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Having reviewed the changes taking place in marketing trends, it is important to ensure that every company has set up the relevant platforms that are required in improving operations. CanGo as an established company requires opening up its doors to different online surveys which will be relevant to its enterprise. It is important to acknowledge that the online market has become quite diverse since many companies are taking up online surveys to improve service delivery. Service delivery in this instance is emphasized based on survey. This is because online survey is a unique platform that will allow the participation of different clients to effectively comment on what they feel that needs to be improved. Through the survey, it will also be effective in ensuring that any recommendation that are suggested by the clients are well aired ensuring that there is effectiveness in management.
CanGo should recognize the trend that there is in new marketing strategies where most business enterprises are taking up online survey as a way to improve on service delivery. The internet has come to have a major role in business whereby most businesses have established online websites. Through this websites, they can reach out to clients whom will be important in improving their services. Online survey should not be underestimated due to the relevance that it has compared to other companies. Online survey is faster compared to other forms of where there a lot of time is consumed (Bhaskaran, & LeClaire, 2010). Online survey is unlike interviewing where a lot of time is consumed collecting data from clients across different locations. Interviews as a mode of survey also incur a lot of time wastage since there is the issuing of questionnaires where companies have to wait for replies. CanGo should evaluate such factors that will help them see the relevance of online survey.
Online survey is also cheaper compared to other forms of survey. This is in the essence where little expenses are incurred in relation to travelling and other requirements such as the printing of questionnaires (Bhaskaran, & LeClaire, 2010). It is evident that other modes of survey require direct contact with the clients whereby a lot of travelling is required. This is unlike in the online survey where the company only needs to create a website where clients can remotely access the website from diverse locations. Through online survey the only expense that is incurred may be the internet charges, therefore, cutting down on the expenses incurred in carrying out survey.
The online survey is also recommended due to the accuracy that it has compared to other forms of survey (Gideon, 2012). This is because the clients participating in the survey enter the relevant data directly into the system. This is unlike in other forms of survey where the data gathered is recorded by staff members whereby the accuracy depends on their efficiency.
Online survey should also be considered by CanGo due to the flexibility that it offers in terms of time to the participants. This is because the participants can set a time that suits them best and willingly participate in the survey. This is unlike in other forms of survey where the participants may shy away since the time required may not be appealing to them. Online survey should also be considered by CanGo due to the honesty that participants show in answering questions. This is because there is no direct contact with the interviewers. Through the factors that have been highlighted, it is evident that online survey should be taken up by CanGo due to the efficiency it has compared to other survey platforms.
It is apparent that most customers might not be willing to participate in online surveys. In this respect, I recommend the company to adopt a reward plan to motivate the customers to participate in the surveys. This can includes promoting the plan by explaining to the customers the significance of participating in these surveys. Furthermore, the promoting strategy might include offering discounts to customers who participates in the program. Promotions are essential in attracting the desired clients to purchase the desired products. In order to purchase this products and services, it is essential to appropriately market the products on promotion.


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