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Machine Vision used within industrial applications
Machine Vision is defined as “the use of device for optical noncontact sensing to automatically receive and interpret an image of real scene in order to obtain information and/or control machine or processes”(Society of Manufacturing Engineers). It started in 1980 and this technology initially able to read alphanumeric characters and codes. Now, it has a wide range of application “from manufacturing computer chips to potato chips”. It is capable of carrying out real-time analysis and comparison of data and processes according to a baseline set and defined by the user. They can be analogue or digital data ranging from locations to ID numbers. It uses images which are converted to analogue or digital data for decisions. In essence, it does the same tasks as a human would do but with more efficiency, speed and without physical contact with the product.
Its applications are limitless and can be used for Guidance, Inspection, Gauging and Identification or GIGI as is dubbed by John Lewis of Cognex in 1-D, 2-D area scan, 2-D line scan and 3-D Machine vision.

Guidance is used to locate and move equipment parts and for their assembly.

Inspection is used for presence of parts during assembly, defect identification and location, orientation of parts and counting as well as packaging.
Gauging is used to calculate distance among various points in an object or amongst objects. This is done using pictures of parts to be assembled and gauging software. They can measure up to a thousandth of an inch.
Identification is done by Barcodes, data numeric or Alphanumeric codes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Verification (OCV). It can also be done using color, size and shape of objects.
A machine vision system consists of 5 main parts. These are the lighting, lens, camera, vision software and the communication. A sensor is placed in the start of an assembly line which tells the camera to take a picture. This is then analyzed using the vision software from which the defected parts are discarded while the parts which will ensure top quality are automatically put together and packed according to the predetermined programming.


Sorting and packaging of fruits in the Food Packaging Industry. Inspection of fruit is carried out by Vision software followed by dimensional analyses. The fruit passing the criteria and send forward while the rest are removed from the assembly line for disposal.
It is used for Visual inspection of door handles. Picture is taken with camera under differing light conditions after which handles are inspected for build quality, type, colour and other measurements for inspection purpose.
Use of Machine vision to calculate the proper dosage of medicine in a capsule. It also does this task at a very high efficiency “At an output of 80,000 capsules per hour, one capsule leaves the filling machine every 45 ms – put another way, the capsules move at a speed of 1.5 m/s.”

Using the identification function of Machine Vision to read the barcodes on shipments in the Transportation and shipping industry.

In the medical profession, a high resolution image of patient’s teeth is being carried out using Machine Vision to determine the cavities in the patient.

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