Weasel: By Cynthia Defelice Essays Example

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Published: 2021/01/06

In chapter 1 and 2, Nathan a young boy is in the house with his sister Molly when they hear a knock at the door thinking their dad is back. The dog backed as usual and stopped, and when Nathan went to open the door, the person was not the one they expected. The person was dressed in tattered clothing, unlike any white man. Also on his body was a something like an animal skin. Everything was silent and it’s only Molly, who managed to ask him whom he was and what he wanted. The family does not have a mother who died of a rare illness. At the time of her death, this Indian called Ezra who used to leave her the medicine in the hole and at times, he would leave her food in their stone house though he never talked much.
In chapter 3 and 4, Nathan grows to age 10 and by then he was helping his dad when he noticed some food on the wall of their house. He asked his father where the food is from and the dad explained that the food is from a Good Samaritan Indian called Ezra who is like a guardian angel sent to look after them since Ezra knew very well whenever they needed something in the family. At this point also, Nathan dad goes hunting in the forest and gets caught in a trap, at this point Weasel came up to him, took the gun and ran away(Cynthia and Jeff 45).
In chapter 5 and 6, a man knocked at the door of the family house, and it was Molly and Nathan in the house. At this time, Nathan, and Molly were getting worried, and they had already known how to take care of their farm and did all it takes to make ends meet. When the man knocked on their door, the man told them to follow him knowing the man would take them to their dad. When they found their father in the cabin, they realised something was wrong with his legs and the weasel had cut off his tongue.
In chapter 7 and 8, Molly and Nathan took good care of their dad. While Molly brought him medicine and took good care of him, Ezra made some soup for him. With time, Nathans dad got better and they went back home and lived with nothing had happened though Nathan had a feeling that one day he will be able to kill and one day Nathan managed to sneak out of his cabin and wrote a note to his dad that he was leaving.
In chapter 9 and 10, Nathan took the rifle and went through the forest trees as possible, he went to weasel and found weasel asleep, Nathan found weasel dead and ran back to the house and met Ezra and shared the story with him, Ezra immediately picks up a shovel to start burying the weasel. They got to bury weasel and had a lot of fun even forgetting everything.
In chapter 11 and 12, Nathan came face to face with weasel the evil killer that was once an Indian fighter. Nathan later had a chance and a cause to kill Weasel, and he does not, this therefore came back to haunt him.

Work cited

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