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Individuals often come up with brilliant projects and ideas that can help in improving the lives and morals of the community. Most of these ideas however disappear because their founders lacked the necessary resources required to ensure these innovations and services reach many people. Moreover, some organizations or individuals fail to jump-start their projects due to lack of finances. As a result of this, numerous foundations and organizations have been formed to fund these projects and innovations so as to improve living standards, as well as, the morals of the society. There are numerous organizations and funding agencies within Europe, The United Kingdom and Plymouth whose main objectives are to support people with various talents and organizations that have ideas that can improve the community.

Funding organizations in Europe

The European Cultural Foundation
Founded in 1954, The European Cultural Foundation is a Dutch organization whose main objective is to support the expression of cultures and interactions that empower individuals to realize a mutual future within the European Continent. This organization provides funding opportunities for individuals and organization throughout Europe. There are various financial actions that the European Cultural Foundation is involved in when supporting talented individuals. Notable among them include;
1) Collaboration Grants- These grants are aimed at enforcing a cross-border approach to projects so as to enhance networking among artists and individuals with different talents.
2) Step beyond Travel Grants- These grants are used to support emerging artists so that they can explore, as well as, exchange ideas. Through this platform, the artist can enjoy subsidized travel costs as they move around Europe showcasing their work.
For purposes of eligibility, one needs to prove that he/she comes from an entitled country (one within Europe). Further, the individual needs to present an art project with a European dimension in it. In this sense, The European Cultural Foundation is also a suitable source of funding for the painting project because the painter is within Europe and the aspect of Immigration promotes the idea of living with one another in different European Countries (European Cultural Foundation, 2015).

Civitella Ranieri Foundation

This organization is based in Italy and provides funds for all talented individuals from all over Europe. The main areas of interest for this organization include; visual arts, musicians, and writers. The organization provides fellowships to the talented individuals on an invitational basis. Unsolicited applications are not accepted thus fellowships cannot be awarded on such grounds. Only individuals who have been chosen by the nominators of the foundation are considered. Further, these nominators remain highly anonymous and are only drawn by the uniqueness of an individual’s work. In addition to that, the nominators are regularly rotated to avoid bias. This rotation ensures that only the best artistic impressions are subjected to fellowships. All nominated and talented individuals gather to share a meal as they talk about ideas that will enhance their skills in their particular fields (, 2015).

Funding Organizations in United Kingdom

Arts Council of England
The Arts Council of England is the national body charged with the responsibility of supporting the literary and visual arts in England. Application for funding from this body is carried out online and the information is used to determine whether or not a particular application request should be funded. The online form contains information about the applicant, the applicant’s budget, as well as, the reason for the applicant (Arts Council, 2015).
These grants are available for individuals, organizations venturing in arts and other who use various aspects of art in their work. Eligibility for this fund is a vital aspect to be considered before application. For instance, beneficiaries for this fund should be citizens of England whose applications have never been rejected before by the other branches of the arts council of England.

Creative England

Creative England is a nonprofit organization that was formed with the primary intention of helping talented individuals within England. This organization, because of its private nature, lobby’s the private, as well as, the public resources so as to support the creative industry of England. Individuals with various talents are provided with the sufficient resources they need so as to help them grow their talents.
Application for this fund is entirely online, and the applications are reviewed before judging which projects have vast potential. Successful applicants are connected to an experienced individual who will enable them grow their talent. Financial aid is also provided in terms of grants and soft loans (Creative England, 2015).

The Elephant Trust

This organization was founded in 1975 by Lee Miller and his acquaintance Roland Penrose (, 2015).The main aim of this organization was to increase the appreciation, understanding and general knowledge of fine arts within the United Kingdom. This body was set up to ensure that artists, as well as, those wishing to present it could do so even when hampered by financial constraints. The Elephant Trust is fully committed to supporting individual artists and art institutions so as to ensure new ideas are presented to the world. During their funding, priority is often given to individual artists who are involved in fine arts and small groups. Applicants need to submit imaginative proposals that are well thought out before they are funded (, 2015).
In the process of application, applicants are required to provide a cover sheet. This sheet is provided on the official website and should be filled upon downloading. Further, the applicants are required to provide a synopsis of their project. The maximum word limit for this synopsis should be 300 words. The applicant should also provide a straight to the point budget that outlines how much money the project requires, the amount requested and details about the other applications the individual has made. Finally, the applicant should provide proof of the visual arts alongside a brief resume. The visual arts should be presented in the form of still Images. DVD formats are only required if the applicant is involved in the film industry. These visual arts are important because they help the trustees to come up with the final decisions. However, the presented visual aids are never returned to the applicants once decisions are made. After successful applications, the applicants should wait for a maximum of six weeks. If no communication is made beyond that time, the applicant should consider their application unsuccessful (, 2015).

Garfield Weston Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation is an organization that deals with grant making in various fields. All forms of arts are fundable by this organization. However, this foundation funds small organization, as well as, large institutions financially so that they can help the community. To effectively apply for grants from this organization, artists with similar interests should team up and come with ways to help the community through arts. On such grounds, the applicants are likely to be funded by this foundation (Garfield Weston Foundation, 2015).

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is one of the leading organizations in terms of grant giving in the United Kingdom. This foundation gives grants that are focused on arts, social sciences, and education. Through its initiative known as Artworks, this organization supports individual artists, policy makers, arts organizations among others. Launched in the year 2008, the organization had made 22 breakthrough grants by 2014 (Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 2015). These awards included individuals who were involved in various art forms across the United Kingdom. The individuals specialized in different aspects art.
Application for funding from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is a two stage process. To begin with, all forms are filled and completed online. This stage involves strict criteria aimed at establishing eligibility of the applicant’s organization, as well as, the extent and area of support they need. If the application is successful at the end of this stage, individuals are invited for a second application where the applicants work closely with the grants team to fine tune the idea. The Board of Trustees makes the final decision during their quarterly meetings (Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 2015).

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

This organization is registered as a charity organization and has the main objective of improving lives in England through grant making. The major area the organization dwells in include; arts, children, and Young People, learning and education. The organizations fund arts that are at their pivotal points either artistically or organizationally, upcoming talents and individuals who use art as an instrument for instigating social change.
Upon satisfaction that the organization or an individual is eligible for funding, one should create an account so as to fill the online form. In this phase, one is required to explain vividly what he/she is applying for, attach a sample of the work done, what the applicant wants to achieve with the work and what needs to be funded for the objective to be obtained. These documents, alongside others that are attached, reviewed, and the decision on whether or not to fund the applicant is given (Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, 2015).

The Foyle Foundation

This foundation was formed in 2001 as a result of an English bookseller, Christina Foyle. This organization makes grants to other charities within the United Kingdom that are involved in Arts and Education. It is important to note that The Foyle Foundation offers its grants to other charities in the UK as opposed to individuals. This foundation gives its loans on two provisions. First, the main grants scheme is used to award money to charities that are specifically involved in the fields of learning and arts. Secondly, the small grants scheme considers requests that are brought on board by small charities that are involved in any other field apart from arts and learning.
The Foyle Foundation helps and supports visual, as well as, performing arts. Its main objective is to sustain the arts and to aid projects that demonstrate an artistic vision. Organizations that apply for these grants need to present strong cases that will convince the Foyle Foundation to support them. Further, applicants should emphasize on value for money and sustainability of their projects (Foyle Foundation, 2015).
Previously, the foundation has awarded grants for projects that help new artists and their work. The Foyle Foundation is devoted to encouraging the development of new audiences, as well as, accessibility to the artistic displays. Due to this devotion, the foundation helps in tours, educational initiatives, and festivals. Individuals interested in funding from this organization need to partner and come up with groups that are interested in using artistic designs to get involved in charity work.

Peter De Haan Charitable Trust

Founded in 1999, the organization aims improving the lives of individuals in the United Kingdom through arts, cultural welfare, and the environmental organizations. The organization mainly focuses on the youth, so as to enable them attain independence, as well as, sharpen their skills and talents. Through the Youth Charity Ideas Tap, the Peter De Haan Charitable Trust encourages young people with talents and ideas to improve living standards and tolerance to present them. The organization then provides financial support to ideas and innovations it feels have the potential to initiate a change within the society (The Peter De Haan Charitable Trust, 2015)

The Baring Foundation

The Baring Foundation was founded in 1969 with the sole objective of improving the quality of life of the people suffering from discrimination and stereotypes (Baring Foundation, 2015). In a bid to achieve this, the Foundation came up with various programmes that could help in improving the lives of people who are often looked down upon. As a result, the Baring Foundation ventures into helping people with artistic talents so that they can become independent. This programme includes individuals who can come up with colorful paintings and drawings, but are above 60 years. Talented individuals often receive grants and financial support so that they can grow their abilities and earn a living from them. The Baring Organization works with the Arts Council of England to enhance and boost talented individuals in the Country (Baring Foundation, 2015).

Visiting Arts

The Visiting Arts organization is a charity that was founded in 1971. This organization was funded by a number of other organizations, such as Arts Council of Wales, The Arts Council of England, Creative Scotland and the Arts Council of North Ireland (Visiting Arts, 2015). This organization is based in the United Kingdom and presents the natives with an opportunity to meet with other talented artists throughout the world. Such talented individuals meet and share ideas and the best artistic impressions are financially supported (Visiting Arts, 2015)


In conclusion, innovations, ideas and projects often go to waste as a result of financial constraints. Furthermore, talented individuals often end up underutilizing, or failing to use their talents in a manner that is constructive to the society. To help in tapping these talents and encouraging innovations, countless organizations have been set up. These organizations have been instrumental, over the years, in providing the necessary financial aid, trainings and programmes to enable talented individuals conceptualize and materialize their ideas. As a result, more innovative ideas have been seen in the world, and technological advancements have become evident. Moreover, the quality of artistic skills has improved due to the support artists are getting. In this case, the painter can get financial aid from the foundations discussed above. Each organization has a unique criterion used to determine which project is worth funding. With this regard, the applicant needs to ensure the objective of coming up with the painting is in line with the requirements of the funding agencies.

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