4chan’s History And Information Research Paper Sample

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Christopher Poole is the founder of 4chan, which is dated back in 2003 when he was 15 years old. This student who is known of posting as ‘moot’ is from New Yolk city in the USA. Before his invention of 4chan he is believed to have been a participant in something awful forums. His general intentions in discovering 4chan was to ideally discuss the Japanese anime and comics and American equivalent to the Japanese famous Futaba channel also referred to as 2chan image board (Mitchell and Arthur, 20). He used the 2chan to get anime-related image and then he seems to like the idea of message panel, which enable people to share images and latter led to his concept of developing similar website based on English. This work will focus what the real 4chan and what is the uses and contribution to internet.
4chan is an image board website that is based on the English language. 4chan is used for posting nameless images and where the recent posts usually appear above the rest. This website is usually fragmented into several boards each having own specific guidelines and content. To us 4chan registration is not essential and it is only applicable to the administrators.4chan has been considered an internet beast and at the beginning it had been blamed for exposing dozen of female celebrities nude photographs, but later it developed an inexplicable and humorless idea referred to as ‘mascot’ for Ebola, which was seen to encourage the clueless owner of the new iPhone to heat up their cell phone which led to the Los Angeles police department to investigate these allegations (Troemel, 70).
4chan is not terrifically very different from Reddit another something awful large scale internet forums and other forums too used. 4chan is estimated to have about 22 million users and who usually to that each single month. 4chan has some couple of things which style it as unusual like other large scale forums website like Reddit because users never need users account or choice users name (Stryker, 73). This make user to do anything they like and post whatever image they have without the essence of accountability. It also means one user cannot contact the other operator or establish the social affiliation with them and only unless if they reveal themselves in a way. Considering this is a social network it seem very awkward in fact a good number of so called sociologist have spent a good hard time trying to learn how it operates.
4chan further complications are brought by the fact that its threads expire after a certain period of duration which less than that of the R-rated boards. There is also more duration for G and PG ones which now lead to the unique sense of evanescence to the 4chan total operation and which means that users never see exactly the same things. However, a few post run for several days in 4chan before being disposed. 4chan’s interface is intentionally, obsolete minimalist and this makes it very difficult to access by non-regular users (Shakarian et al, 56).
According to (Cramer, 34) the major importance of 4chan include; behaviors and meme that were originally incubated in huge numbers are now considered fundamental to the mainstream internet culture. Secondly, 4chan is accountable for some of the cyber bullying incidents, largest hoaxes and internet shenanigans for about a duration of five years previously from today. Another major importance about 4chan is that anonymous began in 4chan and collectively hacker have increasingly got important player makers in new proceedings from Ferguson up to Steubenville rape.4chasn has been actively used for some works like advertisement like the ‘LOLCats’ funny picture of cats with some text overlaid on them .a noticeable incidence of 4chan is an incidence where it helped to track down details of the owner of an abused cat in Oklahoma and sent it details to police (Friesinger et al,45).
Other noticeable good uses include advice animals: pictures of human or animals with formulaic or typical caption superimposed, rage comics: a sort of simple, line-drawn web comics, Rick rolling: The act of sending the other that is secretly a music video. On top of these good things 4chan has also portrayed it negative bad uses in a great ordeal. Examples include; celeb gate-which leaks a dozen of naked celebrity nude photos, gamer gate-am movement to combat game journalism corruption which turned to ruin lives of several gamers and commentators, cyber bullying of Jesse Slaughter-a twelve years old girl who was sent death threats provoking her to attempt suicide, fake bomb threats-a number of users have posted mass shooting and bomb threats causing several evacuation and arrest, other like Google-and poll-bombing, cut for bieber, apple wave, bikini bridge, Ebola-Chan and so many others (Beyer, 56).
In conclusion, 4-chan is just like any other forum and nothing is weird or mad about it.it is a forum with few rules, names and a few repercussions. Since it was launched back in October 1st 2003 it has originally increased nit users and uses both positively and negatively.to reduce its negative impact few rules should also be applied.

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