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Ethics plays an integral role in shaping business values inherent for reducing risk and making ethical decisions. Therefore, business ethics allows the development of a code of ethics as a means to foster a culture of ethical selling. As such, the capacity to avoid elephants’ pits resonates with the incorporation of business ethics (Business Queensland). For example, it allows the seller to recognize the importance of honesty in business and offering accurate information to customers. In so doing, it facilitates marketing that prioritizes the needs of consumers and limits on misleading information, to attract and retain consumers. Also, business ethics allows the organization to sell products that are of the right quality and quantity in alignment with the price features to encourage them to return tomorrow (Business Queensland). However, failure to do serve as the stepping stone towards traps, given poor quality, misleading information, and improper communication with clients affects the prospects of the business. This means the code of ethics developed creates an understanding of the desirable and undesirable selling behaviors. For instance, business invokes practices, policies, and strategies that promote professionalism and guides a reputation for competitive advantages. Secondly, business ethics promotes standards of practice during marketing or sales (Business Queensland). This, in turn, limits dishonesty information and allows the employees to demonstrate ethical behaviors for fair trading. The action leads to the reduction of risk.

Business Communication Essay Sample

In addition, business ethics influence communication in several ways. For example, when the business wants to communicates its appropriate steps for soliciting customers, business ethics defines the measures that determine how to respond, inform and involve consumers on the new product (Lumen). The mode of communication incorporated throughout the sales lingers on key principles that guide an increase in positive interactions. Besides, business ethics validate the pricing technique for the sales of the products (Lumen). For instance, the ethical approaches to product pricing serve as the tool for communication, based on the appropriate selling steps and methods.

According to the University of Glasgow, when conducting an interview, it is important to identify good practices. The legal aspects include the permission or consent from individuals before asking or doing anything that interferes with their rights as enshrined in the constitution. For moral issues, confidentiality serves as an inherent concern (University of Glasgow). For example, before naming the interviewees, their permission must be sought explicitly from the individuals. Also, when it comes to a recorded interview, permission must be granted by the interviewee to ensure that the process is undertaken according to the wishes of the participant. The legal and moral aspect entwines as the two defines the actual results. For instance, the interviewer must demonstrate professionalism and no discrimination while conducting an interview. Failure to do, and if the allegation can be proven on the court for liable offense leads to legal issues. So, ethics guides the observant of legal context for improved results.

For interviews, the employers must set enough time for the process and write a specific question that is particularly important. In the same vein, the interviewer must read the resume of the candidate first before the interview date, to ensure that he or she can interact with the interviewee and dig deeper to validate the desirable outcome. Even so, when it comes to preparing for an interview, prospective employees need to understand the job offer requirements. Also, one must familiarize with the job description, conversant with the intangible he or she provides to the organization, and demonstrate ethical practices to foster communication during the interview day. When the time is short, preparation changes, but this is on an individual basis. For example, the interviewer must ensure that he or she has the necessary information about the job and the company. One must exude skills, knowledge, and behaviors that benefit the candidature. Besides, on what to do after an interview, the best option is to wait and pray; however, immediately, one can say thank you. The same applies to day one or two, wait, pray and hope for the best.

Graphics can be used in unethical ways based on data that mislead, confuse, and deceive learners. For example, in the event of visualizing data, the company may decide to distort, obfuscate data in a bid to hide the relevant data or present too much data that befits their status (Pursel & Wikipedia). The same case applies to flow charts, the maps, and the organizational chart. The person involved abuses the accuracy of details and presents data or figures that are untrue as a way to gain sympathy or attract a particular set of target markets. However, the likelihood depends on the markets that fail to analyze the data. In the long term, it affects the organization or the business (Pamela-Hogle). The written presentation signifies increased exaggeration of data, broken scales, lack of normalization of data, which makes it hard to compare for actual decisions. Also, the artistic nature of the map may be screwed, and this makes it hard to read and interpret the data. Thus, offering a wrong impression to the data viewers.

Others include taking advantage of data viewers, where correlation is used to imply causation. This is where the decision made in the graphs or the flow charts depends on the similarity of the pattern instead of the facts as recognized in the research. Therefore, when creating visuals, it is essential to pay attention to the accuracy of details and the characteristics of the effective graphical display (Pursel & Wikipedia; Pamela-Hogle). For example, the design principles to display data must induce the viewers, promotes excellence based on precisions, and efficiency to revealing all data in detail through a broad overview. Others include the integration of statistical and verbal descriptions to reasonably analyze the graph, describe, explore, tabulate or decorate through a set of coherent and evidenced-based data.

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