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The story Eveline by James Joyce centers on the pitfalls encountered by Eveline as she held on to her past while confronting the future. The story mirrors the conflicting pull a lot of women during the early 20th era of Dublin experienced between a life engrained in the past and the potentiality of a new life in another country. At one time, Eveline sensed happiness to leave the complexity of life, however at the next time around, Eveline is worried concerning satisfying the promises she made to her mother who already passed away. Eveline has difficulty letting go of the past and her relationships with the family.
Chun (337) describes the story as a literary work with great focus on adolescence. According to Chun, Eveline is fundamentally about the choices that Eveline made in consideration to her understanding of a life that gave her the taste of mistreatment (337). In light of this fact, Chun described how Eveline was mistreated by her abusive father. Eveline was also made as a substitute to the domestic function of her dead mother in ensuring the security of her younger broods over their anxiety of change. This was primarily represented by beginning a new life in another country with the only man who captivated her heart. As a 19-year old, Chun described Eveline as an emotionally immature girl who fails to decide between the now and the future.
Jasim et al. depicts the essential component of Joyce’s Eveline. One of these components is the symmetry in the story’s scenic framework, thus, it begins, and finishes by mentioning Eveline. The remembrance of Eveline’s past life happened during the first stage, the issues of her current tiring way of living followed in the second stage (Jasmine and Ghailan). The third stage of the story is concentrated on Eveline and her love for Frank (Jasmine and Ghailan). During the fourth stage, Eveline elucidates the issues of her families and recalls her mother (Jasmine and Ghailan). Towards the last stage of the text, Eveline and Frank reappeared together. The story also posits that Eveline’s character is the focus of interest; she has more significance compared to others. Eveline’s character is also mentioned from the start up to the end and possesses the continuous existence all throughout the story (Jasmine and Ghailan). In this framework, other symmetries of the story clearly seem in diverse places.
Chun, on the other hand, presented in a more understated way, the sympathetic tone is likewise accomplished through thoughtful consideration of the background in which the story is established (339). The initial part of the story happens in an unknown setting that slowly melts into the night’s darkness, a place and a time that easily provide sadness and melancholy. There also appears to be dust everywhere. Chun (339) claims how difficult it is to get rid of all the unhappiness and worries that Eveline feels. In the first paragraphs of the story, there was an abject situation that is fabricated up by the concise description, with the absence of value terms and even florid adjectives (Chun 340). Moreover, as the story progresses, the author James Joyce prospers in communicating the feeling of a lack of advancing movement by his cautious choice of words (Chun 340).

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