Essay On Why Interfaith Marriages Are Better Than Same Faith Marriages

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Published: 2020/10/15

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A question still quite debatable in the present day is one regarding same faith and interfaith marriages between two people. The first thing that needs to be considered here is that marriage is a social contract, a lifelong pact of companionship that can only stay for a lifetime if there is mutual love, understanding and harmony between the two individuals involved in this. If not, then the institution of marriage can crumble any time a small misunderstanding or quarrel takes place. The strongest marriages are those that are built with the consent of both the husband and wife and they lead their lives in accord and love.
Interfaith marriages have always been problematic for people; it is strictly disregarded in certain religions for a man and woman to marry outside their respective faith and it can lead to serious repercussions for both if they marry against the will of their community.
However, successful marriage is never a guarantee based on it being in one’s faith or out of it. The success of marriage is based upon how the two married people carry their lives with each other, compromising and supporting each other in times of trial, otherwise their marriage can be a failure if they do not comply and keep it as a unit. The only way in which one can ensure their happiness is if they marry the spouse of their choice, the person they wish to spend their lives with and know that their happiness lies with that person. If not then marriage is a liability for two people, and it does become unbearable to spend with peace at a certain point in life.
Interfaith marriage is a marriage of choice; it will guarantee the happiness of the couple no matter what. Interfaith marriages are a success because of many reasons. The first one being, of course, marrying somebody one loves and wishes to spend their life with. There is mutual consent in bearing their differences amongst one another with patience and ease. On the other hand, same faith marriages, usually done forcefully, are bereft of love and care that comes naturally if someone desires another and wishes to marry them. Interfaith marriages also have the benefit of never having to argue where they will spend their religious holidays or what rituals do they have to go through. They can simply enjoy their respective festivals with each other’s families and stay united. These marriages also inculcate the feelings of respect, tolerance and love for each other’s faith without losing a touch with their heritage and roots. It also helps to make them feel proud of who they are and where they belong.
A question that quite troubles the families of those who wish to marry outside their faith is that of how their children will be raised and what religion will they follow. This is another ordeal that can be solved by interfaith marriage. The children will grow up following and respecting both beliefs and will amalgamate the essence of both theologies. Then as they grow up it will be up to them to follow their faith according to what they feel about it in their heart. Celebrating different festivals with their families will help them learn the customs they follow and what each faith preaches. There is no pressure from their parents and home, since as one matures, they know what will be best for them and what will content them.
Divorce is never ensured by something such as interfaith marriage. Facts state that same faith marriages are also not shot of rising in divorce rates. Let’s take the divorce rate in the Bible Belt as an example. According to research, the divorce rates are higher in the states lying in the Bible Belt such as Alabama, Kentucky or Texas. The reason is often argued over; however, many would not want to believe that being Christian is responsible for this. In these States, the divorce rates are at about 10.2 divorces in an average of 1000 men whereas it is 11.1 in 1000 women. This rate is highest among all the other regions according to statistics. The states of Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas all famous for them being Christian, have divorce rates of 11 to 13.5 in 1000 average men and women. The highest divorce rate is recorded in the state of Arizona, which is among women usually; an alarming 16.2 in a 1000 women. The state of Arkansas also has a high divorce rate in men, which is 13.5 in a 1000 men. This shows that being of a similar faith has got nothing to do with a successful marriage.
Today, the world is moving towards secularism and pluralism. These ideologies have shrunk the world and removed many barriers between the people and broken down the rigid walls of religious dissent. In the present day as people have become independent, they have traveled far and wide and come across many cultures, met different people, this has changed their viewpoint and made them go beyond the boundaries that have been sketched by their elders and community members. Religious values have evolved; people are embracing other’s religious ideas, and tolerance is increasing. Today people favor interfaith marriages, and these do prove successful as the couple strives together to make it a success.


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