Essay On The 'CSI Effect: Does It Really Exist?

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Science, Media, Courtroom, Television, Audience, Information, Expectations, Focus

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Words: 275

Published: 2020/12/25

Thesis Statement

A number of judges, lawyers, and members of the media claimed watching TV programs such as CSI caused jurors to acquit guilty offenders wrongfully. Such was termed as the CSI effect.

Subordinate Ideas

A. Crime and courtroom proceedings have long been fodder for film and television scriptwriters (Shelton 1). In recent years, however, the media's use of the courtroom as a vehicle for drama has not only proliferated, it has changed focus (Shelton 1).
B. Although CSI viewers had higher expectations for scientific evidence than non-CSI viewers, these expectations had little, if any, bearing on the respondents' propensity to convict (Shelton 8)
C. Science and information feed off each other; advancements in science are fostered by the ability of scientists to exchange and transfer information (Shelton 8). At the same time, scientific developments almost immediately become available not only to scientists but also to the entire world (Shelton 8).
A. Proceedings in the law courts have influenced various television and movie writers. Nevertheless, over the past years, the use of courtroom in the media as a means for drama failed to thrive. Rather, the use of courtroom in the media has altered its focus.
B. Even though viewers of the TV series “CSI” had greater potentials for scientific evidence compared to non-viewers of CSI, these potentials did have any bearing on the inclination of the defendants to convict.
C. Information and Science benefit each other. Developments in science are triggered by the skill of scientists to transfer information. Moreover, advancements in science has become easily accessible to every individuals in the world.

Work Cited

Shelton, Donald E. 'The 'CSI Effect': Does It Really Exist?'. N.p., 2008. Web. 20 Mar. 2015.

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