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Human Resources Services

Part 1: Survey
Our company aims to determine how to make businesses better. To do that, we are conducting a survey that determines your business' staff satisfaction. By answering this survey, we will know the strengths and weaknesses of your company in staff performance to see the things that needs to be improved. We would like to ask a little of your time to answer this survey. In advance, we would like to thank you.

Before the main survey, we request that you fill up the questions below about yourself:

What is your age range?
60 and above

What is your occupation/role in the company?

How long have you been working for the company?
Do you have any credential or qualifications that you got during your stay in the company?
Rating Scale
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
1. Policies and Procedures
I find the company's policies and procedures fair and just to the work that you do.
I find the policies and procedures easy to follow and do not have a problem following them.

The policies and procedures are aligned with how the employees are treated.

2. Job Motivation
I am motivated to go to work everyday and do my job.

When I am at work, I am fully focused in doing and finishing my job for the day.

The harder the work is, the more that I am challenged.
3. Job Satisfaction Levels

My pay and the job level that I am in are at par with each other.

I am satisfied with my duties and responsibilities and even more.
4. Training Support

The company is providing enough training for the growth of the employees.

The trainings are at par with the company's goals.
The trainings has helped me in understanding my role in the company.
5. Proactive Teamwork and Communication

The senior leaders and the employees have good communication with each other.

Teams have proactive teamwork with the members and leaders.
6. Proactive and supportive work culture

The work culture is not hectic and I can survive it.

Everyone is happy and having good positive vibes even if the atmosphere is toxic.
7. Work Challenges and Workload

The workload is too much for me as it goes beyond my duties and responsibilities.

I am open to working on new challenges and tasks.

Our bosses gives us new tasks for our growth.

8. Reward for Productivity

Our bosses gives us rewards---whether small or big---when we do our jobs well.

9. Work Flexibility

The company makes changes in the floor to better meet individual and business needs.

I am able to adapt these changes without getting stressed or pressured.

My motivation and focus on work improved when work flexibility was applied.

10. Workplace Safety

The employees do not get sick easily when they are at the office.

The clinic is complete with medicines and medical supplies and always available
The company assures the employees that their workplace is accident-pro
Part 2: Company Analysis and Assessment
While looking at the overall results of the survey, we noticed that most of them answered "Neutral" to almost all of the questions, especially in the Employee Engagement section. By analyzing that, we think most of the employees are not that engaged in their work and that they are just satisfied with what is there.
For instance, it is very important that employees are motivated and that they would be willing be challenged. We believe that if an employee is motivated, they will take new tasks, accept changes, identify challenges, and adapt to new situations. They will do better because they show the bosses that you are motivated. But this is not happening in your company.
According to the survey, most answered neutral in terms of taking challenges, adapting to changes, getting through when the going gets tough, and taking new tasks. We feel that your employees engaged on these challenges because they are not that motivated and inspired. Maybe, you have not given them much that would have them challenged and fired up. Your employees are very important and the last thing you need is for them to lose the will to work.

Here are some recommendations in terms of motivation to make sure your employees can cope in difficult situations.

*Communication is the key for both the employees and the senior leaders and this is something you lack. Based on the survey, most of the employees answered "Strongly Disagree" when asked if the communication between the senior leaders and employees is good. This is something that you should work through because if there is no communication, you will not know the problems your employees are facing.
*Rewards. Some companies are given praise for rewarding employees for their performance. Rewards should not be so lavish if you are worried about the budget. Even as simple as making them employee of the month or treating them to a night out because the whole team did a good job is enough. They will feel appreciated and see that the company cares.
*There may be times when an employee and a supervisor may not agree on things and this contributes hostility towards each other. The solution for this is to be open with each other and respect what one has to say about an issue or topic. As a boss, you have to treat your employee as an adult instead of a slave or a kid who you feel does not know anything. If there is mutual respect, there is less stress and more civility towards each other.
*Do not be afraid to give you employees new responsibilities and challenges. Maybe this is the key for them to be motivated to take on new challenges. Be more confident that they can take on new tasks. This will not only help them realize that they can do more, but it will also make them feel valuable.
*Create programs and trainings that will make them inspired to go to work. If you just let them continue to do what they always do, they will get bored and become uninterested in working. You have to give them a change of pace so they can get back on track and be refreshed in doing their job.
These are just some of our recommendations for your employees to be motivated and be challenged in their work. If you start with these, we are sure that your company will be better.


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