Essay On Balancing School, Work, AND Family

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Published: 2023/05/15

An adult person is taking on more and more roles thought the life flow: a worker, a parent, a housekeeper A multitude of various tasks, orders, charges and, of course, dreams are to be fulfilled – and how to cope with the entire load? It seems that you are running out of time even before starting doing anything at all. Moreover, if you think about hours in the day there just does not seem to be enough of them. However, having all your plans mapped out, sorted in a way convenient to comprehend makes your mind more organized and purpose-driven. Lists, tables, notes, phone applications allow to structure your time effectively and efficiently. Making a schedule and sticking to it is the key to success.
The first global thought you should comprehend is the importance of your own time. It seems that the prevailing number of people tends to waste their time, with, for example, the Internet being a black hole, where our minutes irreversibly disappear; or such factors as laziness, lack of self-organization etc. being the causes of idling or procrastination. Nonetheless, it is you who decides how to distribute your time between studies, work, leisure and other fields of your activity. Simple understanding of how much time you have – that you cannot re-live or stretch somehow – will lead to you realizing how you want to spend it. Time is precious, and you are to fill it as wisely as you can.
The second way to improve your schedule is prioritizing your task. Without a doubt, some chores are more important than others; for example, if other people depend on it or if the deadline for a task is tomorrow. It is of the utmost importance to set your priorities straight and adjust your routine according to those more pressing issues. Thus, if you are making a to-do list, you can put what is significant at the top and note tasks of low priority at the bottom, accordingly. Thus the most important things will appear right before your eyes. You can also do it the other way, first compiling the list and then highlighting more important chores in a way that is convenient to you – marking with a star, putting a star near a chore etc. Thus you will first see the full scope of your duties, and then you will decide upon the order of their completion. The first way will be handier for pragmatists, and the second way will suit people with visual thinking, however it always depends on a person themselves.
Nonetheless, visualization does help all of us, so another good way to keep track of things without cluttering your thoughts is to use as much additional tools as needed. Now there is a whole industry aimed at self-organization, with all the possible variations and adjustments – stickers on your fridge, calendar notifications, a myriad of planners available, multiple device applications, even pill organizers come in hand with everyday chores. Naturally, if you have something popping right in front of you, you are less likely to forget about it. Therefore, seeing that a pill for today is still in its box, the tough of taking it will immediately spring to mind.
Without a doubt, there will always be outer circumstances beyond our control, that may influence our whole life. Health issues, loss of one’s job, other’s people schedules may throw a monkey wrench into yours, so sometimes you have to sit down for some time and work another schedule up. If needed, it is possible to ask those around you to help with some chores, big events or with the very schedule structuring – doing it together may benefit the whole family at times. You may try to experiment and switch between different variations of your schedule to see which one works the best for your current life situation. You should expect some confusion and be open to imperfections, as living is a flowing and evolving process with all its changes that cannot fit into one strict plan. However, trial and errors sometimes may be the best way to configure effectual balance between different aspects of your life.
Of course, uncertainty caused by the abovementioned circumstances is stressful and at times quite difficult to handle. Consequently, one the most important pieces of advice would be to keep up your positive and psychologically persistent, even relaxed, approach towards time management. One should always be aiming at improving it, making it more flexible and less of a turmoil. Keep in mind that your approach may to some extent define the difficulty of your tasks: being eager to have time for as much as possible permits you to achieve more. If you only have one thing planned for a day – for example, doing your laundry – the more tiresome and exhausting the task will seem. Without a doubt, the more you plan, the more you, and when it is so – it seems easier to perform everything you are supposed to, as long as you try to be optimistic.
However, if the approach is not systematic, positive attitude will not be enough. People who want to lead an efficient lifestyle, in which all the desired aspects (work life, relationships, creative self-realization etc.) should be rather purposeful in actually sticking to a schedule. Though it is better to demand more from yourself in terms of will power, sometimes there is strong temptation to treat oneself and skip your regular routine. It is a good idea to set a little reward for yourself if you accomplish your routine successfully, be it a pumper evening, home-cooked dinner or a quiet evening with a book. Also, incorporating a special time to relax into your routine will make it more pleasing and easy to follow. When you know that you have something nice happening ahead is a pleasing and stimulating bonus.
All in all, life in general can be a real struggle if you are not accustomed to organizing events and keeping them in perspective. Planning your schedule is a hard work indeed and sticking to it is an achievement. Nonetheless, accomplishing something and an ultimate result gives you such a satisfying boost than you stay motivated to keep balancing your life.

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