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Everyone loves great art and music that are two big components of our everyday life. It is a delight for the soul of every person, because it is firmly established in our lives, it has become an integral part of it. However, quite a few people think about the fact that sweet and favorite sounds have a very strong influence on our body and our brain.
Psychologists have found that classical music has a positive effect on memory and helps to focus, strengthens the spirit of the church, but the music of other styles has ambiguous effect on our psyche. Music affects the psychological state of man by acting on nerve cells. American psychologists have studied how this or that music affects the human psyche. So, church music helps to relax, inspire confidence, strengthens the spirit and even reduces pain. Classical music stimulates thinking, helps to focus, positive effect on memory. But a number of musical styles have individual and ambiguous effect on our psyche. So, jazz, blues, soul tone, but at the same time set up a romantic mood. Rock and metal, for example, can make an inspiring effect on one group of people, meanwhile others are able to be driven into depression.(Brown 23)
Long time scientists have shown that the influence of classical music on people is not a myth but a quite proved fact. As of today there are many methods of treatment based on music therapy. Experts studying the influence of classical music on people have found that listening to classical works helps in the healing process of patients. Conducted numerous studies show that classical music has a positive impact on people of all ages, starting from newborns and finishing with people, who are considered to be very old Specialists claim that women, listening to classical music while breastfeeding, experience a significant increase of milk in the breasts. This is due to the fact that listening to classical music allows a person to relax, and also to increase the efficiency of the brain, increase vitality and cure many diseases.
Classical Music in the Baroque style in the reading room or doctor's office allows the brain to function better, improving efficiency and accuracy skills scientific diagnosis, the researchers found the University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania.
Experts noted the greatest positive impact of music on mood and job satisfaction these states have improved by 63 and 50 percent, respectively.
Classic music is rightly considered to be the most useful type of music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music is considered to be the most useful for a person. His musical works have enormous power to influence not only a person, but from Mozart’s music even flowers bloom faster. His great works, no doubt, will live forever. No other sounds do produce such overwhelming, calming and inspiring effect. Listening to Mozart's symphonies at work, at home or with friends, unwittingly plunge you into the healing process of not only your body but also your indoor spiritual world.
It is interesting that for each disease there are separate tracks and even some musical instruments. For example: the sound of the guitar mostly affects the heart. As mentioned earlier, only the compositions of Mozart have such high frequencies that positively recharge, every part of our body, without any exception, regardless of the rhythm, duration and musical instruments that were involved.
Music therapy was widely used in ancient times, when the priests and shamans put patient diagnosis and administered treatment. For the first time this kind of therapy was discovered by one of the most developed nations of antiquity, by Ancient Greeks. They treated their citizens who were ill by using the music of wind instruments.
Listening to classical music is recommended for many diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastritis and cholecystitis, migraines, asthma and bronchitis, diabetes, epilepsy, sclerosis, among others.
About music and its amazing impact we can talk forever, without ceasing to be surprised. An interesting fact that the military marches raise muscle tone, and some symphonic music even change the acidity of the stomach? Classical music does not only have innovative medicinal properties. It is scientifically proven that classical music significantly increases also brain activity. Especially sensitive to music therapy are young children, whose bodies are still under development and are not fully developed yet.(Burrows 45)
In ancient times people believed that there existed three types of how music influences a person: spiritually, influencing intellectually, and influencing physical body.
Modern scientists have confirmed the intuitions of the ancient and revealed another mystery associated with the perception of music. When they scanned the brains of musicians, blissfully happy while listening to tunes, they found that the number of sounds which activate the same brain reward systems that are activated under the influence of delicious food, sex and even receiving the drug.
Many people are listening to music of different styles and genres, do not even think about its impact on their psyche and behavior. No matter what is the extent to which this influence brings a person, what it is in the nature of this influence, the consequences of this influence, but with great confidence can be argued that this influence, one way or another, is a fact.
Almost nobody is disputing the fact that music affects the overall psycho-physiological state of a person. According to its content, music can cause a variety of human feelings, motivations and desires. It can be a relaxing, soothing, cheerful, and so also annoying.
Neuroscientists say that classical music promotes concentration and productivity, therefore, in their opinion, it is so suitable for reading rooms, helping to create a working environment. Music has a positive effect on brain function and mood, allowing focusing on the job and quickly achieving successful results, experts say.
Different factors that surround a person in the every day life play an important role in enhancing the ability of the brain. Classical music seems to be simple and effective way to improve working conditions, according to US scientists. According to our findings, classical music of the Baroque era, such as the works of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, have a positive influence on spatial reasoning, attention, concentration and analytical capabilities of the brain. It remains unclear why classical compositions are responsible for improving mental abilities.(DeNora 21)
The first who evaluated the therapeutic effect sounds was Pythagoras. He, by the way, also proposed the concept of "musical medicine." In those days the Pythagoreans have used specially selected melodies against rage and anger. It is known that the study of mathematics, they often performed with listening to the music at the same time, noting that the music has beneficial effects on intelligence. Follower of the teachings of Pythagoras, the great philosopher Plato considered the main means of music education harmonious personality, because rhythm and harmony of music especially touches the soul.
The idea that through music in a certain way, you can influence the formation of human and ethical side of the soul we find in Aristotle's philosophical views. Famous Scientists believe that the construction of rhythmic music affect mental state, causing certain emotions and mood, and because of this, can stimulate the development of creative abilities
Rate and rhythm have a differential impact on the person. Low-frequency sounds, for example, cause an increase in sexuality and aggression. This is why women react to a deep male voice. Any music evokes emotions internally, making it possible to consider a way of influencing the psyche.
Music that affects the human psyche is not any particular music, and any melody is music in general. They differ only with human exposure. Listening to classical music harmonizes the identity of the person, allows person to develop faster intellectually.
When a man grows as a person he usually changes his musical preferences. Often, those who are actively involved in personal growth stop listening to "pop" music and switch to other directions, and very often this direction is classical music.
Numerous studies in different countries show that classical music is not only harmonizes the psychological state of a person, but also contributes to the development of creative abilities, creative imagination, attention and intelligence, helping to disclosure of internal capacity, communication skills and even the development of speech.

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