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Published: 2020/10/19

Benkert, R., Templin, T., Schim, S. M., Doorenbos, A. Z., & Bell, S. E. (2011). Testing a

Multi‐group Model of Culturally Competent Behaviors among Underrepresented

Nurse Practitioners. Journal of Research in Nursing & Health, 34(4), 327-341.
The purpose of the study was to test a variety-group model of culturally competent behaviors among the underrepresented nurse practitioners. The study consisted of three groups of underrepresented nurses, with a total of 474 participants. The research sought to establish whether life experiences with cultural diversity affected the behavior and awareness of cultural competence. The study further sought to establish whether cultural competence training of nurses affected their behavior in practice. The research concluded that both cultural training and life experiences with cultural diversity were vital in setting the behavior of nurses in practice.
The study is of significance because it provides insight on the best methods of producing culturally competent nursing practitioners. One Shortcoming that was evident in the study is the method of information gathering, which was done through questionnaires that were mailed to the participants. The results could have been biased due to consultations during filling-in of the questionnaires. The study provides evidence on various ways of producing culturally competent nurses, i.e., through training and through life experiences.
Doornbos, M. M., Zandee, G. L. & DeGroot, J. (2014). Attending to Communication and

Patterns of Interaction: Culturally Sensitive Mental Healthcare for Groups of Urban,

Ethnically Diverse, Impoverished, and Underserved Women. Journal of the
American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 20(4), 2339-249
Doornbos, Zandee & DeGroot concur that America is a culturally diverse country and with the increasing need to provide quality care for its patients, it is important for care providers to understand multiple cultures. This understanding has led to a realization that it is fundamental to train nurses and other care providers on the importance of culturally-competent care. The purpose of the study is to document the communication patterns of Interaction among urban, ethnically diverse, impoverished, and underserved women. The study involved 61 participants, with verbal and nonverbal communication patterns being recorded. The researchers found that understanding the communication patterns of the group under investigation was important in helping design culturally competent care for mental healthcare systems.
Communication, as evidenced by the study, is an important part of care delivery. Mental patients may not communicate coherently with their caregivers. However, understanding the different communication patterns based on the culture of patients can help in identifying and developing culturally competent care for such patients. One shortcoming on the research carried out, however, was on the limited number of participants, which could have affected the results and the conclusion of the study. Culturally competent care spreads across the nursing practice, and mental health is no exception. Therefore, this study is of importance because it contributes into development of ways through which the problem of cultural competency in mental healthcare can be addressed.
Matteliano, M. A. & Debra, S. (2012). Nurse Practitioners' Contributions to Cultural

Competence in Primary Care Settings. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse

Practitioners, 24(7), 425-435
Nurse practitioners immensely contribute to the delivery of culturally competent care because they are the ones who directly interact with the patients of diverse cultures. The purpose of the research by Matteliano and Debra was to document the exceptional contributions of nurse practitioners to providing culturally competent care in primary care settings. Data was gathered through interviews from 50 participants from different primary healthcare clinics. Nursing practitioners were the distinctive participants in the study due to their extensive knowledge on diversity through experience.
This study is a major contribution to the provision of culturally-competent care because it addresses problems associated with providing care for multi-cultural communities, hence, contributing towards development of solutions to the problems. Additionally, the study was conducted on nursing practitioners, who are in contact with culturally diverse patients. Nurse practitioners are at the best position to contribute to the development of culturally sensitive practices. The researchers concluded that common perspectives on cultural competence were reported by different care professionals when dealing with different patient communities. The observed shortcoming on the research was on the few numbers of participants and the exclusive inclusion of nursing practitioners. This research supports the identified problem by providing evidence on how nursing practitioners can contribute to provision of culturally competent care
Suurmond, J., Seeleman, C., Rupp, I., Goosen, S. & Stronks, K. (2010). Cultural Competence
among Nurse Practitioners Working with Asylum Seekers. Nurse Education Today,

30(8), 821-826

Suurmond, Seeleman, Rupp, Goosen and Stronks sought to establish the cultural competence of nurse practitioners who work with asylum seekers. As stated by the researchers, asylum seekers pose a challenge to the nursing practitioners due to language barriers, lack of understanding of healthcare systems and more importantly, cultural barriers. Information was gathered from nursing practitioners who have handled asylum seekers from different cultures using questionnaires for 89 participants. The significance of this research is in its contribution to the issue of providing culturally competent care to the asylum seekers. This is vital in ensuring that principles of equality of care and quality care are observed. One shortcoming of the study was that the initial questionnaires were not recorded, hence they couldn’t give a response rate.
The researchers concluded that the research could be used for further research on cultural competency and asylum seekers since it was the first study to cover that topic. This study is fundamental to the topic, culturally sensitive care, especially to asylum seekers who stream into the country every year. Accommodating the medical needs of the asylum seekers requires knowledge of diverse cultures by the nursing practitioners.

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