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The federal emergency management agency has set up certain policies to assist in disaster assistance. The policies vary from structural to non- structural measures and in order to help in mitigation of disasters. Some of the structural disaster management policies that the government has set up are ensuring that building set up is of the required standards to prevent them from collapsing and injuring people. The policies also ensure that no structures are put up in areas prone to these disasters thus ensuring their safety. Non- structural policies have also been put up to help in mitigation of disasters. Creating awareness on how to deal with disasters helps in preventing harm to people. Taking insurance covers that cover the risk of damage caused by disasters. The cover helps those affected to recover from the loss experienced after the disaster strikes. The government has also set up policies that ensure there is follow up to people who have suffered from disasters to ensure that they get back to their feet quickly after a disaster hits. The shift of policies from structural to non structural policies does not signify that these policies are ineffective but because all this factors put together enable a stronger disaster management plan.

Question 3
Hurricanes generally are accompanied by floods. In mitigating the effects of the disaster several federal government agencies can be contacted to help with the situation. One of the agencies that can be of use is the Federal Emergency Management Authority. The agency can help in mitigating developing mitigation plans for the state. The agency can provide insurance plans to the residents of the state. Insurance are a pre- disaster measure that helps victims of the disaster to get back to their previous financial position before the disaster strikes. The agency also provides assistance plans such as recovery and evacuation if the disaster hits. This proves to be helpful in managing the disaster since many lives are saved due to the process of evacuation. FEMA can also help in post disaster management by providing by providing relief to the victims of the disaster and them re- build their homes and set up their businesses.

Question 4

There are many effects of mitigation plans by the government. In case the government decides to withdraw funding negative effects would be felt all over. One of the effects felts would be socio- economic. People experiencing disasters would find it difficult for them to get back to their feet. In case bossiness’ are damaged people would be unable to set up their businesses again increasing the number of jobless population and the general taxes paid to the government decreasing.

Question 5

There are several barriers associated with the comprehensive implementation of mitigation plan in the community. One of the mitigation barriers is the lack of political will and legislation. The government is major stakeholders in disaster management planning. The lack of legislation that supports disaster mitigation plans can lead to the lack of implementation of measures that lead to effective management of disaster. Political goodwill from leaders to push for the implementation of measures that encourage disaster management is also a barrier associated with disaster management. The lack of prioritizing disaster management of existing development in favor of new developments is also a challenge that implementation of disaster management policies and plans. Inconsistency in implementing plans is also a challenge and leads to poor implementation of the mitigation plans.

Question 6

What were your expectations coming in to the course? How were those met (or not met)?
The expectations in the disaster management course are to ensure that one understands how modern disaster management programs work. This was meat in the study of this course since the course outlined and explained vividly how this disaster is managed and various agencies mandated with managing it. The course was also able to highlight the expectations of disaster mitigation officers and their duties in mitigating disasters. Their mandate is to ensure that disasters are handled professionally to ensure the damage done is minimal

What were the three most important things you learned about Hazard Mitigation?

One of the most important things I learned about hazard mitigation is planning, preparing and mitigating. Planning before hand for a disaster helps in ensuring that negative effects of disaster are not felt and ways to deal with disaster are developed before it hits. Mitigating disaster ensures that the effects of disaster are minimized. Mitigating puts in place many factors associated with disaster control and outcome. Preparing for disaster ensures that citizens are ready to face disaster.
What were you surprised to learn as you went through the course? How will you use what you have learned in your job/career/field?

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