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The values of an organization depend largely upon on their operations and the analytical framework they opt during their operations(Armstrong, 1999). Every employee worth of an organization that is why organizations empower the department of Human Resources (HRM) department to maintain a strong significance in their workability and actions(Armstrong, 2011).
Employees have been referred as the most important bone for an organization, as without their workings and commitments, an organization cannot have efficacy in their core functionality. This is why the entities are required to maintain a strong tradeoff among their employees because it leads to give a prosper end to them (Armstrong, 2006) .
As per the case of Cadbury, Apart from hiring and firing, the HR department of an organization is also responsible to maintain strong values for the employees by employing powerful and effective strategies that can entertain the entity perfectly in its entire functionality of a company(Armstrong and Armstrong, 2000). It has been observed that the mantra of satisfying the needs of the employees would change with a marginal change in the HR based policy of a company. Among different factors that affect the HR policy of a company, the name of Mergers and Takeover is one of them. Theoretically takeover is a terminology that associated with the companies who took over the operational assets of the other company to retain their name in the industry(Dessler, 2000).
During the current economic crisis, there were numerous takeovers taken place in example of real world. One of the major takeovers was Kraft and Cadbury, which left a definite impact over the workability over the functionality and management of their employees. It is important to answer the questions pertaining to the takeover and its impact over employees by reading the case study attached with the assignment.

Discussion & Analysis

Outlining the Employment Values
Cadbury is a British based multinational confectionary company that owned by Mondelez International. Cadbury is known as the 2nd largest confectionary company of the world after Wrigley(Dessler, 2004). It has a big portfolio and currently operating in more than 55 countries of the world(Mathis and Jackson, 2002). During the current economic slump, when most of the organizations of the world actually went on the verge of bankruptcy, there were numerous organizations that were in the operations to take over the assets and the operations of the companies which were having a tough time. One of the dominating examples that associated with that particular scenario was Kraft and Cadbury. It was 2009, when Kraft Food was actually taken over the operations and assets of Cadbury Inc completely.
Cadbury and Kraft before the strategic alliance or took over were the most effective enterprises of the world for their employees are concerned(Mathis and Jackson, 2003). Both of the companies have perfect values that associated with their employees, and they had a positive relationship with their employee’s management functions. Both of the companies satisfied their major wants and needs through employing and implementing the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards particularly. Apart from satisfying the needs of their employees through the extrinsic rewards, both of the companies have a positive action towards increasing the level of appreciation and applauses within the company. According to the case study, there were two differences which have been associated with Kraft Foods and Cadbury(Mathis and Jackson, 2003). The traditions and the culture of both of these companies were totally change to each other, and the employees of Cadbury were in the favor of maintaining their significance with the culture pertains to the United Kingdom (UK), however it is totally different in the Kraft Foods. The employees felt a somewhat difficult time while getting their operations associated with Kraft Foods. Apart from this information, there is yet another value that associated with the employees of Cadbury before the takeover, as the stance of decision making was centralized and didn’t rely over its employees for participating in enhancement of the operations of the company particularly(Sims, 2002).

Change after the ownership

Every business is effective in terms of managing the effectiveness of a company in a definite time period and ownership worth a lot for them considerably. It has been observed from the analysis that internal environment in terms of increasing communication and having a smooth functionality in the operations of Cadbury and Kraft Foods were incredible and highly effective(Sims and Quatro, 2005).
The employees that values in the United Kingdom are totally change in the United States completely, and it brought a significant change due to the change in their ownership. The employment function, values and stance have been changed completely after the ownership(Sims and Quatro, 2005). The leaders and managers of the United Kingdom (UK) are somewhat friendly and soft spoken as compared to the leaders of the United States. This particular differentiation has been initiated in this particular case study as well. The way of execution and completion of a task has been changed completely after the physical takeover of Cadbury Foods from the Kraft foods. The stance of delegation of authority has been changed completely after that incident. The managers of Kraft Foods were extremely productive and knew that values of rotating the job of the individuals to make them competent enough to accomplish any task and with a positive mindset(Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016).
According to the case, a set of responsibility and quickness is found among the personalities of the employees of Cadbury after the takeover took place in the operations of the company during the current economic downturn. The managers of Kraft Foods had a Theory X management approach in which they think that the employees are not in the mood of giving their efforts and dedications to be perfect, and they required punishment and coercive behaviors to compel for the work. However, it was not the right strategy for the employees of the companies as it will accelerate the inefficiency and un-satisfaction from the nature of the employees, however in this case it was fruitful. The case study revealed that the employees of Cadbury were becoming lazy before that takeover incident and actually ran away from their actual responsibilities.

Cultural Impact and Employees

Employees are the most important professionals that associated with an organization to draft them accordingly in a perfect situation. It is mandatory for corporation to employ and implement such strategies to provide satisfaction of their employees with a positive mindset particularly(Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016).
Cultural different has a direct impact over the level of interaction of the employees that increase the economic belongings of the entity. By analyzing the case study, there is a change in culture has been envisaged from the UK’s culture to the US based culture. The change had a perfect and organized impact over the working behavior of the employees; however the strict behavior of the managers of Kraft made lots of employees of Cadbury unsatisfied. The corporate culture of the United Kingdom (UK) does not support high level of communication, and usually the communication in the company is upward communication, while the communication level found in the Kraft Foods is very high particularly(Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016). Communication in Kraft Foods is perfect, and it increased entire productivity through empowering the satisfaction level of the company in particular. Kraft Foods has a downward communication in which they participated their employees within the stance of the company, and this particular aspect increased the perfection within the employees of this entity. As per the analysis of this case, it is found that the culture of Kraft Foods is powerful and effective, while it is not as power for the Cadbury, and enhancement in the field increased perfectly.

Change in the Work Ethics

Likewise the responsibilities of the employers towards their employees, employees also have some dominating ethics of work which are associating with the employers. Employees are entitled to give their hundred percent efforts in the execution of a task accordingly. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work as a major theme that used to deliver effectiveness within the operations of a company accordingly(Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016).
Giving effectiveness and motivational factors certainly flourish the sigh of satisfaction with zeal; however the employees are advised to promote their working for the enterprise. The change strategy of Kraft over Cadbury certainly made the employees of the company more ethical and powerful in terms of giving their effectiveness with positive frame of mind. Kraft Foods was comparatively sounder than that of Cadbury even before the merger as found in the case study. Both the management and employees are in high level of communication with each other to maintain effectiveness in their core operations in particular.
A sigh of feeling responsibilities and perfection found within the functionality and operational capability of the employees of Cadbury after the merger took place. Apart from that, high communication to the management eradicates all the problems and issues that hamper between their workings and growth to the company particularly. The takeover was certainly made it perfect for Kraft Foods and Cadbury to maintain their effective operations.


A positive mindset among the options and operations of a company is very important and effective for the managerial activities in particular. Managers are always concerned with the performance and effectiveness of an organization, and they required powerful and effective employees to keep their momentum for the best possible action for the company.
Strategic alliances and mergers are very significant for the sake an organization as far as their sustainability is concerned, and during the current economic downturn there were number of mergers which have been considered accordingly. In this case study and assignment, it is analyzed in the same way. From this assignment, it is evaluated that the takeover of Kraft of Cadbury was very positive, powerful and effective for both of the companies that increased their financial belongings and the strategic value for both of the companies with perfection.

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