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Community service is often associated with rehabilitation and punishments; however community service is far more than that. A significant amount of community service takes place by court ordered participation that typically involves cleanup or some other listed time. However, community service is far more than a court ordered time served. Individuals volunteer their time to make a difference in many areas of their community. This can include school, the elderly and community activities among many other areas. Community service provides opportunities for others to give their time and effort to make a difference in the place they live. Benefits
The benefits of community service are that it provides the opportunity to individuals to make a difference. It encourages civic responsibility, allowing individuals to help out their community and the people who live there. Community service allows individuals to give back with minimal personal cost, more often than not allows one to donate their time to help others in need. Many activities take place only because of individuals who are willing to donate their time and efforts to making them happen. The participants and the volunteers benefit from community service.
Individuals, who participate in community service, can learn a lot about self, government, and community. It also strengthens the community, for example by volunteering for daycare or elderly car, it promotes family support. Community service can improve the local schools through tutoring and literacy programs, among others. Volunteering supports the youth in the community through mentoring and other programs that take place after school. There is also sports and other extra-curricular events that only occur because the community vest their time in making them happen. Vested time and service also help beautify the community, such as park and beach cleanups.
Community service is good for the individual who is dedicating their time. It provides mental and physical rewards by reducing stress and making one healthier. It reduces stress by allowing the volunteer to focus on something other than themselves and disrupts the tradition daily patterns that produce tension and stress. It makes an individual healthier by altering the emotions and moods such as joy and optimism, which essentially strengthens the individual’s immune system. Community service also saves resources. It allows money to be spent on other local needs and improvements by allowing individuals to volunteer instead of paying people to complete the necessary services.
There is also the benefit of gaining professional experience through volunteering. It allows individuals to decide what they like doing by trying it out on a trial basis. If they don’t like it, they can rule that out for future professions and even volunteering activities. Community service unites the community and brings individuals together. It allows a diverse background of individuals to come together with a common goal in place. It also promotes teamwork and builds camaraderie among the various individuals involved. It also promotes self-esteem and personal growth. This allows individuals the opportunity to promote self-efficacy and foster empathy for all individual involved. Why Participate
Participation in community service takes place for many different reasons. For some, it is a requirement through court order, church participation, or other academic mandated obligations. Other participate because they want to make a difference. It provides an opportunity for an individual to make a difference with their time versus their pocketbook. There are many events that could not take place without people volunteering their time. Many sporting events require volunteer coaches and others to run the event. The list can go on and on as to why volunteering is important, but it also provides a benefit to those who donate their time and efforts regardless of the area of service.
People participate because it provides a sense of responsibility and pride. Individuals can see first-hand how they are making a difference. The pride comes into place when they see that one person can change things by volunteering their time. Volunteering provides an opportunity to build personal skills. It allows individuals to step outside of their comfort zone and work on new skills and opportunities. They can create successful contacts and resources to pursue future careers and or volunteer opportunities. Service learning has also been directly associated with academic gain. It allows individuals to implement skills they learnt in the classroom in a real-world situation.
Another reason to participate and to encourage the youth to involve themselves in community services because they are more likely to be involved as adults. Students, who volunteer, are more likely to vote as an adult and involve themselves in their community needs. Seeing the difference that they make allows them realize their civic responsibilities and how their individual voice can make a difference. The last reason participation is important is that it build team unity. Individuals are faced with the need to participate in team activities. Community service is a team building opportunity where the volunteers are required to work together for the same desired outcome. There are many benefits and reasons why community service takes place; the biggest consideration is that individuals can do their part to make a difference where they live.

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