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One of the recent New York Times news articles “Smoking`s toll on health is even worse than previously thought, a study finds, “denotes that, smoking is one of world most dangerous practices (Grady, 2015). This article offers one of the most astonishing new evidence on the dangers of smoking. In the article, the most recent health data reveals that at least five diseases and 60,000 additional deaths are experienced every year as a result of tobacco smoking in United States (Grady, 2015). The article continues to blame smoking for 21 new diseases and emergence of 12 types of cancers among the users (Grady 2015). The trend is expected to be high among the unemployed as compared to the employed folks.


Functionalist Sociology
A functionalist sociology interprets deeply behind an issue. In this manner, a factionalist sociologist would agree or disagree with the article. According to the health data based on this article, a part of the well known dangers of smoking; heart diseases, lung cancer, and stroke, smoking also increase the risks of intestinal disease, kidney disease and inadequate blood flow. According to the CDC research results presented in this article, 15% of these smokers are women while 21% are men. The article in the most articulate and forceful voice reveals that the death toll of these members is averagely three times that of non-smokers across the globe (Grady, 2015). This trend needs critical evaluation and treatment. A functionalist sociologist would critically check the data and reveals the reasons behind them.

Conflict Sociology

According to the theory, certain practices would be maintained not because of the utility they provide but as a result of advantage that they provide to certain egocentric individuals. The landmark surgeon 1964 general report, it was declared that smoking causes lung cancer. However, these tobacco dangers have been continuously mounting with new evolution of diseases. This practice is dangerous, addictive to one`s health yet it is regarded a recreational activity by majority (Brewster et al, 2007). Despite all these negative trends, some companies represented by some lords will continue to carry out the business due to the monetary benefits that they continue to get from the practice (Albrecht et al, 2000).

Symbolic Interaction Sociology

This sociology analyzes the society by addressing the subjective meaning that people impose on a given practice, object or event. While people smoke, majority believes that it is a form of recreational function. However, they fail to understand the negative consequences of smoking. Symbolic interaction theorist would disagree with the article since it calls for the government and relevant bodies to aid people who smoke (Kropp, 2004).

Critical Assessment

Critical revelations of the article indicate that it contains some flaws. Although smoking is regarded as one of the ongoing epidemics that require critical evaluation in order to manage within the society. The article through its analysis and continues evidences, presents some of the most crucial unproved that continue to hurt the society. Most of these findings are biologically irrelevant since they are not only attached to smoking. The paper does not provide a clear correlation between the numbers of smokers to death. The 60,000 additional deaths that are experienced every year may not directly relate to smoking in United States. This death toll may be regarded as relatively high in relation to the current U.S.A population. As revealed by the article, the increasing death toll among the unemployed may negatively face the underdeveloped nations (Kropp, 2004). These countries are characterized by increased population with high number of unemployed individuals who smoke (Public Health Reports, 1994). This standard indicates that these nations may experience relatively large number of deaths as compared to developed nations. Thus the trend may lead to population depletion. A situation that is completely untrue.


As revealed by this article, it is important for all people within the social sphere to make relevant stance actions. The Government, policy makers, and all other relevant bodies to take the necessary stance measures min order to cure the menace. This action will save the society from the hurting behavior of smoking.


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