Essay On Comparison Between Myth And Darwin Theory

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The Bible states that all living things were created by a higher being who is God. Chapter one of Genesis states that all creatures were created by God by just giving commands. After creating all the creatures and all living things he created man from dust and he became a living soul. In chapter two of Genesis, it is stated that after creating man he put him to deep sleep and created a woman out of one of his rib. In the Inuit myth it is believed that the Raven created the earth by flapping its wings and striking the land with its beak that in turn put it into place. In the spaghetti flying monster myth, it is believed that an invisible and undetectable flying object that resembles meatballs and spaghetti brought about the formation of the universe. All these creation myths contrast from Darwin’s theory of origin of species in one way or another. First Darwin does not define one supreme medium responsible for creation of the universe as he states in his theory of the origin of species that man evolved from apes contrary to the Bible’s assertion that he was created by God. Although Darwin’s theory of evolution has been termed as controversial, many scientists today are delving deep into what he originally wrote and are carrying out more research to ascertain this theory.
Chapter one of the bible states how all living things and the universe came to being. It states clearly that a supreme God is responsible for the creation and existence of all that exists in the universe. From the waters to the land mass, from the skies to the deepest parts of the seas and all creatures that thrive therein. The Bible in Genesis chapter 1:1 states that God created heaven and earth, something that Darwin doesn’t acknowledge or explain. It also states in succession verses that God created all living things moving on land, those flying in the sky and as well those that dwell in the sea by just commanding them to be. While on the other hand, Darwin argues that all creatures in the universe have undergone substantial evolution from formless and non-life matter to their current state through alteration to their genetic codes. Although some organisms have changed their traits from time to time, it is noted that this can be partly attributed to man’s intentions to alter some of these traits to his advantage. Mostly animals that change in this way are domesticated animals.
Chapter two of the bible states that after God had created the universe and all the creatures therein, he finally created man who he had formed from dust and blew spirit into him which made him alive and gave him soul. God also made the man he had created to fall into a deep slumber and made a woman out of his rib. He then proclaimed to them that they should procreate and fill the earth. It is from this statement that we derive the point of how man brings forth his offspring. But Darwin has another idea of how man came to be as he explains in his theory of the origin of species. Contrary to the bible, in his theory ‘the origin of species,’ he claims that man evolved from apes with time to what he is today, developing new behaviors and traits that march their ecological environments (Foley & Lewin 2003). Modern archeological finds have shown that humans developed from apes with time adapting to their habitats to what they are today. He also states that it is quite imaginable that all organic beings were not independently created and may have descended like varieties from other species. However, his account is not adequate until it can be proved how the numerous species living the world have been altered so as to acquire that perfection of structure and coadaptation. In Genesis 2:19, the bible also states that God made every animal that roams on land as well as all the creatures that fly in the sky in contrast to Darwin’s theory that all creatures are inter-related and emerged from one common ancestor.
The Inuit also have a different view about the origin of the universe and man. They believe that man was made by the trickster Raven. In the Inuit mythology it is believed that one goddess is responsible for the creation of all sea creatures like the seals, walrus and whales (Laugrand & Oosten 2010). It however doesn’t mention about the origin of other sea creatures. They do not explain whether these sea creatures are related to other creatures of land and even the ones that fly as Darwin did say that all creatures are inter-related as they came from one ancestor. However isolation mechanism also prevent organisms from interbreeding that in turn makes individual organisms maintain the genetical integrity through a period of time explains why organisms are not related and dint come from one ancestor (Daniel & Stewart 1998). A theory that disputes Darwin’s theory of evolutions questions why all creatures have completely different traits and habits from one another if they originated from one ancestor and are related. He goes ahead to explain that species are not immutable, but those belonging to the same genera are linear descendants of some other generally extinct species. Thus justifying his theory that all organisms were not dependently created.
The flying spaghetti creation myth alleges that the universe was created by an undetectable and invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster. The theory was perpetrated by Bobby Henderson and he claims that follows or believers of this theory does not recognize or trust any other theory about creation. Henderson states that his theory doesn’t believe in biblical creation terming it as mere satire. It is the latest creation myth to be formulated so far and the followers of this theory claim that the universe was created only five thousand years ago. A fact heavily disputed by scientists. Henderson stated that his theory of the flying spaghetti monster should be given equal time in science classes just like the other theories. Darwin’s theory of origin of species doesn’t even come close to what this theory states because it does not delve deep into explaining more about creatures like birds and even animals and how they came to being.
Although Darwin’s theory of evolution has been termed as controversial, many scientists today are delving deep into what he originally wrote about the origin of species and are carrying out more research to ascertain this theory. All the theories about creation that has been put forth have been tried to be explained and expounded by those who suggest them. However scientists are always investigating these theories in order to ascertain their facts. In all these theories the bible is the only one which has given a clear guideline of the origin of organisms and how all the aspects of creation came to be. It explains about the sun, moon, stars, day and night and also the separation of land from sea. The other theories do not explain how these phenomena came to be. However controversial the theories are, they attract much attention from people who believe in them and they continue supporting their views through scientific explanations.

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