will purchase and keep the amazing artifacts for good.
The people who emanate from the various tribes of New Guinea are impressive dancers, and their portfolio of cultural songs is wide. Most dances are conducted during special events like funerals, Thanksgiving, and initiation events. The 2015 Cannibal Tours to New Guinea will coincide with the period when initiation into adulthood will be taking place. This will afford the tourists on this tour a rare chance to enjoy the dances and appreciate the lifestyles and cultural practices of the people. What an excellent opportunity to enjoy some mouth-watering dance moves.
The 2015 Cannibal Tour to New Guinea will not be complete without the photographing of the “spirit house.” This is a place where the tribes stored their sacred objects that the missionaries came and tampered with. This house is the epitome of the spiritual beliefs of the various tribes. The opportunity to get photographs are rare or far between. The 2015 Cannibal Tour is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse into the past spiritual beliefs of the tribes of Papua New Guinea.
· Now ecotourism is all about enjoying the tourism offerings while at the same time preserving the environment or the various offerings. A Cannibal tour to New Guinea may be the beginning point of many opportunities to emerge. The people of New Guinea may gain a lot from the trickle down effects of tourism money. Their health facilities may be revamped, the schools will be equipped. By taking a part in the Cannibal Tour to New Guinea for 2015 is the starting point contributing to their education and development of good healthcare.

An anti-marketing campaign

The educated children of the native peoples seen in the documentary created posters, bumper stickers, and banners that urged boycott of the “culturally insensitive” invasions into the lives of innocent villagers. Theirs was an anti-marketing campaign.
First, the tourists have no authority to take photographs of the locals, their “spirit house” and posts of the remains where cannibalism used to take place without their express consent and interest. Proceeding with this practiced will be infringing on their right to privacy.
The tourists should not put their hands on artifacts if they don’t have an intention to buy them. Moreover, the tourists should pay the correct market prices of the artifacts, because anything short of that is pure exploitation. The locals want to sell their wares and better their lives using the proceeds.
Tourists should respect the cultural practices of the people and avoid any unfair questioning. The practices are part of their culture and they should be respected at all instances.
Tourists have no reason to participate in the cultural practices of the people like ritual makeup because this in essence is foolhardy because they do not share the same cultural backgrounds.
The tourists have no moral authority to downgrade the cultural practices of the people and try to impart the Western influences. Their Western influences are no better to the practices of the locals they may assume to be primitive.
The daily lives of the New Guineans cannot be viewed as an exhibition. They cannot freely and with abandon disturb the daily lives of people by moving village to village in the name of touring. They should give the locals a break and avoid the incessant examination of their daily lives.

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