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Today’s fast-paced world is filled with dazzling entertainment, endless corners of information, and temptation at every turn: luxuries, glamour, quick fixes, conveniences, distractions, delectable delicacies. This predominant lifestyle not only strengthens our hunger for instant gratification over delayed satisfaction, it also causes individual to believe that the solution lies outside of him or herself rather than within. The dismissal of our inherent powers and our attachment to external vices renders the already noble statue of self-discipline an even more praiseworthy—and increasingly elusive—human faculty. Self-discipline is the art of regulating one’s feelings and overcoming mental and emotional weaknesses; it is the ability to adhere to a mode of rightful behavior even in the face of vacillating tendencies and distracting temptations. The noble, good, and happy life is built upon many different qualities, but the overarching component which singlehandedly offers sustainable success is self-discipline, which can be developed through attention to childhood behavior and education, as well as mindfulness meditation.
In all realms of life, self-discipline plays a crucial role in the lasting development of one’s habits and character, with its effects evident even in early childhood. According to Moffitt, Poulton, and Caspi (2013), self-control that is demonstrated during childhood is a strong indicator of success as an adult, whether he or she is born highly intelligent or into affluence (p. 352). To increase a child’s level of self-control, programs such as martial arts, music education, and mastering a second language can all contribute to his or her ability to regulate his emotions and steadfastly pursue a notable goal. Even still, the current levels of funding demonstrate that the government still does not quite understand the importance of this kind of education, in spite of the long-term return on
investment. According to Moffitt, Poulton, and Caspi (2013), children who exhibited early signs of difficulties with self-control grew up to have lesser dividends in health, finances, and parenting skill, while having more potential for crime and substance use, which was concluded after controlling for effects of IQ, social class, and gender (p. 355). Due to evidence that levels of self-control demonstrated during childhood can predict adolescent behavior and potentially life-altering mistakes, early childhood intervention could be a vital component of prevention as well as enhancement of adult life. Moreover, strengthening self-control as a child is likely to bring a greater return on investment than attempts made during adolescence. According to Moffitt, Poulton, and Caspi (2013), the section of the adult population least prone to intentional planning and executed foresight is the same section that accounts for the most detriment to society (p. 359). According to Brian Tracy (2010), success becomes attainable only when an individual overcomes the natural tendency to take the easy route (p. 25). As a result, developing self-control in one’s early childhood can drastically reduce widespread societal problems while vastly improving one’s potential for success.
Self-regulation is considered a vital element of both social and academic performance, and can be developed through mindfulness exercises. Evidence indicates that that early skills of self-regulation point to the child’s long-term success in adjustment to any circumstance. Greater levels of self-regulation have been connected to positive development, including higher self-esteem, professional success, and more optimal health in the years to come. According to Razza, Bergen-Cico, and Raymond (2013), self-regulation is the method of regulating processes of emotion, attention and behavior in response to a particular situation, stimulant or command (p. 2). This complex network of responses comes naturally according to whatever situation is at hand, if the basis of self-control and self-denial are set in place. Furthermore, mindfulness comes into play when considering the optimal way of conduct regardless of how one feels or how the circumstance displays itself. According to Razza, Bergen-Cico, and Raymond (2013), mindfulness is defined as the awareness that comes forth when purposefully paying attention to the present moment, as well as withholding any judgment of the natural flow of events (p. 3). In their experiment with mindfulness yoga and meditation with children, the children who suffered the most difficulty with self-regulation were the ones who reaped the most benefits from the intervention. Meditation enables an individual to go beyond the surface, the physical, the material, and look deep within him or herself. Children can intuitively enter this place of inner dwelling, and we increasingly lose this capacity as we grow older and lose touch with this space within. Mindfulness enables every individual, young or old, poor or rich, to recognize where he or she is in this life, to remember the energy that is moving through every blood vessel and causing his or her heart to beat ceaselessly. Such wonders, if mindfully perceived, can serve to link the individual back to his or her source of being, and strengthen him or her in areas that were previously veiled and ignored. Strength comes from within, but only if it is sought after with the humility of one who understands that he or she is not alone. Self-regulation and self-discipline become natural byproducts of a soul that has become aware of his or her purpose, the vital role which he or she is playing in the grand cosmos, and the strength and love that is always available to him through inward introspection. According to Brian Tracy (2010), long-lasting success only comes when one can discipline him or herself to work hard for a long duration of time (p. 25). If an
individual is backed by a sense of divine purpose and cosmic order, desire and therefore willpower is increased within, regardless of the external circumstance.
Improving individual self-control will prove essential for humanity’s long-term health, wealth, safety, and happiness. As more and more individuals boast notable intellectual achievement in the form of institutional degrees, the road to success now demands a set of skills that is less conducive to methodical measurement, such as pluck, conscientiousness, and inner prowess. These intangible qualities are all gathered within the self, where one is able to regulate him or herself regardless of the surrounding circumstances in the form of self-discipline. Only those who dare to believe in an inner strength within them that enables them to overcome any external circumstance can be granted access to higher levels of existence—in prosperity, in health, in love, and in happiness.


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